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troon anime.png

Terfposting #34 Anonymous 255893

Anonymous 255923

I hope the trannies that invade cc 41% themselves

Anonymous 255968

these threads are my favorite CC tradition, I remember the first terfposting threads.

Anonymous 255972


Scrolling around Instagram Brasil, I see this.
Are we a joke?
Full beard, "she/her" pronouns.
"I'm not trans"
Calling itself a fucking lesbian.

Kids in the comments going "this person in gender fluid" "if she wants to be called a woman I will respect" "this person can be a lesbian", defending and asking other people to get "educated on gender"

I don't give a shit anymore, I hate TiM and TiF.
I hate this, I have never felt less empowered as a woman as I'm feeling now.
We have failed so fucking bad. So fucking BAD.

Anonymous 255973


I'm so confused.
Is that a transman who goes by she/her?
There's no bulge and there's boxtapes over the uh…, fuck it.

Anonymous 255974


>"I'm not trans"

>Calling itself a fucking lesbian.

I guess this one is more open about being a pervert.

Never expected even Brazil to fall to TIMs. I'm sorry Brazillian nonas.

Anonymous 255981

Agreed. No matter how "woman" you think you act, you are a man.(TiMs only)

Anonymous 256010

They can’t get rid of their Y chromosome.

Anonymous 256011


Why the fuck are stupid aidens so fucking pro-male? Does she seriously think she experiences “gendered hate” because she “looks like a man”? Fucking dumbasses always hold us back.

Anonymous 256016


save this pic on your phones and use it as a reaction image whenever you get a chance

Anonymous 256019


To think that i used to watch those things and go ''Oh wow, how lgbtq+ of this show, this makes so much sense''
now i just look at this and i see how disgusting those people are.

Anonymous 256091

What the fuck are they talking about? Libfems literally worship POC

Anonymous 256206

kek his powerpuff girls episode was recommended to me yesterday. The thumbnail didn't have a picture but I knew it had to be a tim. the reveal was hilarious still, he's such an ugly man. didn't watch the episode but the comments were crying that the episode was "secretly transphobic" so maybe I'll give it a watch and see what the tranny tears were about. it's supposed to be a pro trans episode though so there's the chance they're crying over nothing and it was perfectly pandering

Anonymous 256242

did you draw this? ponies are cringe but nice art skills

Anonymous 256247


tims have claimed this neopet, the unconverted royal girl kyrii

Anonymous 256249

In what way is this remotely something they would want to claim.
>neopets and its history of hardship, scientology, NFTs, and being a pedo honeypot
>long ugly horse face, just like how tims have blatantly long male faces
>it's princessy, which is a very stereotypical AGP fantasy/drag queen thing
I don't want to defend it, it's hideous, I'm just surprised they think this is something they want to claim and feel cool with identifying with. It says a lot.

Anonymous 256271

>Neopets and its history of mental illness, crazy people and pedophilia
Hm… actually, I think it makes total sense for them to want to claim this

Anonymous 256275


Karmalita Fox, I found HIS videos talking about women's body image and his so-called "life-coaching" videos which really only consist of 30 minutes of negging women on camera telling them life is going to only be swell for you if you're a woman with a BMI of 18 or 17 (aka prepubscent girl weight). It furthered my own body image issues and almost made me regress back to my eating disorder until it only took a matter of researching this dude's instagram and listening to his whispery tranny voice on Trisha Paytas' podcast to find out that this Karmalita Fox is truly a man.
Always leave it up to a tranny or misogynistic gay man to infiltrate woman's spaces, put on woman-face and become a psy-op to fuck with women's perceptionss of beauty and have us all regress to self-harming ourselves even more.
Even his flat muscular stomach and legs scream out MAN.
These trannies need to just fucking die already.

Anonymous 256282

>negging women on camera telling them life is going to only be swell for you if you're a woman with a BMI of 18 or 17
I don't understand this. He literally knows Trisha paytas who was perfectly capable of fucking celebrities, being a model, being successful, etc while being fat and still says this?

Anonymous 256287

Those super long nails look so bad on man hands. They make his already huge hands look like bear claws

Anonymous 256312

Anonymous 3 minutes256311
Eugh, I knew that this just HAD to be a tranny based on the bolt-ons, obnoxious gay man whispery vocal fry, and blatant misogyny. Don’t listen to him. Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole Smith certainly did NOT have BMI of 17 or 18 and went down as some of history’s most renowned sex symbols. Beauty isn’t homogenous. It is so painfully obvious that this dude is a narcissist, and it’s always these narcissistic mainiacs who spearhead a movement or a cause, which, in his case, was confidence and self-improvement. Once these individuals receive the praise and recognition that they so desperately crave, the mask comes off, which is exactly what is happening with him right now.

Anonymous 256328


Hypnotist Sappho is a youtuber that was very public for being a zoophile and a pedophile. It's was insane the discourse at the time about how a WOMAN could be or do something like this.
Turns out, is a TiM. A MALE.
I do believe that woman can be evil but this type of gooner behaviour is very much male.
Should i pretend to be shocked?

Anonymous 256359


Yikes I did some further research on this dude and then found this shit. The moidal rage is so transparent, how could he think he's anything close to a woman acting this aggressive on camera? Creepy lunatic

Anonymous 256380

I'm taking a look at his other videos and wow, they're all clickbaity and lengthy ramble videos. One of his videos on how to overcome depression is about doing shrooms. People watch this shit.

Anonymous 256388


>Marilyn Monroe certainly did NOT have BMI of 17 or 18
Why does it sound like you think she was fat? Her BMI was 19, so 18 isn't a bad guess.

Anonymous 256434


And it looks like this thread is already being shitted up by an anachan

Anonymous 256436

>point out something factually true
>you must be anorexic
uhh ok lol

Anonymous 256481

I thought it was obvious? He has the tranny voice

Anonymous 256490


Anonymous 256501

I don't believe it's legitimate.
I do not believe that Stephen Crowder, known wife abuser, is an honest person with personal or professional integrity.
I do not believe that Stephen Crowder would be the priority journalistic release vector for a leaker since Glenn Greenwald himself, the man Ed fucking Snowden looked at and said "this is the guy, this is who I will leak to," had been ostentatiously and publicly clamoring after the manifesto.
I do not believe that a woman would kill for the nonsense that people have been attributing to the manifesto, and I do not believe that transmen are anything but women.
I do not believe that the school and administration during the years when they were associated with shielding known child predators was innocent of raping Audrey.
I do not believe that a developmentally delayed adult with serious autism and autistic special interests would avoid sperging and injecting autistic parallels to their autistic fixations in the heart of their serious business personal cry of the heart manifesto.
And I do not believe the general coherence of a narrative in which Audrey killed because she was way into all the liberal things that liberals are into and hated all the things that liberals hate about the American south in the most stereotypical manner possible.

This is fake, and very, very gay.

Anonymous 256503

Conversation I had with my pro-trans friend:
>He thinks that trans women are women
>So what is a woman?
>A woman is anyone who identifies as a woman
>So what is a woman?
>A person who identifies as a woman
And he just repeats the same thing. No matter what, trans activists always get stumped by that one, simple question. It's sad, because he is a very close friend of mine and I don't want him to fall for the trans 'uwu valid wimmin' shtick. Even after seeing all the heinous things TIMs have done he'll just say that they're not all like that and that TERFs do bad things too. Why has the world become like this all of a sudden?

Anonymous 256504

Anonymous 256510


Gulp, those selective texts look like my journal entries when I'm having a depressive episode. Whatever, aren't manifestos supposed to push some ideology or agenda, giving an explanation for actions?
Perfectly timed leak just before the elections as well. I always find it disgusting when politicians use school shootings and the deaths of children to push some narrative.

I've heard some even say "women aren't real", or "woman is a social construct".

Anonymous 256515

Why are you his friend anyways? Trans idelogy is very misogynistic.

Anonymous 256516

Anonymous 256545

News flash: body types don’t exist on a binary of “skinny” and “fat”. Sounds like Ana-Chan mentality to me. This was merely to point out the fact that Marilyn Monroe was not a skinny woman and is one of the world’s most iconic sex symbols of all time. Have you seen photos of her?

Anonymous 256549


Geez, why are you so angry? I wasn't implying there's a binary of skinny and fat, and that not skinny means fat, but the way you emphasized "certainly NOT" BMI 18 made it sound like you meant fat.
In picrel, I wouldn't say it's inaccurate to call her skinny, or to guess her BMI is 18. So "certainly NOT" isn't the right phrase.

Anonymous 256571

Nta but you're also using her lowest weight (also probably exaggerated as most celebrities at the time exaggerated their measurements when released). I believe her highest weight was like 150 (?) Which is an average BMI at her height. She also had a lot of pressure to lose lots of weight at the time, but looking back throughout the decades in general, majority of female celebrities were considered fat anyway

That being said I feel like girls nowadays have rapidly changing beauty standards and it's been taking a massive toll on our health. We have the super skinny looks from the 2000s all the way until the 2010s when thicc became a thing, then we were all expected to drop everything and just gain weight, now we're slowly shifting to the skinny look again, which is difficult especially considering majority of women were just pressured to put on fat

Anonymous 256578


Anonymous 256580

I don't understand what you're trying to prove? Re read the post

Anonymous 256581

You said I used her lowest weight. I was just using her normal weight.

Anonymous 256589

This seems fake as shit honestly. Big if true but doubtful.

Anonymous 256590

Have any U.S. nonas changed their political views because the left is so pro-troon? I used to be a die-hard liberal but I since have moved away from the party over the past two years after witnessing it being overtaken by troons and they/them green hairs

Anonymous 256592

117 was her lowest weight though? and as I said, a lot of celebrities weren't honest about their weight anyway, there was even running joke about it

Anonymous 256595


I just used the first number I found when I googled 'Marilyn Monroe weight'.
And it's documented by officials that her weight was 117-120 lbs. No fraud.

Anonymous 256599

Yes to the thousandth power. Makes me want to weep for this godforesaken country’s.

Anonymous 256645

nope. most people follow trends, on both the left and right, and troons and trendy. left-leaning politicians are, frankly, just humoring them. political affiliation will always require some sacrifice. there is no political ideology that perfectly encapsulates my beliefs unless i create a party of one. even if leftists with power pander to zoomers with pro-tranny talking points it makes no difference to me because. at the end of the day, other issues are much more important to me.

Anonymous 256646

It was one of the things that turned the tide for me, then I started noticing the other crazy beliefs the american-inspired left defended and how they intertwine with the troon shit. The right hates women too, so there's nowhere for us to turn to.

Anonymous 256651

They've been confirmed to be true.
>Seven Nashville officers placed on administrative duty after shooting manifesto leak

>Nashville Police Chief Confirms Authenticity Of Leaked Shooter Manifesto Pages, Launches Investigation


Anonymous 256652

wasn't this bitch white though? what's with american whites hating "crackers"?

Anonymous 256659

She was a schizo. She hated her sex too, that's why she trooned out.

Anonymous 256660

Brainwashing by public schools/media

Anonymous 256662

that makes total sense actually

Anonymous 256861

It's amusing how they think they advocate for women's health, beauty, facts yet overlook the factual differences in women's bodies from various races. They think like men do, perfect body and what not, even thou many women do radiate beauty with a bit of fullness in their cheeks kek

Anonymous 256991

TiM died in a fire while he was in sex reassignment surgery in Brazil.
Something exploded in the hospital and the doctors didn't save him.

Anonymous 257031

>Lorena Muniz, a 25-year-old trans woman living in Brazil, died in a fire at the Saúde Aqui clinic after being left on the operating table by hospital staff who fled the scene. According to local news outlet Universa, Muniz was undergoing breast augmentation surgery on February 17, when the air-conditioning unit in the clinic malfunctioned and started a fire. Staff fled the building, leaving Muniz to die in the fire.

I guess they took the money and ran? Hue. I won't celebrate anyone's death but in this case I'm definitely not shedding any tears, either. Looking around, Brazil seems to be in the lead when it comes to killing troons. People who write about it try to frame it like women are the primary victims to get you to pay attention, but then you see it's actually "trans women" and things suddenly make sense and click into place. Just more moids killing each other.
>The majority of transfemicide victims are women. According to TGEU’s document, 96% of the people murdered in the world are trans women and transfeminized people, 58% of the trans people murdered were sex workers. The average age of those murdered is 30. About 36% of the murders took place on the streets and 24% inside the victims’ houses.

Anonymous 257065

>96% of the people murdered in the world are trans women and transfeminized people
Looking at their numbers, that's 96% of the gender-diverse people murdered, not from all murders.

Anonymous 257071


>Brazil seems to be in the lead when it comes to killing troons.
If the data is similar to the one about how it's the "coutry that most kills lgbts", them it's a very biased sample. And I hate activists that use that to push an agenda. Yes we kill the most LGBT people, but that's because we're a large country and a violent one. We're the country that kills the greatest number of Christians, that doesn't mean that we are a christophobic nation. (No one who spouses that bs whats a way one ticket to the middle east for example)
Anyway in the last election, we chose two trannies (one HSTS and one AGP) for our house of representatives.
Don't know how much they will impact legislation, but given how weird politics and culture is in this third world of mine, I guess they will have some success;
(There's a weird saying that the more conservative "Dad of the family" the men, the greater the chances that they will visit a "traveco" (trans prostitute) on the down low.

Anonymous 257076

I agree with you. I used to have a lot of Tim friends, most of them are exactly what you would expect.
I used to be friends with a Tim, he did not pass at all and used to be lying about being raped. i remember he telling this story about how a man was calling him at night, saying that ''he was a cute girl'' when in reality… he looks like a tonhão (this is how we call ugly old man who is trying to hard to be young or acts like a child, also used to talk about TIM).
A few months ago he go beat up by some dude, seems like he was trying to suck this dude in a party and this dude got mad af after saying no a lot of times.
No one even tried to defend the Tim.
This Tim's brother once told me that he would no be surprised if this tim becomes another case.
So, yeah, most of those deaths are not because they we're doing normal shit like walking around or buying cake somewhere, it was because they was in a situation who anyone thinks is dangerous like being a prostitute, dealing with married man, stealing, buying illegal drugs, posing as a Woman when dealing with man, blackmailing people who had sex or tried to have sex with them and the list goes…
I was friends with a lot's of them, dealing with them had make me think twice about my opinions on this matter, than i found this site and i started looking around for more and boom, i'm a Terf baby now! (i still have a lot to learn)

Anonymous 257078

Yep, most of the violence is moid on moid violence. Heard stories about an acquaintance that was killed by a t-prostitute.
He was a whore-seeking anyway and supposedly didn't want to pay, so good riddance. (Prostitutes usually carry knives, and for what I've seen men buy into the lie that trannies are like women and underestimate their strength when fighting them)

Anonymous 257110

granny wizard.png

>he was trying to suck this dude in a party and this dude got mad af after saying no a lot of times
>he got beat up
Shame this isn't usually an option for us when the only thing the monkeys understand is violence. If I ever finally get my years-overdue wizard magic, the first spell I'm crafting is one that automatically beats the living fuck out of men who don't respect "no" or participate in sexual harassment/assault/unwelcome objectification. The degree of the invisible beating scales with the crime. Male troons would be subject to its effects at all times through the very nature of their existence and be able to travel down the street via the repeated attack velocity, like watching a can get kicked along the sidewalk.

inb4 one of lurking creeps gets triggered by this in some way

Anonymous 257121


Also been friends with TIMs. First one would brag about how good at sex he was and was in an open realtionship with a girlfriend that supposedly had sex with a bunch of frat guys. Nearly drove me to suicide and I tried to fuck him so probably could have given me an STD too.

Second one I met I thought would be better but eventually showed himself to be a giant narcissist as well. Would not stop sending me pictures of himself and his fuckbuddies. Felt the need to unsolicitedly talk about his sex life constantly (Getting a sudden Discord message about how his latest fuck couldn't cum was weird af). Even around other friends I would try to introduce him to for the first time. At one point he started bitching, how he doesn't trust guys who want to be "discrete" anymore. Gee, I wonder why. He was full of hypocriticisms and no self-awareness like that. Just a massive, completely ironic cunt all around.

Anonymous 257143

Holy fuck! Are you better now?

Anonymous 257401

A friend of mine has been so fucking boring since he troon out, i'm kinda glad he is not being active around me anymore, he really got mad at me for posting about Harry Potter on instagram.

Anonymous 257404


The idea of non-binary sounded super punk rock to me at first. It's like, "No, fuck you; If being a girl is liking pink and flowers and being a boy is cars and fighting and I'm a person who likes welding and knitting, what does that make me? Some freak animal? So be it. I'll be something else."

But nowadays we live in a world obsessed with aesthetics and semantics. The fucking pronouns. It doesn't even have to do much with equal gender rights anymore as it does with this desire to be perceived 'correctly'. We have this compulsion to curate how other people perceive us, and that has bled into the very words we expect people to use when referring to us. It is such a non-issue. Yet it has become a preoccupation in the western world.

I can understand the crucial role of others' perception in how you are treated socially. Many women are perceived as physically weak on the basis of their gender, even though some go to the gym 4-5x a week and can deadlift 300lbs. The point is, they put the work in, so they can merit how they are perceived. If enough women like that exist, we can get rid of the preconceived notion that women are weak. The same way that once women were allowed to drive, the stereotype that women suck at driving disappeared. There are still women that are weak, and there are still women that suck at driving, but what the consensus NEEDS to be is that it's because they haven't put the time in, not because they have a vagina.

I say this, because I believe it is a waste for people to be defying gender expectations while identifying as non-binary when you could be proving to society that your biological sex is capable of anything you put your willpower towards.

Non binary should be a way of life, not an identity.

Anonymous 257423


Hello, thank you for asking. Yes, I stopped associating with those people. Life is lonelier now, but it's still better than having people like that in my life any day.

Anonymous 257431

You said it, nona! Non-binary would 100x be more based if it was more rooted in gender-nonconformity and not all this pronoun horseshit.

Anonymous 257523

>feminicide happened
>let's also think about trans homicide!!!

Anonymous 257757



Anonymous 257760

Is it just me or do many guys become Trans because they think it'll help them get away with illegal shit?

Anonymous 257779

Why can't trannies manage even the most basic of hygeine? Almost every time one posts an image of themselves they have disgusting nails, oily ass hair and skin. Not to mention if they post their living space its dirty as fuck with stained carpet and clutter everywhere. Like holy fuck who is enabling these barely functioning humans chop their dicks off

Anonymous 257780

Mental illness, lack of spoons, and living in a dreamlike fantasy state in their heads to the point of self-care neglect, maybe.

Anonymous 257782

I worked with one that had bad hygiene and smelled like some sort of nasty vinegar. It seemed like he never washed his clothes because they were wrinkled and had stains. When the manager kept talking to him about it and even started to write him up, he acted like a victim and like he was unfairly targeted

Anonymous 257921


>already knew he was wearing her clothes but assumed it was innocent
there's no saving her.

Anonymous 258009


>American uni, 2nd year, have barely talked to or met anyone
>Want to meet people, other nonas or maybe some decent men
>NEETy, try DnD club, probably the most social thing I could muster
>Campaign I join has 5 others, 4 of which use she/her pronouns online, think I could finally meet some girlies and make friends
>Meet in person
>All men.

I'm aware DnD has a large following of "them" so I guess that's what I should've expected for being around people who like to play pretend. They don't even put in the effort anymore to "look" like a woman. Half of them had unkempt facial hair still hanging onto their bony neolithic jaws. Telltale signs of terrible hygiene. Extreme lack of any remote sense of self-awareness (comes with the territory, I guess).

There really needs to exist some method to fix AGP. Have them run around in some camp away from sane people, they love their echo chambers anyway. I'm tired of meeting people masquerading as their fetish, its always extremely obvious to tell whenever they do it for the attention, especially when they get a rise out of saying "pissing off the transphobes by existing, rent free :)" and such.

Anonymous 258046


Tranny got killed and every feminist who doesn't like trannies is getting blamed for it. Be aware the author of the article is also a troon and thus taking the "perfect angel destroyed by literal demons" approach to his writing.

Anonymous 258093

>There really needs to exist some method to fix AGP.
Complete castration, prostate removal included.

Anonymous 258099

They always blame the woman, no matter what. That kid's killers weren't even female. Males have literally always had an anti tranny mindset before le terfs even existed. You'll only hear about these stories happening to trannies who are fags, you never hear it about "transbians". And it makes sense because Males hate gay trannies more than "transbian" ones because they hate gay males, it's simple.

Anonymous 258130


I came across this and now you have to see it too.

Anonymous 258143

It's basically all reducible to mental illness and instability. I teach programming classes so I get a lot of them and the bad hygiene/social skills thing is pretty common. Typically nobody is going to go down the gender dysphoria route unless they've got some undiagnosed thing going on and that thing (and its consequent suffering) will continue to go undiagnosed because this culture indulges it as just some sort of innate condition that's curable by making me look at a grown man's nipples through a deep v-neck sundress in the middle of a class.

Anonymous 258144

what's responsible for the rise in men with this particular paraphilia? is it just porn? why this paraphilia in particular then?

Anonymous 258195

It is porn, it's their fetishes gradually getting out of hand to the point where they start identifying with the woman being abused because porn makes the abuse seem enjoyable. Now I'm not a puritan and saying that you shouldn't enjoy what you enjoy, but combine the porn addiction with an anti-social moid that's very likely on the spectrum and you get someone that sees womanhood as nothing more than a fetish.

Anonymous 258228


How do you feel about pooners seeking gaymen in places like Grindr and getting fucked by chasers/het men? Deserved or not? I have read some posts that say it's abuse and grooming etc. but if they are adults I don't think we should police their decision as grown women to seek encounters of such nature. Pooners pretend to be men for euphoria/yaoi fantasy, men pretend they are soft bois for pussy. I don't really care about anything that happens in that situation that's not outright illegal, if they are getting lied to by men for sex maybe they should stop trying to fuck gaymen and grow up mentally.

Anonymous 258250


There's no gay man eating pussy.
"Het man" who wants to fuck a trannie are pretty much a fucking faggot and just want something close to what appears to be a woman or is just a fucking pervert who needs to be fucking something does not matter what.

Most woman's I see dating TiFs are TiFs themselves or woman who started dating them before they gone crazy and are too attached to let them go or are just blind to the reality of those things..

Sorry for the rant nona, I'm peaking

Anonymous 258278

Pooners are adults. They should know men lie to get sex. Gay men tend to be promiscuous so it's on brand.

Anonymous 258340

TIFs that prefer men are just straight tomboys with extra steps. I can understand kind of wanting to straighten a gay guy out, but gays that are actually willing to be bi like their women to still be women, just with a pegging strap attached.

Anonymous 258372

Have y'all always been a terf? I haven't. I was friends with a lot of troons before.

Anonymous 258373

No, actually. Before I peaked, all of my friends were genderspecials libshits. I think what peaked me and got me talking to other radical feminists was seeing r/dykeconversion, i dont use reddit but i originally saw it being posted on twitter. Seeing all of those trannies say nasty shit about my community. The subreddit was raided back in 2021 and it was all "transbians" fighting off the raiders.
Being a lesbian means trannies think it's okay to step on you all the time, I'm fed up with them.

Anonymous 258376

Yes. But it was a different era, where me and my peers openly mocked the Wachowski brothers for becoming the Wachowski sisters. Trannies were something to be laughed at, but not openly hated. I re-peaked after JK Rowling's essay and the tranny reaction to it, and now I hate them with a burning passion.

Anonymous 258377

Yes, as it was common sense to me.

Anonymous 258378

Kinda. I didn't care at all about trannies, then I discovered radical feminism and from there I got into the GC rabbit hole. I'm not a radfem anymore but I'm still GC.

Anonymous 258399

No, I think it's a really common terf experience to id as a tranny or just being generally really involved with the t community before peaking. Being so fully immersed with the trans rhetoric and knowing some things are wonky but not having a framework to fully makes finding and understanding radical feminism a pretty eye opening experience.

Anonymous 258404

Sort of. Never thought a man was a woman but did not care about trannies much (they were not everywhere and weren't trying to alter the laws and invade womens spaces). I was the minute Jenner won woman of the year and found out what the term gender critical meant. Could've found a more worthy woman of the year by walking in to the nearest business and awarding the first female employee they saw.

Anonymous 258527


i don't know how anyone ever buys into this ideology. the very first time i heard about this as a kid i knew it was nonsense. i remember it pretty clearly
>driving in the car with dad
>on the radio is a story about a kid who told his parents "when you talk about me, say she"
>knew this made no sense but didn't really know how to put it into words
>ask dad something along the lines if "that's crazy, right?"
>dad just looks uncomfortable and pretends no to hear me, even though he always let me ride in the passenger seat so i was right next to him
honestly his refusal to answer told me just about everything.

Anonymous 258529

I teach at a college in an area that tends to attract tims. I noticed how consistently disgusting they were and then went down the TERF rabbithole.

Anonymous 258540

It was the other way around for me, I was always transphobic but I was a very conservative pickme tradwife type before I could no longer tolerate misogyny in general and became more of a feminist.

Anonymous 258558


Ughghgh, this is from a youtuber's comment section. She was discussing how men fuck literal corpses so morgues prefer to hire women. I cannot with this tranny nonsense, I'm just glad that it only affects me online and I don't see this shit irl. I'd go insane.

Anonymous 258591

>I'm not a town, but I'd be inside you
What does this even mean? Am I missing a reference to something?

Anonymous 258605

"The Town Inside Me" is Bridget's battle theme in Strive.

Anonymous 258606


Anonymous 258608

Kikomi tier logic

Anonymous 258613

i just know whoever wrote that comment(in the image) is a greasy fat disgusting moid

Anonymous 258616


>"Triumph of human desire over definition."

Words don't mean anything anymore I guess.

Anonymous 258622

" triumph of human desire (coombrains and fetishes) over human definitions (logic and reality"
they're just almost admitting they're porn addicts disconnected from reality

Anonymous 258632

They don't even pass, at best they will be seen as extremely ugly "cisgirls" and avoided (just like they are avoided when they're out as trannies).

Anonymous 258641


He really thinks the only reason anyone other than his doctor knows what he is is because he tells them. It's funny that he's stealing the word "cis" because real men and women never think of ourselves as cis- anything. It's just a word trannies made for us and now apparently they want it back.

Anonymous 258648

I never liked the idea of transgenderism and "LGBT" being a whole thing. Even when my parents tried to explain it to 11 year old me I knew it was a fairly rank game of pretend.
That being said, most aspects of transgenderism are things I can safely brush under the rug of "that's fucking gay, but let people live I guess." The only things I genuinely cannot accept are that they need the right to use our locker rooms while still having male genitals, the right to compete in our sports, and far and away beyond the other 2: for children to be able to be transitioned.

In general I think the way fags all across the spectrum needing to "educate children" is too much.

Anonymous 258664

I had my tumblr phase but I wasn't sold on the trans ideology although i really tried to adhere to it since I didn't want to be a transphobe. I was exposed to radical feminists because libfems were bitching about them and I realized they made actual sense. Seeing that clip where Robert Albert Tur threateningly grabs Ben Shapiro by the neck and everyone supporting the freak's violence really peaked me.

Anonymous 258670

Anonymous 258671

Dude I was the same, we should make a thread for former conservative women.

Anonymous 258681

That's impressively light for a grown adult. I'm 20 yo, 5'8" and 145.

Anonymous 258682

She's right. For me, it's not so much that my views have changed, but my party / group affiliation has been displaced. That's the important part about parties, not your belief, but the people you associate with.

Anonymous 258707


Anonymous 258711


Has anyone noticed how trannies from 4chan started copying lolcow and cc lingo? They really insert words like moid in their replies alongside the most coomerish anime girl picture ever that only a male could see as hot thinking it makes them less clockable.

Anonymous 258796

Huh? I definitely still use 4chan from time to time, mostly just for hobby stuff. I have occasionally peaked on there but generally stick to being anonymous since revealing being a femanon is generally met poorly and often serves no purpose.

Anonymous 259072

Are there known cures for gender dysphoria though ? I only find propaganda articles about how suggesting anything other than transition is transphobic.

Anonymous 259073

not known no. but that's true of a lot of mental illnesses. depression can't be cured by therapy either.

Anonymous 259074

No cures.
A few years ago Gender Dysphoria used to be called Gender Identity Disorder, now changed due to political correctness. A disorder is something like a handicap, like blindness or diabetics. There's no cure, but only management.

Anonymous 259075

they're not even convincing like you don't have to even try that hard to realize they're a troon

i'd give them the benefit of the doubt and say the anime girls aren't a sex thing for them, but i stopped giving troons the benefit of the doubt a while ago especially when they're acting like any other moids ever

Anonymous 259076

i wish scrotes wouldn't ruin every kind of artwork or animation or fictional characters of women ever by always making it sexual but literally nothing of women escapes their cock-controlled grasp

Anonymous 259077

"Desisting therapy", basically telling them it's normal to be confused and they just need to accept that they are the birth gender.
Has an almost 100% success rate with fewer people killing themselves than the LGBT mean.
The result of transitioning (the other form of therapy) is 43-54% suicide rates within 10 years.

Anonymous 259086

How do you even respond when trannies start calling symptoms from their hormones "periods" and "menopause".
Like its blatently not fucking period or menopause but recently I see delusional tranny defenders going "oh but trans medicine is so neglected they don't have words to describe their symptoms!" so they steal words meant for real women.
Its honestly so regressive that they think in the field of gynecology which has historically always been neglected and still doesnt get the attention it deserves, that THEIR issues should be prioritized and they should distract from REAL WOMENS ISSUES. They are COMPLETELY SEPERATE MEDICAL PHENOMENA. But no, trannies will demand that XY males are prioritized even in womens MEDICINE just because they refuse to call their issues what they are; hormone fluctuations. They are quite literally trying to replace us. Dont even get me started on the tards who think bleeding from their self inflicted axe wound is a "period"

Anonymous 259089

>How do you even respond when trannies start calling symptoms from their hormones "periods" and "menopause".
by walking the fuck away from whatever horror show of a conversation one has to bein to hear that type of nonsense to begin with.

Anonymous 259092

that doesn't really work actually. about half of people with gender dysphoria will kill themselves or try to kill themselves no matter what they do. its just how it is.

Anonymous 259120

tired of femininity being reduced to how long your hair is and whether your legs go through two holes or a single circle when you get dressed in the morning. i thought we were past this. a woman can cut her hair short and wear pants and still be feminine. women are feminine because we're females.

Anonymous 259122

for me it's female body hair gradually becoming more accepted but trannies use it as an excuse to put the bare minimum into their appearance like still keeping their fucking beards

Anonymous 259139

No. There was a swedish study about this
Desisting therapy: 2% of people killed themselves (below baseline for gays)
Transitioning therapy: 43% of people killed themselves
The study is VERBOTEN now though

Anonymous 259159


is this what you're talking about?

Anonymous 259161


I think desisting therapy just sounds like something as an outlet to channel their gender dysphoria into another form of expression instead of snipping their genitals.
I wonder if a lot of theater artists in the past had gender dysphoria and they were able to live without killing themselves because they could act out their urges in a healthy way, and I know that only moids played the female roles in those plays because women were banned from acting or something. It would "work" for sure though, depending on how serious or manageable the disorder is.

Anonymous 259164

"Gender disphoria" isn't real. That people are confused about not being a "real Man" or "real Woman" is normal. Accept yourself, learn about yourself. That is the essence of desisting therapy. Lots of societal gender roles and expectations simply do not even have a basis in biological reality.

The tranny religion of "There is an immutable and opposite gender identity which expresses itself through gender confusion confusion" is unscientific nonsense. It essentially postulates the idea of a "gendered soul", that cannot be determined with any scientific method, but expresses itself through symptoms (confusion about the expectations and reality of your sex) that everyone everywhere has always had at least for some time. That feeling, they call "Gender dysphoria" and pronounce it indicative of the condition of being trans.

Anonymous 259165

is it true most trannies were touched as kids? makes me sad.

Anonymous 259169

That's just grooming.
Most trannies don't really have any sexual abuse history that coming out would end up as a great shock for their parents.

Anonymous 259171

i read somewhere that transexuals have high rates of CSA

Anonymous 259174

I tried to look up about this and I got a few papers. This seemed interesting.
>Seventy-three percent of TGAs reported psychological abuse, 39% reported physical abuse, and 19% reported sexual abuse.
All of this is scary, not just sexual abuse… so yeah, it does seem sad. 73% is like 3 in 4 of them had horrible childhood, and 1 in 5 were sexually abused.

Anonymous 259234

What disgusted me the most about it is how defeated this girl is. Like, she already assumed him wearing her clothes and was like "I don't like it but it's fine, I'll just have to deal with it". Even made a to-do list of things to do when the troon has his tard moments like fucking apologize.
This is so sad. Plus I'm sure redditors deleted her thread

Anonymous 259235

Figures. It's [ Removed by reddit ] now.

She made no other posts or comments since then.

Anonymous 259243

Yes, as long as you treat the root cause (OCD, addictive tendencies, trauma).

Anonymous 259258

I saw a mod for baldurs gate 3, it was a mod to make one of the woman in the game a trannie, everytime i see this shit i get more and more sure that this is a fetish, it's the same shit as doing it ''shemale version of a character''
disgusting behaviour.

Anonymous 259259

Aren't they just called Futas?

Anonymous 259260

But why though, the game already lets you choose genitals

Anonymous 259261


they want the companions to be like that too, they cannot have enough.

Anonymous 259267

That's a futanari and yes it literally is a porn fetish. Not the same thing as transgenderism, although transgenderism is also basically a garbage fetish that people try to make into an "innocent" ""legitimate"" lifestyle lmao.

Anonymous 259284


Aren't "futas" [yuck] just human beings with both genitalia, like they have a penis but their ballsack is replaced with a vagina?

Anonymous 259299

Futas are anime porn characters who are women with a duck bigger than their arms. They are not real.

Anonymous 259394

nonas, there's a tif in my group chat now and since i have peaked i cant pretend to care about them or to want them around me, i just cant.
every single word coming out of her mouth is like boring, i really get bored.
i was talking about yuri anime and manga and she start talking about her favorites yuri animes, i was just thinking '' Oh god, you're such a lesbian'' than she started saying that ''kinda weird of me liking wlw and being a boy''
i just cant pretend that i don't find her cringe af…

Anonymous 259398

>Was eating out in public
>Overhear some little pooner at the table near me talking about "his" transition
>Apparently in order to be allowed to transition, she had to take a 200 question quiz when her age was still in single digits
>Said she didn't understand most of the questions, but she answered them anyway because her parents told her what to put down, and the doctors still let her poon out without verifying that she actually knew what was going to happen to her
The kid was like 14 and had been taking HRT and testosterone injections for most of her life. She was also constantly mentioning that she's an diagnosed autist (although you could tell by looking at her, she was constantly flapping her hands, rocking, fidgeting and making weird noises), and had depression and all sorts of other mental illnesses that she needed tons of therapy and medication for. It really cements the fact that people with autism are specifically targeted by transgender "medical professionals" for profit.

Anonymous 259400

Sounds like her parents advocated for some sort of God forsaken sterilization. Jesus

Anonymous 259409

What is the future of letting kids with autism "transition"?

Anonymous 259426

Anonymous 259475

Given that Brenton Tarrant is autistic, I expect more mass killings. I hope they'll target their tormentors and not innocent children though.

Anonymous 259792

Futas actually appear to be women. In western media, it’s always obvious it’s a mtf because it has sharp features or is drawn manly.

Anonymous 259807

Hermaphrodites/herms have both parts. Even scrotes argue about whether futas should have testicles or not, and other weird intersex kink shit. "Intersex" is the general kink umbrella for all of it.

Anonymous 259991

absolutely adore how the usage of gender inclusive language
such as referring to people as "penis-owners" or "vagina-owners"
creates uncomfort in trannies who know they will never be a woman or man

the amount hoops they have to jump through to affirm that their frankenweenie or rot hole is normal
truly delusional creatures. I also absolutely love that the basis of gender identity is a man raping two kids in dresses

it hurts so much to meet confused lesbians self-harming themselves, and to watch men rape women's rights

Anonymous 260018

Getting on tumblr and seeing what fandom has become is making me peak today!

Anonymous 260027

Had the pleasure of overhearing some pooner brag about how androgynous her voice was
literally sounded like a pedo's prime suspect
there's nothing impressive about sounding like a prepubescent teen

she had those emo era raccoon hair strips and honestly I feel bad for her
she obviously had been mentally groomed and persuaded whatever she's doing is the thing
next up body mutilation and regret, mad world.

spoke about her lack of mother figure too, poor girl
also fuck the men that entertain this shit, they are absolutely predators who never see them as whatever the girls want to be perceived as

Anonymous 260099


>There really needs to exist some method to fix AGP.
These people refuse to be helped though. They revel in their fetish - they don't want to get it cured.

Anonymous 260118

Tumblr ruined fanbases for good, everything has to be political and has to have some gender woke "muh representation" bullshit lumped together with it, i hate it all it pisses me off too especially the tranny headcanons they shove everywhere and force everyone to like

Anonymous 260122

twink mindcontrol.…

does this happen irl?

Anonymous 260127

Maybe, but only to the most chronically online, pathetic moids you'll ever meet. That meme was probably drawn by one of them.

Anonymous 260130

Reddit has infested many fandoms with troon ideologies and many many troon headcanons

Anonymous 260137

I've found a post made my a troon I know irl where he admits that he pissed himself publicly in an exam hall at our uni and got off on it. He apparently also shared this fact with his troon friends. The men around us keep defending him and his fellow troons and spew vitrol at anyone that doesn't fully believe they are women, so finding sth of that magnitude of degeneracy on him is just really funny

Anonymous 260138

Let me be clear, this post was not made in irony. It was a serious reply of his to a question in a medical forum for troons

Anonymous 260194


>acts like a retarded perv with 0 social queues
>"Omg so gender euphoria I'm literally an anime girl im literally a woman"
I've never once seen a real woman do those things he mentioned.
Goes to show troons think of womanhood as a costume and an act they can get off to, but are we even surprised

Anonymous 260215

I read his other reddit posts and they're all very similar to this, just an odd mix of gay bottom emoji texts and being an awkward blogging pervert.
You just know words like "validating" and "affirming" are gross terms they beat off to.

Also, at one point he asked if dick tucking is anything like having a split open, stapled dick. Lol. Can't believe how shamelessly evil transwomen are about lying that post-op surgery is good or worth it.

Anonymous 260230


Why are trans men so fundamentally different from trans women?
They're both gross in the sense of their pathetic delusion and disgusting disfigurement but the few trans men I know are otherwise normal human beings that just have schizo levels of psychosis about their gender. They're not invasive or sexual.
Trans women however, are rape-y, sexual to a deviant degree, coomers by association almost always, 9 outta 10 times a trans woman has been a creepy coomer. To them, being trans is a fetish or a sexual matter, implicit or explicit they always make zero effort to mask their blatant degeneracy.
Ironically, even at their "most womanly" a trans-woman's manliness pokes through quite heavily

Anonymous 260231

Mtf: Worthless male in the eyes of women, with a brain completely deteriorated from porn consumption. Tries to uno reverse his gender to finally get some pussy out of pure desperation, now as a "woke lezzzbo", as he is innately aware of how to pressure women given that he is a male and now has societal backing from woke retards.
Ftm: Abused, changes gender in a desperate attempt to immitate the physical advantage of males and desexualize from the gender that abused her.
men and women are afterall fundamentally different, so is their reasons for tranny-touring

Anonymous 260237


From my experience with my best friend from high school who TIF'd out and me TIFing out myself at the same time, TIFs tend to be women with deep-seated insecurity about being tomboyish i.e. less conventionally feminine. They want badly to be LGBT in general. She always wanted to hop on the trend with straight women larping to be attracted to other women, but now identifies as a gay man. lmao

They are also women who don't seem to have emotionally matured past 16. My friend chooses really weird names for herself that sounds like shit from an RPG. Also a little bit of a TIM's narcissism sprinkled in, except it is covert instead of overt. Her art sucks but I've never had the heart to tell her, and now she posts it around everywhere like it doesn't, showing off her underage trans furry OCs and drawing herself with trans pride capes too. She's an SJW and I hate those but thankfully in personal interactions she's more lowkey about it and not the "kill yourself" type of bully ones I've been harassed by. Still embarrassing person though, considering we are approaching 30.

Anonymous 260267


Anonymous 260279

it always boggles my mind when libfems can recognize men are evil, but cant seem to wrap their head around a man pretending to be a woman also being evil. all for the safety of women until it comes to trannies. then women dont matter. them getting raped abused and assaulted is irrelevant to the trans "womens" feelings being hurt

Anonymous 260333


I wanted to post these, because it's hilarious at troon hypocrisy

Anonymous 260334


Anonymous 260335


Final image. Troons were mad she larped as a trans women and say trans women are not a costume not realizing their hypocrisy…

Anonymous 260337

Holy based
I actually think the few troons who buy into her being mtf are getting major dysphoria because they'll never pass as nicely and effortlessly

Anonymous 260339


>trannies want snip snip to get a neo-vagina
>trannies want to sustain in a "market" made for moids to coom at "girls with dicks" because they're insecure to admit they're gay and are sexually attracted to dicks
She's cute and trannies should actually feel glad that moids are tricked into cooming to stuff in their "market".

Anonymous 260350


Is it some insecurities about becoming a (full grown mature) woman?
Lot's of TIFs I know have some very childish ideas about life, relationships and gender roles.

Anonymous 260353

>cis girls want to be us SO BAD

Hahaha holy shit the lack of self awareness from these woman face wearers is astounding

Anonymous 260354

What makes her less of a trans women? Because she was born with a vagina? Why are they so obsessed with what people have in their pants? What she identifys as is none of your fucking business

Anonymous 260355

A 33 years old tif called me a lesbophobe on tumblr after i comment that ''men cannot be lesbians and he/him cannot be lesbians''
The tif also called me a butch hater after i said that ''It's not truth, butch lesbian have not EVER use masculine pronouns.'' after this person said that Butch lesbians USE he/him and its a queer history fact.

I'm a lesbian. I'm a Butch lesbian.
I hate those people, i hate them all.
I wish they would kill themselves, i hate them, i hate them.
I hope they all go 41%.
I hate those fucking retards.

Anonymous 260356

Watching men lose their shit over a woman effortlessly being a woman is fucking kino. Everytime these gynecels realise it’s fucking over for them makes my day immeasurably better.
Might start going into Troon servers again to gaslight them that my Adam’s apple shrank when I drank my own piss daily.

Anonymous 260360

Lol. I find it fun to make up bullshit about being a woman to see if troons will pretend to experience the same thing.

You know how your body heats up during ovulation? I just love that warm cozy estrogen feeling <3 the tingling in your groin is also nice

Anonymous 260361


no yeah that's what a friend and i used to do on their servers
they are very easy to manipulate and make fun of
they will desperately try to do whatever you've made seem validating

hell you can even start up your own trans server and get them to turn on another or exemplify an idiot
its great too with how many are absolutely disgusting degenerates,
you can even mail their neighbors their material against their wishes

also you can help out confused girls stuck in their communities

Anonymous 260375


>you are a cis woman
Alright, I searched her username because she looked cute and I found out two things.
1. Her twitter is now deleted, or rather, suspended. Looks like the troons got her.
2. She identifies ahem as a non-binary, which technically comes under trans umbrella.

Anonymous 260386

Why do so many idenify as non-binary? The saddest part is if you are a fan in any fandom, the rise in troondom is unreal, mostly non-binaries (and TiFs to be specific)

Anonymous 260415

I almost turned this video off before the end but am glad I did not.

The dude spends the last couple of minutes talking about the physical changes that are seen to occur in the brains of habitual fetish porn users, and they're changes in studies that aren't really that widely documented by conventional antiporn websites. Antiporn advocates will document brain chemistry changes that are strongly associated with major depression, anxiety, psychosis and suicidality and so on and it's pretty obvious that that just means most sexually undesireable men eventually learn their place and their exact value as human beings but self-medicate with selfpleasure, nothing interesting to learn at all and really serves to undermine the entire biomedical antiporn argument ("look at all these fat people drinking diet coke, someone should take the diet soda off the shelves").

But the mention of the ventral striatum in this context reminded me of something else.

>We propose a novel model where the development of GD includes cognitive dissonance, involving anterior cingulate cortex and ventral striatum as the key brain structures.

Something to remember any time a tranny brings up the female brain argument. No it's just a porn brain.

Anonymous 260469


Found this in my saved images and it made me laugh so hard. Just a good example of how bullshit info spreads among this community. And I'm pretty sure this isn't a troll account.

Anonymous 260474

>that icon
Literally malding!

Anonymous 260475

>it's okay to enable pedos but DON'T YOU DARE PRETEND TO BE A TIM
Tranny prioritys, everyone. So ignorant of the huge pedo chip on their shoulder right now.

Anonymous 260499

14 trans.png

Did anyone tell her she doesn't have to identify as transgender? She's only 14…

Anonymous 260500

trans because of m…

Misogyny is so bad, that our fucked up society have convinced millions of teen girls that "transitioning" is an escape and it's really fucked up

Anonymous 260501

What is a tree?

Anonymous 260506

seeing msgs get erased in real time lol

Anonymous 260509

on the reddit post?

Anonymous 260521


Anonymous 260528

Damn, what this poor girl needs is to learn self-love and acceptance for both her body and mind. I wish she could love and accept herself as a gender non-conforming woman.

Anonymous 260579

women made by scie…

No matter how hard you try, you will never make an anti troon meme that is more offensive to the trans community than actual troons.

Anonymous 260581


Anonymous 260584


Dating apps today may as well just look like all vidrel. They look just like FBI profiles of local sex offenders.

Anonymous 260590

detrans teen.png

Where do you see the trans movement in 10 years? 20 years? What about all of the detransitioners and future trans kids? Will the trans movement survive or thrive?

Anonymous 260597

Picrel made me cry. I really hope these people get the support & love that they need to push through these problems.

Anonymous 260627

>11 months
>those two years
..? What am I missing?

Anonymous 260628


The mental gymnastics they go through to bring us down with them is pathetic. Throw in a little pedophilia accusation in there and then, after enough self hatred has made you realized you're a hideous creature, claim that your hideousness is a predicament of females at large. Disgusting.
Biological women at their most effortless will always look better groomed and well put together than the mockery of nature we call troons

Anonymous 260635

Screenshot 2024-01…

I honestly think this transness/non binary debate is a byproduct of not thinking in depth about the world you want after feminism started changing the way the world was stratified. We skipped over the part where we iron out life in a world being equal for men and women, only to ruminate over the most intangible, irrelevant shit.

Men are lost and have no purpose because women can do things for themselves now. This creates a lot of resentment, which we see in the Andrew Tate types. Affirming their roles as men because without those, they'd be useless.

There are the female equivalents who feel they have to be complicit to men; subservient, quiet, the support; many don't even do it on purpose, but default to what their ancestors have done.

People are so used to having roles assigned that they create identities to cope with no longer having assigned roles. It's like they feel they have to work backwards; "If I'm not assigned roles based on my identity, i will assign myself an identity based on the roles I fill."

Then they realise that wearing pink and playing with dolls isn't the basis of womanhood, nor is driving trucks and playing sports the basis of manhood;

But they have nowhere to direct their confusion and desire for an identity. Whoever created the term non-binary essentially created an outlet for this confusion, where people are not only given some intangible concepts to distract themselves with, they are even given a community to enable the rumination and validate every emotion that arises. Imagine living a life that isn't ruled by the desire to conform and run away from discomfort…

The danger with identity politics is that ideas become extremely difficult to challenge once people mould an identity around them.

I'm not even saying this because it's annoying to they/them people; I'm saying this because I genuinely think it's destructive for people to mould their identities over something purely theoreticised, to be taking hormones and castrating themselves because they can't heal this void inside…

Newsflash, the brain is plastic. The more you ruminate about this non-binary shit, the more you're creating pathways around it.

We can have a world where you can dress as androgynous as you want without being stripped of fundamental rights. Can't we agree that it's problematic to care so much about how others perceive you?

I love going on r/NonBinaryTalk just to keep up to date with how these people rationalise this, and to keep myself from becoming a bitter uninformed boomer. My views still stand; it is absolutely attention seeking behaviour, a desire for community, but they won't listen if you tell them that. I hope this non-binary identity shit will pass and we can focus on actualising the principles of feminism in our society without people having to steal the attention.

Idk why it's so hard for people to understand that trans women are trans women. Being a cis woman is just not the same. I won't go as far as saying trans women are men, but they're not the fucking same as cis women. Why is nuance so hard? Too much critical thinking and too little rebloggable quips?

Anonymous 260637

They can't breed but they can adopt.
They'll be adopting chinese and black babies and putting them on T asap to have a nice picture-perfect inclusive family.

Honestly cases like that should be considered munchausen syndrome by proxy

Anonymous 260644

Very well said

Anonymous 260653


Regarding picrel, troonism is inherently narcissistic. It might not always be textbook narcissism and mean you're a narcissist, but making it your #1 goal to be validated and hyperfocusing on your appearance 24/7 which troons do is attention seeking and narcissistic. The person may be a covert narcissist, if they try to deny or talk around that fact like picrel does however.

Anonymous 260654

If this idea of gender becoming irrelevant and feminism changed then world, then why does it change only like 5% of world population?

Why aren't all people just giving up and becoming non-binary, trans or something?
I have no idea why anyone would want to be called it/they. Like, you see this person, and you say "Look at it coming towards me! It's looking creepy."

Anonymous 260657

It's starting to change the world; we're nowhere near where we need to be. Many women in the western world are aware that they can do anything they set their minds to; they can be scientists, mechanics, providers for their families, not needing to have families in the first place, etc. It's a matter of getting more women daring to do these things instead of sticking to the simple tried and true lives they know, like what you see in small town Christian America, or even with how Instagram #feminists will stick around their shitty moid boyfriends because they dont believe they deserve better. Hell, even young women in Iran are getting sick of wearing hijabs and living lives dictated by patriarchy. Feminism has definitely had an impact on the world, but from a standpoint of opening eyes and doors.

>Why aren't all people just giving up and becoming non-binary, trans or something?

I honestly believe life should be non-binary, in the sense that you can dress androgynous, and pursue whatever you want regardless of your genitals. It should be an established new way of life for everyone, not a third gender for special autistic people that need to categorise and label everything obsessively.

The issue arises among people that are obsessed with how they are perceived. A pronoun is meant to describe what you see. If someone puts in the effort to look completely androgynous, I will call them they because I genuinely don't know what's up. And that's okay! It's just so ridiculous to lie about how I perceive someone because i don't want to hurt their precious feelings. It sets such a horrible precedent for the rest of their lives.

Anonymous 260659

They're for the streets aka they will be homeless.

Anonymous 260660

Sterilization, which I don't think is a bad thing now.

Anonymous 260661

>DnD club
So what were you expecting? Of course they were going to be a bunvh of goofballs.

Anonymous 260722


LMFAO!! That's a new one, holy shit. The average handmaiden IQ is lower than room temperature.

Anonymous 260724

>I won't go as far as saying trans women are men, but
No, fuck that. Trans identifying males are still males/men, full stop.

You don't have to cave in to the kind of language and politics that other social media platforms force us to say here. That's why we're anonymous.

Anonymous 260742


I don't want to cave into using the hateful language commonly found here just for the sake of doing so.

This is the only place I feel people can actually detect and appreciate nuance so I'll stick to what I believe.

Yes, trans women are biologically men and will never be real women. I still think they're people, albeit mentally ill, and deserve to be treated as such. Some people transition because it's trendy, others are genuinely fucked up on the inside and wish they could live a normal life, and do the best they can not to burden the people around them with their gender identity.

My biggest issue is entitlement.

Anonymous 260743

>I won't go as far as saying trans women are men,
>Yes, trans women are biologically men

Anonymous 260744

And there are others that transition because of a sick fetish so they shouldn't be treated with respect

Anonymous 260751

Nta, but that's a troon (Ethel Cain) not a woman

Anonymous 260752

it speaks volumes that you think the only reason someone might have different ideas from you is "caving in"

Anonymous 260755

What "different ideas" do you have?

Anonymous 260778


Anonymous 260780


It's rather interesting how women are better at clocking a TiF, even post facial feminization surgery in general. Something something evolution, something something facial recognition as a survival skill.
In all honesty, troons post facial feminization like Blair White and Dylan Mulvaney just hit that uncanny valley area where they look eerily wrong and botched up, especially when you take the makeup away

Anonymous 260792

>he literally cannot correctly spell a female anatomy word
>wants to be taken srsly as a ""woman""
Even better. What an actual mistake of a human being.

Anonymous 260805

> I still think they're people, albeit mentally ill, and deserve to be treated as such.
Identifying someone by their correct sex is not stripping them of their person, and you have definitely spent too much time around overly privileged people wimpering about first world problems if you sincerely buy that. Transwomen are not the fragile little helpless powerless snowflakes they want you to believe they are.

TIMs not being accepted in the men's room isn't our problem, it's a byproduct of toxic masculinity and the manosphere. And instead of males fixing their own problems, they resolve to grossly abuse women's rights and spaces instead. We should never stand for that nor tolerate it. At the same time, what can we really do when this is a problem men need to push back for themselves? We cannot do that for them, we can only continue to fight off their horrendous alternatives and make them unviable.

Anonymous 260809

I 100% have spent way too much time around overly privileged people and it feels there is no escape. Crystal cafe has allowed me to explore how I really feel about these things. It's just hard to stay true to yourself when the whole world seems to be buying into this collective delusion.

Anonymous 260965

people on /v/ would unironically say the woman on the left has a "man jaw" and complain about western character design.
i'm convinced half the posters saying shit like that are gross trannies.

Anonymous 261007

my favorite example of this is a tranny youtuber for voice training who after surgery just looks alien like

Anonymous 261009

good to hear the purpose of this board/thread is great for you
it's unbearable how everything and everyone bends the knee to gender identityism especially in the business world
like to just point out gender identity was invented by a child rapist who's subjects went on to kill themselves due to the overwhelming lifelong pain in being a child sex abuse victim and how their abuse was documented as a valid medical practice so they couldnt even maybe take him to court has gotten me in trouble for "hate speech" lol
most trannies I meet are bored rich privleged white men who use their sexist ideas to reduce being a women to sex objects while taking away our rights. usually autistic and have anger issues, narcissism, whatever. ive literally heard several of them say they want to rape and kill "TERF"s. TERF in quotation marks because a TERF is literally anyone who actually supports women's rights today, like the right to female only spaces
they dont care about actual impoverished tranny sex workers who undergo abuse/murder or intersex people who need medical intervention to integrate into society
in fact, this new wave of transgenderism has taken away insurance medical coverages making the whole process for anyone who wishes some gender affirming treatment like maybe laser hair removal after menopause or whatever impossible to attain. hell the whole department for laser hair removal was axed at my local hospital

men literally think that taking steroids and putting on a dress makes them a woman. its so easy to find belle delphine wanna be scrotes. nasty fucks, usually men who think that because their not some "alpha male" or whatever means that they are valid in "being a woman"

Anonymous 261013

>TERF is literally anyone who actually supports women's rights today
literally not even just that anymore, anyone who doesn't like trannies for virtually any reason can be considered a "TERF" nowadays, hence all the retards calling tradthots "terfs"

Anonymous 261045

*cute mockery

Anonymous 261046

>usually men who think that because their not some "alpha male" or whatever means that they are valid in "being a woman"


Anonymous 261116

I want to peak so bad whenever I see transwomen mansplaining lesbianism.
Shut the fuck up straight man, you think being a woman is "womaning womanly" and treat my sex as a minstrel costume.

Anonymous 261133

I feel like there's a reason why you never hear about discourse about transmen trying to get in men's lockerooms/bathrooms/sports. It's cause they'd probably get assaulted in some form if they did since they're actually women. It's harder for women to go into men's spaces than vice versa. Transwomen are men at their core so they feel comfortable invading women's spaces at our expense. That's why you only hear "what is a woman?" ever being asked

Anonymous 261136



Anonymous 261183

Ekran görüntüsü 20…

trannies try not to be gross challange

Anonymous 261186

Is he trying to look like a anime girl? Fake wig, rape fetish, a Fag is always a Fag.

Anonymous 261187


even queen terf KJK, who unapologetically markets and uses the word, repeats over and over that she “is not a feminist”. A terf now is basically any normal woman.

Anonymous 261192

Stunning and brave

Anonymous 261195

Crossdressing AGPs sicken me

Anonymous 261198

>tries to wear being a woman like a costume
>proceeds to tell a woman that being trans isn't a costume
God, this is like one of those Russian nesting dolls but instead it's tweets.

Anonymous 261213

detrans censorship…

Saw this on reddit. I follow detrans since I always feel sorry for the people that fell for the trans cult, but I do like to see recovery stories. Why would reddit censor someone not satisfied with their "top surgery". The amount of censorship related to the trans topic is crazy


Anonymous 261215

They've given a reason in the stickied comment if you're curious about it.

Anonymous 261747

Screenshot 2024-01…

>transphobic michigan womyns musical festival
i guess troons have always thought that something that doesnt involve them is LiTeRaL gEnOcIdE. protesting a womens only space where they just wanted to share music, desperate!

Anonymous 261750

What are property values like in this "transphobic michigan" of which you speak?

Anonymous 261774

bump bump bump
public servide so you won't come across degeneracy
will be gone soon!

Anonymous 262013


I used to be a ''trans right'' girly on social media, a lot have change in my life and i lowkey think that some of my old ''friends'' are about to make a ''exposed'' post about me on twitter lmao

Anonymous 262108


Anonymous 262113

>they/she (male) she/they (female)

Anonymous 262118

I still don't get it.

Anonymous 262130

Nta but anon was clearly joking.

Anonymous 262131

she's just explaining why the post is stupid.

Anonymous 262151


Anonymous 262187

Feels like more and more troons are TIFs, than TIMs at least from what I have seen. It's depressing to me, because they all want to escape femininity because of internalized misogyny, SA, and more :(

Anonymous 262203

Nice bait scrotoid

Anonymous 262222

yeah, unfortunately so. I got paired up with an angry self-hating lesbian for my chem lab and it's made the issue more apparent to me
I'm going to treat her like a dyke and see how that goes, hopefully she heals from her neurosis
she was upset that some guys on campus said transwomen are gay, even so far as calling it a hate crime lol

it's super sad, she's just super angry and rude even going so far to default to telling me to kill myself because I enjoy math lol
definitely over socialized online and led astray. On a low dose of test and has several underlying apparent psychological issues, obviously from the start anxiety ridden and anti-social,
all and more of which should have been dealt with long before letting her hop on a buzzfeed guy level of test.

I always think its funny how TIFs think test will make them pass or that you can actually transition your sex, as deceptive people online spread misinformation about, and then also how their endocrinologists usually only give them a low dose akin to a male who'd probably be bullied into thinking they are a troon or just dysgenic overall lol

I've tried educating a couple TIFs regarding test levels and how there are like 5 or so categories, from what I last read about natal test levels back in the day, and they always get insecure like having higher test makes you a complete alt-right chud when in reality they can't even handle as much testosterone as a female bodybuilder or a natural genetically gifted male

it's the frog voice and unkempt body hair that gets me

Anonymous 262224

For TiFs: "Oh, you're trans? That so sweet… I mean, i already can see the feminine details of your face, the treatment is working so well"
For TiM's: "oh, you're trans? I could even notice, it's natural for you, the treatment is
Already making you look so much like a man"

Anonymous 262231


Beacuse "I am a man and i want everyone to see my penis" is too expected.

Anonymous 262234

Christ. It's like my primal brain remembered an ancient war against extinct creatures when I saw this image. That face is uncanny as hell.

Anonymous 262247


Anonymous 262250

>calling someone male is dehumanizing
Lmao fucking wow

Anonymous 262251


>some men want to be women
>this means that every single person on earth is bad and has a lot of work to do on themselves
Why does anyone go along with a group that is so small, so demanding, and so obviously insane.

Anonymous 262252


Nothing is ever enough.

Anonymous 262264

it's insane how troons are obsessed with restrooms, like out of all issues where they somehow face opression it always gotta be the restrooms.

Anonymous 262278

that person who made those comics was exposed for being a pedophile diaper fetishist

Anonymous 262298

not being a creep in women's restrooms is literally oppression to them

Anonymous 262300


Yeah but the restroom thing is more overtly sexual than any other facet of the movement (women's sports, pronouns, getting ID changed to match self identity, etc) so it makes sense once we remember that most of these dudes just have a fetish. The spoilered file is a video I saved from a few threads back that I demonstrates what I mean.

Anonymous 262487


Anonymous 262500

when you want to do autistic roleplay but don't want to admit it's autistic roleplay

Anonymous 262501

i want to read this study, can you link it? even if it's retracted it should be available somewhere, like you can still find the autism vaccine study

Anonymous 262502

is it "Long-Term Follow-Up of Transsexual Persons Undergoing Sex Reassignment Surgery: Cohort Study in Sweden" ?

Anonymous 262505

This is literally schizophrenia.

Anonymous 262737

Do nonas know about helen joyce? She's my favorite voice in the anti-trans movement and wrote what I consder to be the best book on the subject, "Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality". I recently found and enjoyed this debate in which she absolutely dunks on a TIM.
The video seems to end just a bit before the end of the debate which is annoying but I still had a righteous giggle.

Anonymous 262743

ugh, was it one of those karlach mods??? people are so obsessed with trying to hc her as a tim or tif just because she has a stronger body type, is agressive, and has a high strength stat. they try so hard to be "woke" they end up going all the way around and admitting they just dont think its possible for women to be strong.

Anonymous 262744

she didn't identify as trans overnight and get handed hormones the next day. two years of questioning, two years identifying as not a girl, two years living in and out of 'boy mode', or perhaps two years anticipating getting on t – whatever it may be. 11 months on t.

Anonymous 262778

TOTAL NONSENSE BABBLE! reminds me of pagan idols

Anonymous 262798

NTA but: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3043071/
"The overall mortality for sex-reassigned persons was higher during follow-up (aHR 2.8; 95% CI 1.8–4.3) than for controls of the same birth sex…"
Only issue is they're comparing trans people to cis people, not trans people who got surgery to those who didn't. Still looking for >>259139

Anonymous 262995


Anonymous 263001

At least these goofy tucute weirdos aren't ruining their lives with hormones as much.

Anonymous 263009

Nobody tell her that troon dicks are too shriveled to stand up to pee

Anonymous 263010

yeah and it looks like the authors of this study have said they think it's misrepresented by "transphobes", plus the original anon here said their study was "verboten", but this study isn't retracted or anything. just confused.

Anonymous 263057

why is it an actual skinwalker

Anonymous 263059

idk it makes sense to want to use the facility that matches their delusion. the problem is everything that comes after that thought. men just don't belong in women's restrooms. why can't they just be happy with a third, non-gendered retard restroom?

no longer surprised.

Anonymous 263160

individual bathrooms is an obvious solution

Anonymous 263251

Because for the overwhelming majority of MTFs it comes from a deep, warped, fetishization of femininity. This is why they act so hysterical, dress so weird, and behave in such ridiculous ways. It's what they think women are actually like. Acting like that makes them feel like they really are women. They are parodies of actual women and they have zero self-awareness.
Great example right there >>260194
He probably just mimics whatever he's seen in anime.

Anonymous 263252

>Fetishization of femininity
Exactly, they think women only exist as long as they are sexy long haired barbie dolls.
They fetishize the bodies of women to the point that women with rectangular bodies types (almost all supermodels had rectangular body shapes) are therefore masculine.
Obviously ppl who have internalized misogyny also perpetuate these

Anonymous 263257


Anonymous 263282


why… why would you do this to yourself?
we must protect our woman for real.
she deleted the tweet, must have realize that she is looking ugly as fuck, come on, how can people applaud this?

Anonymous 263283

>Because for the overwhelming majority of MTFs it comes from a deep, warped, fetishization of femininity. This is why they act so hysterical, dress so weird, and behave in such ridiculous ways.
I always thought they do it in order to distract from their obvious masculine aspects(which works very poorly obv)

Anonymous 263350


Anonymous 263352


Troons gonna troon no matter how ugly it looks.
<Makes me sad to see nature fuck up so bad that this happens ༎ຶ⁠‿⁠༎ຶ
Pic not rel

Anonymous 263359


Anonymous 263362

Literally the same.

Anonymous 263423


i'll admit it made me laugh

Anonymous 263430


tifs are more likely to lean into and exaggerate the body horror/grossout aspect of transition. the negative caricatures of tims adopted by troonies resemble pretty young men with long hair. the negative caricatures of tifs adopted by troonies are literally picrel. just look up boymoder vs. pooner. the boymoder caricature is objectively less horrifying than pooners. yet a lot of the people drawing pooner art are tifs themselves. fascinating stuff.

Anonymous 263435

In what world would an Indian willingly castrate their sons? What a stupid tranny.

Anonymous 263436

You never heard of eunuchs?

Anonymous 263437

women are socialised into self hate more than men are

Anonymous 263442

> a lot of the people drawing pooner art are tifs themselves.
Nah, don’t think so. Moidish helplessness in art is showing. Like, you ever see soyjak and other poltard “meme” art templates moids do? Unbelievably bad art. Pooner pics share the same lack of taste.
And go see self portraits thread here or lolcow art - drastically different. Even unskilled ones are tasteful and good looking in general. Tifs being women would never draw something like that, and I do keep in mind their love for morbid and ugly - they just depict it the other way than moids do

Anonymous 263449

If they wanted to be the sultans advisor 600 years ago maybe.

Anonymous 263739


Self replying because I happened to find the actual phone call.

Anonymous 263751

Anonymous 263889

>watching video about ruby franke
>jodi hildebrandt's niece talking
>niece is a themlet
>niece didn't know people with 'their' anatomy could masturbate
>niece then says "i didn't even know w–"
>woah, is she going to say women?
>"–female anatomy people could masturbate"

Anonymous 263921

We really need to talk about what’s been happening in Chainsaw Man (manga)
So what the artwork got more “hurried”, this arc just went full on insane.

Anonymous 263960

so a mexican politician (teresa castell) got charged with 'gendered violence' for calling a tim politician a man and i really am curious, is the transgender lobby really powerful enough to promote gender theory shitassery in places like mexico?

like i'd have thought that a catholic country would have addressed every other problem
BUT the transgender rights problem

Anonymous 263967

Wrong thread nona

Anonymous 263973


>be me, a few months ago
>accepting of trans people #transrightsarehumanrights but at the same time never really interacting with any both IRL and online
>find crystal cafe, think it's a nice place but don't like how negative it is towards trans people
>decide to check out the terfposting threads out of curiosity because the boards are slow and there's not much to do otherwise
>didn't like what i saw
>however some things made sense
>realised i never even engaged with something i blindly support
>decide to take a closer look next time i see anything trans related online
>go on twitter
>get recommended a post from an account a trans artist i follow follows
>low-effort cartoon comic where a trans stickman does a le epic own on a GC stickman
>scroll profile
>it's basically imaginary arguments with imaginary people you have in your head while showering and always win, but in comics format
>pure copium but whatever, check out who likes these posts
>go down the rabbit hole of quoted tweets where ftms post themselves before and after transitioning
>all look like caricatures on women
>feel bad for thinking that but simply can't unsee it
>check their accounts
>they all have an onlyfans
>literally every single one of them has an onlyfans
>"daddy please breed me until you fill my womb with your cum, plap me, get me pregnant"
>what the fuck
>"sugar daddies DMing me is unwanted but gender affirmative"
>what the fuck
>"trans women are natural allies to cis women because we distance ourselves from masculinity and go through the same struggles"
>come on. you didn't even go through the struggle of trying to look like one. you have chest hair and a beard
>"i am a trans woman. an adult human female"
>YOU HAVE A PENIS!!!!!!!!!!

..is this what you call "peaking"? i made sure to directly observe the group i was supporting instead of listening to potentially biased sources, both pro- and anti-trans. it's simply what i saw with my very own eyes. what do i do now

Anonymous 263986

but theres men in semen what else is this discussion what a thrilling sequence

Anonymous 264003

welcome!!! You peaked!

Anonymous 264062


25 years old. Grown man. Why was I ever worried, constantly thinking about how I'm perceived when it never seem cross any males mind?

Anonymous 264064



Anonymous 264066

>..is this what you call "peaking"?
sorry and congrats

Anonymous 264089


Can anyone explain WHY it's called peaking?

Anonymous 264121


Anonymous 264122


it's been an honor serving with you nonas

Anonymous 264123

it's called peaking because when you hit PEAK trans, that's the most amount of negative aspects you can tolerate about trans ideology before you get rid of your cognitive dissonance

Anonymous 264132

I see, thanks.

Anonymous 264135

has anyone seen that tiktok by de transitioner girl named nadine talking about the dangers of taking testosterone that got completely torn to shreds over it? cant find the video now because she deleted it, but it's sad and funny to see the cope from trannies

Anonymous 264253

I am so done with HER. There are so many profiles on there that are at least one of trans/poly/kinky where I live. Everyone is in an open relationship. Everyone is looking for
'new experiences' - ie hookups. I don't understand how people can be so insatiable. Ig it really is just a casual app and not a place to look for a real relationship.
Where the hell do all the old-school conventional lesbians congregate? Are they all in the military? God I should have joined the military.

Anonymous 264261

Anonymous 264269

they are truck drivers or girl's love readers nona…

Anonymous 264310

rent free.png

Someone linked a thread and I had a laugh, passing it along for anyone else who wants a quick chuckle. Looks like JKR still lives rent free in every tranny's head. All they can do is seethe over their opinions on her looks because these men don't understand that being a woman isn't an aesthetic, plus there's nothing they can actually do to stop her from using her money how she wants. She could go bald and grow a wizard beard and she would still be a woman, whereas the men in dresses crying about her will still be men no matter how many pills and surgeries they buy. They could somehow magically "pass" 100% and they would still not be women. The impotent frustration is palpable.

>"I see no reason why a biological male has to compete versus biological females. It makes no sense," Blakeman said. "It's a fairness issue, and frankly I interpret it as bullying on the part of biological males."
>There was instant outrage by trans rights advocates.
>He was applauded by girls and their moms.
Fantastic, now to make it spread.

Anonymous 264319

the person that wrote that was not trans
this is just what your hecking wholesome male feminist TERF allies are thinking when they're not pretending to care about women's sports or whatever

Anonymous 264321

It's definitely the hons who post that stuff

Anonymous 264323

Ekran görüntüsü 20…

"passoid" suree

Anonymous 264539


tag yourself im 💣/💣self

Anonymous 264540

I am I/shat/myself

Anonymous 264543

im fort/nite, swag/ger

Anonymous 264545

technically 9/11 can be a pronoun

Anonymous 264546


same anon
beenlurking in some trans subreddits lately and it's just pure, unfiltered peakfuel.
>they don't see us as a threat
exactly. we see you as a joke. i'm not even a terf but this is ridiculous

Anonymous 264647

Let him know that trans ideology has literally 0 women's perspective to it.
It's all males saying they're now women and having other male "scientists" (social studies majors) agreeing with them. If you wanna narrow it down more also make note of how no one cared about trannies when the stereotype was black, asian and latino people doing it. Only when (rich) whites started doing it it began to matter.

Anonymous 264649


I had a similar experience. I was always on the fence when it comes to transness, then a relative of mine TIM'd after years of being a really feminine gay man. He was so androgynous it didn't take him long to pass in his early 20s. and I supported his journey because I thought. Hey he has a chance to be a woman in the eyes of 99% of people and just live a normal life. He got plastic surgery and basically everything he could need to just live as a woman. Well, fast forward some years later and I find out he became an escort in a big city, and even opened and only fans.

This was just kind of a mask off moment for me proving that transness is just a mental illness. I realized that so call trans women are really gay or bi men in various stages of deviancy.

The thing is I don't want to see them locked up or shamed until they kill themselves, at least not the ones that are not harassing women. they desperately need help and society is just letting them run wild with this delusion until they destroy their bodies and souls chasing something impossible

Anonymous 264656



Anonymous 264660

All men are in various stages of deviance and or degeneracy. Do you realize how bad porn addiction and erectile dysfunction are ?? If you're fucking attracted to them and stay in abusive relationships with them and refuse to leave, are you not just as much of a degenerate ?

All men are scum, most women are actually equally pathetic and insufferable degenerates too though. I think staying with shitty men because you're lonely is the height of degeneracy and oh my lord God that seems to be most women I meet and end up knowing. Why is that? I just think is hilarious we focus on trannies when we discuss swine lmao.

Anonymous 264663

trust me nobody will care about men once we can reproduce without them

Anonymous 264678

theyre trying to b…

>utterly lack the ability to enjoy womanhood and femininity
>th-they envy us
Meanwhile, troons are trying to be a "subset" of a biological reality by equating mental illness with ethnicity or culture, which does not affect your sex, to cope with their own lack and envy. lol


Anonymous 264682

i hate twitter a lot but this is fucking funny

Anonymous 264694


Agreed. Sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves.

Anonymous 264695

I hate trannies, but the TERF's logic here is invalid, and the tranny is right here.

Anonymous 264696


not sure if it's appropriate to share here but i think it's funny
>be me, like 14 years old somewhere around 2018
>have a close friend i've known for 2 years now
>we're both feminists
>things are fine
>one day she starts telling me about some random sexist youtubers
>shows me a video of some gross ugly unkempt moid streamer laughing at pictures of fat women
>first time ever seeing this guy, never heard of him before
>"OMG nona, can you believe this?! he's so stupid!!!"
>she sounds very enthusiastic
>"yeah i guess"
>shows me more videos of similar ugly moids who get like 500 views max
>why would i care
>why the fuck would anyone care
>act visibly uninterested hoping she'll get a clue
>she doesn't
>3 weeks pass
>she's constantly bitter and angry, talks about nothing but these moids or some random feminist twitter drama
>every time i try to change the subject she briefly responds and goes right back to raging about these two topics FOR HOURS
>we used to be able to talk about everything, now it's just this
>i tell her that i straight up don't care several times
>at some point asks me if i have a twitter account
>say i don't
>i actually do, just barely use it
>later that day
>home from school, go on twitter
>look up her instagram username
>find her account
>it's filled to the brim with terf stuff
>we're not even american, the tranny bathroom problem is irrelevant (nonexistent even) in our country, raging about it on twitter is like fighting windmills
>terf flag twibbon, terf reposts, follows terf accounts
>change my username to make it recognisable as mine
>look up "gender identities"
>nonbinary flag is ugly as shit
>genderqueer is somewhat bearable to look at
>good enough
>put it on my twibbon
>put they/them pronouns in bio
>"TRANS PEOPLE ARE VALID" in my pinned
>retweet some libfems and TRAs
>follow her
>now we wait
>two days pass, we meet in school
>"nona.. i wanted to ask… are you (the username)?"
>"yeah that's me"
>she's visibly uncomfortable
>never speaks to me again
>i change my twitter account back to normal
>peace at last

Anonymous 264700

you pushed your friend away for a petty reason… not nice

Anonymous 264705

probably yeah that was an immature thing to do but i was 14 and really tired of my friend refusing to listen to me
also she turned out to be a shitty person for other reasons
don't take it too seriously ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous 264706


Anonymous 264710

I don't think it was petty. She disrespected your requests to not talk about those things and you took the most effective way of breaking that to her. Had she been the mature one she would have been able to talk to you about other mutual interests and not treated you like her one way dumping ground of internet waste.

Anonymous 264910

>There's even a tranny flag above the kids' play area in the waiting room at my GP clinic.
I posted this in September 2022 and I have an update: the tranny flag is gone.

Anonymous 264945

trans hens are roosters

Anonymous 264955

I once heard a moid say the phrase "rooster eggs".

Anonymous 264958


Anonymous 265105

>we need to protect the snowflake identity of the rapist
Why. Rapists do not deserve respect.
This shit is why we need to bring back tarring and feathering.

Anonymous 265201

I get why aidens continue to shop in the women’s section, honestly. Men’s fashion is boring as fuck right now. Contemporary men’s clothing isn’t even flattering on men.

Anonymous 265203

Sure but trans people goal was originally to pass, not to look good necessarily. This proves that a lot of them are trenders.

Anonymous 265206

i LOL every time i see some zoomer calling chris chan "christine" and telling people to respect his pronouns. it's hilarious

Anonymous 265222

Anonymous 265230

wow that channel looks super interesting lets spend the next 12 hours straight arguing about it

Anonymous 265237

mtf teacher makes me feel uncomfortable, has hentai stickers on laptop, makes small talk with me, and asked me my ethnicity which I don't like!! thank god quarter is almost over…

Anonymous 265294

insane wow

race fetishist and blatant misogynist
highschool or what?

Anonymous 265308

tranny vs tranny.p…

Anonymous 265334

you need to report this nona, im serious.
having something that is recognizably hentai decorating their work computer is inappropriate and they're only getting away with it bc it's flying under the radar. bringing something of that nature into a school setting is disgusting and generally against campus rules.
talk to the dean. please, please, please report them for othering you for your ethnic differences too.
sigh, of course the tranny teacher is a fucking predator exhibiting his erotica publically to get his kicks. these people are a joke.

Anonymous 265335


kek these trannies are so narcissistic it's amazing. i love how these pedo faggots cannibalize eachother.

Anonymous 265404

I wish I knew the right thing to say to chicks that start reading "BL" and then start identifying as a transman or enby or whatever. I fear they're going to end up going through something traumatic before they finally wake up from their delusion.

Anonymous 265431

I know, I know, don't engage with moids, but

>Testosterone is the divine chemical


Anonymous 265432

moidbaiting gets you banned nona you must be new. (You) for creative writing though. I've archive them so your kino posts will live eternal

Anonymous 265449

please post on funny cc screencaps thread

Anonymous 265465


Anonymous 265466


…and the character in question. Those game dev must have been all but pissing themselves trying to keep from laughing.

Anonymous 265467


Plus the VA

Anonymous 265468


Anonymous 265469

>cross necklace
I thought Christianity was against trannies?

Anonymous 265470

Cognitive dissonance. I've met plenty of kweer libfem christians, even muslims.

Anonymous 265485

i just noticed I said ftms when i meant mtfs. sorry i was too emotionally distraught from what i witnessed lol

Anonymous 265490

DA but religions are against homosexuals. they are disturbed by trannies (because they see them as a visible homosexual) but are mostly fine with them because they see them as "fixing themselves" to become their true straight self, because mtfs merely just have a female soul trapped in a male body. this spiritual belief was medicalised as "invert theory" (where even radclyffe hall id'd as an invert when she was really just a lesbian), invert theory continued to affect gay people to the point that in the uk the first gender recognition certificate was issued to a mtf who wanted to marry his male lover after the church demanded he get surgery to fix himself and become a woman. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous 265518


>be me, then 20
>in a lgbt friendgroup i met at school
>i consider them my best friends
>we see and write eachother less
>get a boyfriend
>4 months in boyfriend posts animal rights should be talked about more than trans rights
>they see this
>huge drama everyone is online all of a sudden
>tell me i should break up with him
>i break up with him because "i'm an ally and that was transphobic"
>gay male friend had the brilliant idea of subscribing his email to dildo newsletters
>everyone loves this i play along
>topic of the evening yadda yadda
>time passes
>not funny in restrospect but i got over it
>more time passes another friend caught up in relationship drama
>similar story
>"throwback to my drama relationships are the worst i get it"
>that other bitch tells me that was my fault
>no one steps in
>i realize everyone is a hypocrite and merely in for the fun of bullying people
>more time passes and i leave the friend group
>the person i considered my best friend identified herself as nonbinary at the time
>and then "transmasc"
>is into BL
>frustrated me hopes she will regret transitioning someday
>i know this because she used to wear feminine dresses that highlighted her curves
>clearly didn't suffer from body dysphoria
>now 23 this whole thing made me question the trans movement and lgbt community as a whole
>there's this german transwoman youtuber a la blaire white but even better
>says the trans movement harms actual trans people and that the trans umbrella doesn't exist
>the idea of a nonbinary gender is sexist and misogynistic
>makes sense
>my ex would tell me "told ya"
>i hope he's well

Anonymous 265519

I hope he's well too…L

Anonymous 265522

>get a boyfriend
>4 months in boyfriend posts animal rights should be talked about more than trans rights
I feel like he was testing to see where your alliance lies. How did he react?

Anonymous 265524

with immature insults towards me and my friends. but he was kinda right

Anonymous 265612


Anonymous 265617

Well sounds like he really didn't plan for it if he was immature about it. I think you probably came out ahead in the end, live and learn.

Anonymous 265619

what a miserable friend group. they sound like a bunch of crabs in a bucket making sure everyone is alone and miserable with each other. glad you got out of it, but you should have sided with your bf from the beginning instead of listening to that bunch of drama whoring troons.

Anonymous 265831


Womp womp

Anonymous 265832


Anonymous 265833

>relying on epik.com

Anonymous 265834

Pretty sute is not part of their current stack and their company got scared after jersh mande a sucesfull fundraiser to go after companies

Anonymous 265842

*à la

Anonymous 265968

Anonymous 265971


Anonymous 266032

New "Skirt Go Spinny" just dropped. Spookiest one yet.

Anonymous 266041

The proper restroom for a convicted rapist is the one in prison. Segregated for biological sex.

Anonymous 266065


All this "harassment" Zoey is getting is because he won't stop crying and making a massive stink all over twitter about this, otherwise no one would have give a fuck. I listened to the monsters voice and it's so garbled with filters that you just think it's some guy VA. The story goes is someone actually convinced him that the game studio hatecrimed him because there was a cheerleader skin but on an eldritch horror

This narcissistic fucker is why hiring troons for anything is dangerous.

Also ricky berwick made fun of him which admittedly is kind of based

Anonymous 266221


Cam you imagine being so fucking depressed all the time to the point that your own mother cannot take anymore?

but sure, trans joy!!!!

Anonymous 266223

Had the misfortune of meeting an ftm last month

Anonymous 266225

They always talk like dramatic teenage girls. Maybe being homeless will teach her to be less of an entitled brat

Anonymous 266233


Anonymous 266237

I saw the most clownish troon the other day at the grocery store. My husband elbowed me and gestured over and looking at the pork ribs was a likely 6'5" ENORMOUS fat man in a mini skirt with a pink jacket covered in "Fuck the patriarchy" and "hail Satan" patches. Bare doughy legs and thin, limp hair, bending over the pork fridge so you could see his ass hanging out. He was probably no older than 30. Horrible. Terrible. Needed to share. I see a troop almost every time we grocery shop but this one might be the worst. Tied with the 6" bony skeleton man at Walmart in head to toe Nezuko merch and one of those anime cars pasted with loli graphics.

Anonymous 266269

what kind of grocery store attracts not one but MULTIPLE trannies? is it emanating some kind of horsepiss flavoured mana?

Anonymous 266272

Target or Walmart, I'm calling it.

Anonymous 266274

it's a kroger owned one, but they are everywhere. literally my city is crawling with them, and it's probably not one of the big ones you are thinking of.

Anonymous 266278

kroger seems to also tolerate its cashiers sexting minors on twitter and browsing porn on their phones during work hours so this is not surprising to me.
>t. i don't even want to say how i know

Anonymous 266283

how they're still allowed to shop/get in as if they're normal human beings I don't even know. I'm sorry you had to see it nona

Anonymous 266296

How'd it go? I love to hear about misfortunate meetings.
Is it someone you have to interact with regularly? That's the best.

Anonymous 266297

28 years old and still can't survive on her own

sink or swim hun! I'm sure the "abuse" is just not giving a shit about playing pretend while she ruins her body.
really though with how pathetic these people all are there's no surprise to why they fantasize about communism despite such a world order would without a doubt eradicate their unproductive selves

as someone who experienced childhood homelessness, i loathe these people who claim their parents kicking out their mooching lazy asses out past adulthood is such a terrible thing

Anonymous 266298

oh my God it sounds like you have quite the collection of troons in your area lol

Anonymous 266335

Does anyone have some recommendations for video essay-ish radfem/terf content? I'm familiar with Skirt go Spinny (good stuff, watched all of the longer vids) and TT Exulansic (I think she's kind of dry and her autism makes her lose the plot a lot tbh)

Anonymous 266363

>googling stuff about mother's day
>oh boy, wtf if this link
>"is it okay to celebrate mother's day if I'm FTM?"
>"ETA: Please be respectful of other people's opinions" (lmao)
>all of the posts validating FTMs saying yes they can be "moms"
>including other FTMs
Holy shit, what a joke. All of the subtle transphobia is there, they're just being retarded about it. Not a single reply said "no, you get Father's day" even though that would actually be consistent with their pretend identities, but instead they're just deadass being not acknowledged as "men". And tbf, they're aren't. If you want to be a mom and enjoy mom privileges, you are not a man. Simple as that.

Anonymous 266364

Late but abso-fucking-lutely with every post telling him that he should just troon out and be gay. Crabs in a bucket. Idk why scrotes want to act like we enjoy fat balding bearded moids, which "alpha" tards want to insist is "peak masculinity" when it's actually fugly as sin. A skinny short guy with good hair is preferable over nasty-ass obese baldies, and anything saying otherwise is uggo omega cope.

Anonymous 266433

My mom has BPD and when she was having an episode she would scream at me if I called her 'mom'. As a kid, this always upset me. It's just a different mental illness denying kids healthy parents.

I also feel like real TIFs wouldn't want to get pregnant because it would cause them dysphoria or whatever.

Anonymous 266455

TIFs always want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to be men with the male privileges but also they want the coddling and feeling of sisterhood of feminist/women oriented spaces but also they want to be treated as "special boys" above the other women when they are in women's spaces.

Anonymous 266463

Yet y'all treat your nigels as special

Anonymous 266467

honestly its kind of fucked youd break up over him talking about animal rights being more important than trans rights. unless there were some other things you didnt mention and the relationship was falling apart then breaking up with someone over a single small statement is kind of weird yknow. im not blaming you anymore cus youve grown since then

Anonymous 266487

Words are meaningless to them. She can be an aunt, grandmother, or great grandson to her own children if she wants.

Anonymous 267109

I oversee this ND kid at work who is slowly trooning out. Currently he doesn't want to be referred to by gendered pronouns. He's super deep into social justice and brings it up in the most innapropriate places. I'm pretty centrist and I just find it sad. He's still young so maybe it's just a phase.

Anonymous 267119

Unironically this.
TIMs will always be worse but in my experience TIFs are the ones actually forcing women’s spaces to use more “incloosive” language. These aren’t just minors either: fully adult women in a nonbinary queer relationship (ie straight) will have a kid and march into mums groups demanding it be called “chestfeeding” or whatever retarded gender-newspeak they come up with next. I try to not give into misogyny by making sure I hate TIMs twice as much as them but they’re so fuuucking annoying
Like the HSTS, TIFs have had the benefit of the doubt from us for too long.

Anonymous 267216

Anonymous 267237

Moids be like
>This woman is not sexy, she is inherently unsexy, her trying to be sexy it's ultimately hilarious
Moids after
>Traps aren't gay

Anonymous 267238

Troons always tell on themselves. I feel bad for the libfems that fall for the TWAW meme but if if interacting with a TIM doesn’t pinkpill you, I don’t know what will.

Potentially unterfy thoughts ahead: I sometimes go back and forth on whether a true transwoman could exist. As in, someone who’s metaphysically a woman but born male like troons say they are. However the more TIMs TiFs and genderspecials I come across the terfier I get. At best they’re severely traumatized or autists who don’t get gender and at worst they’re misogynists. Only group of “oppressed” people were getting to know them as individuals makes it worse.

Anonymous 267265

>someone who’s metaphysically a woman
What would that even mean?

Anonymous 267269

Honest question:

The witchesvspatriarchy sub on reddit comes up on the popular feed a LOT and it's always a guy. Are there any women in that sub? How can they believe it goes against the patriarchy in any way when men are upbooted the most?

Anonymous 267270

>How can they believe it goes against the patriarchy in any way when men are upbooted the most
libfems, amirite?

Anonymous 267273

>Are there any women in that sub?
4th largest crossover is actuallesbians. Same shit.

Anonymous 268149

You know what I don't get about trooners? They reject gender metaphysics, almost entirely. They say there is nothing that makes someone a woman, nor is there anything that makes someone a man, at least nothing tangible. So, say you're a trooner born male but you want to be female. Why? What exactly about you is feminine if there is no Platonic idea of femininity, if it's just a social construct?

Why can't you just say: "I'm a male who happens to like X,Y,Z instead of A,B,C"? Like, what exactly is stopping you from liking "feminine" things but still being male? Or vice versa for 'transmasc'? Instead of trying to change your physical biological nature (which is always a detriment to your appearance and health), why don't you just try to change the societal stereotypes we hold about what men and women can do? Imagine if instead of trying to convince your family and friends that men can have vaginas, you convinced them that the pill is extremely harmful to women's health and that I shouldn't have to take it just because moids have been conditioned into thinking it's our fucking responsibility to not fall pregnant? Just get rid of the harmful, oppressive stereotypes, instead of further creating divide and room for more hierarchy and oppression. It just makes this so much harder than it needs to be, I hate that they're politically aligned with the left because it just has nothing to do with class struggle, especially when these entitled fucks demand thousands in handouts for life saving surgery!? What is the fucking medical emergency, that you were born with genitals?

Anonymous 268202

Nothing about them makes sense whatsoever, it's just PC culture provided them with a nasty way to play victim and impose their imbecile roleplay on society.

It's a miracle pedos didn't achieve the same thing, they weren't exactly far from getting it.

Anonymous 268203

Sexist faggot freeloader malding that he has to work for a living when, surprise surprise, ugly women have to work for a living too. Real female athletes work way harder than him and could beat his soy-guzzling weak ass up. What a spoiled rotten dipshit. How does anyone let their son get like this?

Anonymous 268209

It's very bizarre and makes no sense whatsoever. What does it even mean to "feel" like a woman/man? It's funny because they're the ones who constantly say that gender is a social construct but literally use it to justify their mental illness by saying things like "I've always felt more feminine and did feminine things like wearing skirts". If gender norms is a social construct, why would wearing a skirt equate to you being a woman or feeling like a woman?

Anonymous 268215

thankfully my state has banned these sexist faggots from female sports and bathrooms so im less incensed than others but still
as a stealth /fit/ user and pursuer of personal records it makes me weep that women's sports are so vulnerable
like did you hear about the muslim girls' basketball team that had to withdraw because there was a cuck-ass tranny faggot on the opposing team? these narcissistic faggots are ruining the lives and opportunities of girls'

Anonymous 268216


I’m sure this is a repost from an older terf thread but this reminds me of this. Trans ideology does not hold up to any critical thinking because it’s made up bullshit.

Anonymous 268219

Not a repost but I've probably posted something similar. I'm just trying to sharpen my argument as it were.

I'm a gender abolitionist, you could say an agnostic genderist; I don't believe gender is real nor do I think it is helpful. Sex is useful; we use that for bathrooms, sports, medicine, and a few other areas where biology is important to consider. Gender is not helpful; it is used to sell us stuff, radicalize us, divide us, and confuse us. This is the strongest argument I have because I always present it as undermining authority rather than undermining troonerism.

Anonymous 268225

lol, great one

what mostly pisses me off is that the only reason they could get away with that shit and impose it on society is.. guess it.. because they're men.

A woman gives the same arguments, that they don't feel comfortable with their own existence because they have their safe spaces and identity invaded by men, and they don't get the same treatment. What a surprise.

Anonymous 268226

My theory is transwomen 'feel' like women because autistic males don't know what feeling means. It's not just low empathy, it's absence. Due to early social rejection by male peers they never grasped the idea of masking. They instead embraced the lie that they're special. The girls meanwhile were forced to be nice to them, ergo female acceptance = nebulous female 'feeling' -> continued access women who have to pander them out of fear. As long as society pretends men have special feelings, women will be forced to accommodate their selfishness.

Anonymous 268363

the west has phale…

Ship of Theseus
>autism is sociopathy
no. present research indicates that autistic people may actually have too much empathy
communists don't actually care about this nonsense. there's a reason a distinction is made between leftists and communists

Anonymous 268374

>Too much empathy
Will Graham is a fictional character. Why do studies show that transwomen primarily care about 'trans issues' whereas transmen (also allegedly autistic) demonstrate high care for multiple issues? Why are male autists more likely to be sadists than neurotypical males? Male and female high functioning autism manifest differently. Although in the case of transmen it could just be BPD as excessive support for causes that don't affect oneself and identification with groups one doesn't belong to is a feature. Or maybe it's simply that women are more susceptible to peer pressure. We could classify low empathy male behaviours as a personality disorder instead of autism, but we would still have to address the link between that, transgenderism, and autism. Why does a transwoman believe that nothing matters outside his own mind? Why does 'I am a woman because I say I am' make sense to him? Why does he fly into sperg-rage when people won't play along? He's an incomplete human.

Anonymous 268383

trans autistics are a minority among autistics. you can't really generalize their behavior across the entire autistic population
it may well be true that male autistics are more sadistic than male allistics. if so, why? is it innate or is it a learned behavior? if autistic males are shunned from allistic society, are we to be surprised that they lash out? males are violent, and this will continue to be true as long as the species exists. it is innate
>We could classify low empathy male behaviours as a personality disorder instead of autism
makes sense
>Why does a transwoman believe that nothing matters outside his own mind? Why does 'I am a woman because I say I am' make sense to him? Why does he fly into sperg-rage when people won't play along?
it may be a developmental issue. I saw a lecture a while back about pathological evidence obtained through autopsies that trans brains are in fact structured differently from normal brains. why? I don't think anyone knows (yet). but this also points to brain surgery as a potential cure
also the notion that nothing exists outside the mind is incompatible with communism

Anonymous 268391

>saw a lecture a while back about pathological evidence obtained through autopsies that trans brains are in fact structured differently from normal brains. why?

These studies often don't take into account the sexual orientation on the patient. The brain of a homosexual tends to mimic the brain of the opposite sex in certain areas, specifically the part of your brain that's responsible for appetite and libido. When homosexuality is accounted for, this trend of troops brains mimicking the opposite sex does not exist. Another thing to remember is that only a female can have a female brain. Troons wouldn't need hrt if the truly had the brain of the opposite sex, as their brain would tell their body to produce cross sex hormones.

Anonymous 268393

>Another thing to remember is that only a female can have a female brain
oh yeah good point. for a while I entertained the idea that maybe it would be possible to perform a body transplant (or brain transplant if you will) between two trans people of opposite sex. but that won't work either. even more invasive brain surgery would be necessary, that likely will not be a reality for hundreds of years if ever. this would also need to be coupled with advanced gene therapy that also doesn't exist. eventually you run into a Ship of Theseus situation where you have to ask yourself how much of the original person is still there. or more succinctly: why even bother?

Anonymous 268394

saying there is a "female brain" is the same bullshit as saying there is a "negro brain"

Anonymous 268403


>saying there is a "female brain" is the same bullshit as saying there is a "negro brain"
>Puberty is the process of physical changes through which a child's body matures into an adult body capable of sexual reproduction. It is initiated by hormonal signals from the brain to the gonads: the ovaries in a female, the testicles in a male.

Anonymous 268405

Regardless of that, how can you put up with claims that women are COGNITIVELY different? Just seems like phrenology, but for women, an attempt to establish it as fact that women are destined at birth to be submissive, emotional, inferior thinkers. I can refuse this premise without being some kind of TRA.

Anonymous 268412

True. They always try to explain anomalies with tranny logic. They'll try to claim that females are naturally submissive, but when dominant females pop up they're "boy brained", which is a bullshit cop out. We don't define someone's sex with their personality because there are massive overlaps between the sexes in that regard. Meanwhile, if a female had the ability to get
woman pregnant, we would be questioning if she were really female because that's how we define sex.

Anonymous 268413

Not to race bait, but I always found it hypocritical how scientists are willing to research sex differences but not race differences. The few researchers who have studied this and found differences get blacklisted for daring to tred into that territory.

Anonymous 268424

I'm not defending this, but it might be because there were organized mass killings of racial groups over time while this has never happened to women in history, ever.

Anonymous 268428


Ever heard of witch trials? Those still happen. Bride burning?
Bruh females get reduced to slave status in certain parts of the world.

Anonymous 268429

how can you be so ignorant???

Anonymous 268430

Plus, femicides exist. And ordered/organised mass-rapes on women during massacres/wars throughout history.

Anonymous 268436

Proof CC is female autism central
I love you nonas lol (not to be condescending at all). I'm not denying femicide, female slavery, or war killings (and mass rape) or witch burnings, my post above is implying it and poking fun at the hypocriticism of the research industry for it.

Anonymous 268439


B-but I thought you were retarded

Anonymous 268440

I am retarded, I'm a woman

Anonymous 268441

nah there are differences between women and mens brains. of course bad people use it as an excuse to say bs about women but to flat out deny biology is retarded
you're right but nobody can talk about it because it's taboo. i don't think race is the only component when it comes to the whole IQ thing but also societal factors and environment. but you can't say anything about this or else you're a racist fascist

Anonymous 268450

I get what your saying, but countless studies have linked genetics to IQ, so the difference being environment isn't very likely. Aside from that, the IQ difference is only a group average. Even if the difference were 100% genetic, some whites and asians can still be retards and some blacks can still be geniuses. This gets pointed out a lot when sex differences are found, but with race everyone acts like any genetic difference above the head will lead to genocide.

Anonymous 268458

>Also the notion that nothing exists outside the mind is incompatible with communism
Exactly, trannies cape for communism because they think it favours them. In reality transgenderism is a luxury belief. They would be incapable of willingly contributing to a communist society because they would have to pretend to care about others. Every autist on reddit like to imagine that they would have a role that revolves around their hobbies, but glorious Soviet autists were not minifig collectors. If they were bright, they might be assigned a rigid future in STEM. If they were on the tard side, they were in trade schools and if they didn't show up they could be arrested. No r/antiwork allowed.
The denial of sex differences in the brain is one of the consequences of swapping 'sex' for 'gender' in medicine. When people talk about a gendered brain, it gives leave for them to imagine gender roles (submissive, emotional etc as mentioned). Once we talk about brain sex instead, people can't as easily deny that the female brain is 100% determined by biology, not feefees and high heels.
There is an IQ spectrum difference in men and women. There are more male geniuses than female geniuses. But there are more male idiots than female idiots. If men tell us we're less brilliant than them, remind them we have less to be ashamed of.

Anonymous 268462

of course men and women are cognitively different. we see it in other species as well. the question is to what extent. testosterone causes men to be more violent, much like it does with bull moose compared to the far less violent competition among cow moose. humans aren't moose of course, but still
>Just seems like phrenology, but for women, an attempt to establish it as fact that women are destined at birth to be submissive, emotional, inferior thinkers
that's obviously nonsense, and would be stretching things too far. but it would be silly to imply there would never be any differences
>glorious Soviet autists were not minifig collectors. If they were bright, they might be assigned a rigid future in STEM. If they were on the tard side, they were in trade schools and if they didn't show up they could be arrested. No r/antiwork allowed.
those who don't work don't eat -lenin
but also Soviet labour was a lot about working smart, not hard. this is the essence of the Stakhanovite movement. I'm also reasonably sure there were autistic people in the USSR with weird hobbies. Soviet society as a whole was also a lot more different than Westerners think. kitsch was a huge thing

Anonymous 268463

Have any s talked about the Cass report to friends or family? I saw my handmaiden mother looking at the headline but she won't listen to anything terfy, not even about experiments on children. I reminded her that Tickle v Giggle has started and she thinks I'm making it up.
I love the image of a Soviet autist showing his decorative plates to a funko pop collector.

Anonymous 268469

AYRT, this is exactly my point. Sex is defined by reproductive organs, if we were to say "female hormones = female brain" then we're back to square one.

Anonymous 268470

>testosterone causes men to be more violent

Then how come TiFs still don't commit as many crimes as men?

Anonymous 268480


Anonymous 268481

have you ever experienced the unrequited angst they have? they definitely become more aggressive and violent.
I personally have come across a few self hating TiFs who exuded an extremely uncomfortable amount of anger while saying harsh and threatening things as if I were to just accept it. Vibe killers and literal incel tier abrasiveness. Plus there has been several TiF mass shooters in recent history lol testosterone is a disease

Anonymous 268482

please be real

Anonymous 268494

I found these pages on Grunya Sukhareva, woman psychologist in the USSR whose work was ignored until recently because Asperger was a Nazi:
>Then how come TiFs still don't commit as many crimes as men?
female childhood
the propensity for violence in men across cultures and across time is not some cultural thing (though culture can certainly amplify or attenuate it), but innate. it will never go away, unless it's somehow possible to have men without testosterone. personally I am for aborting 50% of male fetuses or so

Anonymous 268497

Nonas, ive done it. Ive found a terf skit channel on youtube -

Pretty sures theres more, but they're few and far in between

Anonymous 268536

TiFs are unstable but they seem to mostly self-harm. They have violent fantasies for sure. With the lower age requirements for cross-sex hormones we will probably see a new trend of violent TiFs in a few years as the testosterone poisons them earlier in their development.
Has it been confirmed that Audrey Hale was on testosterone or did she moid larp so hard it didn't matter?

Anonymous 268552


Anonymous 268555

Anonymous 268558

Hope this disgusting pedo freak dies

Anonymous 268562

Anonymous 268564

Well yeah obviously whites can be dumb and other races can be smart. Racists love to parrot iq because it gives them a superiority complex even if they're dumb ass shit themselves. I do think environmental factors play into it because factors such as nutrition can affect someone. I don't think iq is as fixed as people say but who knows. People get so uncomfortable about this subject
>There is an IQ spectrum difference in men and women. There are more male geniuses than female geniuses. But there are more male idiots than female idiots. If men tell us we're less brilliant than them, remind them we have less to be ashamed of.
Yeah it's a bell curve and it's more evenly distributed between women. So the average woman is just average. With men, there's more of them that are either exceptionally smart or dumb which you don't see as much in women. But yeah there's way more retarded men than I can ever imagine a woman to be like lol

Anonymous 268567

I've seen so much stuff like this, that to me it seems like the average tranny. Just another pedo freak tranny.

Anonymous 268574

Exactly like the comic where she paired up her 2 disgusting troon friends.

Anonymous 268585

These creatures are always the most disgusting looking freaks

Anonymous 268756

I honestly laugh when moids worry about potentially being tricked into having sex with a tranny. The vast majority of tranny’s look like what they are, men in wigs and a dress. Only a very small percentage of troons actually pass as women and have 0 tell tale signs. Even the more “attractive” troons you can very much tell are men. Blaire white is a perfect example. He definitely one of the better looking troons but his face still gives you that uncanny valley affect. It’s so funny seeing right wing moids lust after Blaire White in her comment section. A man who looks like a misshapen blow up doll is enough to make their dicks hard. Moids are going to have to grapple with the fact that they aren’t truly attracted to women if a man in a wig is enough to fool you into taking off your pants.

Anonymous 268804

>Should be no age of consent
>has 2 "trans" children
this person should not be allowed to have custody of his kids
His account is suspended now but cps needs to go to his house, pronto

Anonymous 268813

Cartoons have made them paranoid

Anonymous 268863

It’s ironic that this was posted by an adherent of the religion of peace.

Anonymous 268864

> Then how come TiFs still don't commit as many crimes as men?
Because they decriminalized suicide in most places

Anonymous 268865


It's truly impressive how troons consistently manage to be somehow even more disgusting than regular moids.

Anonymous 268866

Well. They are mentally ill moids.

Anonymous 268868

They do actually start experiencing roid rage and being snippier due to testosterone mixing with epinephrine to make you more agressive vs estrogen which calms and focuses the mind.
The thing is though, were forgetting that female children experience the same rage boys do, they're just forced into learning to control their emotions while boys never are. If anything boys are told to get out their aggression until it's gone while women and girls are told to stew in it. I'm sure tifs have a higher likelihood of getting the same rage impulses men suddenly do if anything from hormone imbalance alone, they're just capable of containing themselves. Like how high t women do as well, aggressive women just never reach the lows men do cause they learn better earlier. Arguably told to stifle too much but it holds in the rage well. Probably why so many tifs make heart wrenching artworks

Anonymous 268876

1. too short to do violence
2. too much testosterone to do shoplifting/fraud/other feminine nonviolent crimes
if tifs were 6' tall they'd kill just as many people as 6' tall men
the only 6' tall tif i know of was audrey "aiden" hale, the spree killer.

Anonymous 268877

armor angles.jpg

yeah but if they were over 6' they would be HAWT XDDD

Anonymous 268879

This gave me flashbacks to when Audrey Hale’s tumblr where she had posted her Winnie the Pooh yaoi fanart was first leaked.

Anonymous 268883


I hate it when I join a new Discord server that seems pretty cool but then I see their rules "no transphobia" "no terfs" and I'm like okay thank you for the rejection, time to gtfo :(

Anonymous 268884

They’re doing you a favor by warning you that trannies are present.

Anonymous 268892

Me with Facebook meme groups. I join anyway and just steal their content

Anonymous 268930

the what now. links?

Anonymous 268959


hale wasn't 6 feet tall, she was tiny. look at her height compared to the doorknob.

Anonymous 268961


Heavy fisheye lens distortion is subject to photolab overcorrection intended to correct for lensing associated wall warp.
Basketball player athlete Aiden Hale was not shoulder to a doorknob.

Anonymous 268962

Was she even on testosterone? I think she was just a scorned autist with rage

Anonymous 268971

I really wish the police hadn't done that final execution shot on her. She was practically unable to move before they killed her, there was a chance she could have lived and we'd be able to hear why this happened. Part of me thinks it wasn't just about the trans fight, as crazy as she was I think there was a reason she targetted the school. It did have a scandal regarding a teacher didn't it? Maybe she'd been harmed at the school. Doesn't justify what she did, but I'd seriously have rathered we knew it from her instead of extrapolating her reasons from her psychotic ramblings in her diary.
Female shooters are just so rare it would be good to know why, even if we only found out she was under psychosis it would still be useful. Hell, maybe it was roid rage + autism, that'd be good to know with all the autists being trooned out

Anonymous 268992

You must not be keeping up with the case, she did it because she hated white people. I'm not even shit posting. They had her diary from day one and tried to hide it from the public until someone leaked it.

Anonymous 268997

No I saw that, but like I said, they were psychotic ramblings. Maybe that's the end of that, but someone would have to be deeply disturbed to come up with that rationale for killing children and I can't help but wonder if that place was chosen because it's where she got disturbed

Anonymous 269014

They woukd never allow her answer to make it to the press even if she had lived to give it. Especially not if it hints at institutional failure like a case of her being abused.

Anonymous 269204

Just got my post removed on some forum for saying the word "tranny". I mean what do you want me to say? A real woman?

Anonymous 269227

"stunning and brave woman of transgender experience"

Anonymous 269231

How do people find discord servers to join?

Anonymous 269244

sorry I'm a TERF

Anonymous 269298

That kind of annoys me, they will release any scrote shooters entitled incel manifesto but not when some deranged aiden has been zogged by hateful rhetoric on the left. Even moid shooters get more rights than their female counterparts.

Anonymous 269305

Snarking it up and going overboard with the woke speek sounds like a great idea
Tell them that the term "transwomen" is offensive because "woman" is an outdated term from colonization or something.

Anonymous 269314

what if this backfires

Anonymous 269320

Anonymous 269321

While I really cant fault the original poster seeing as they were both retarded 14 year olds, I really hate shit like this. Your friend was also a feminist. This is a woman who was seeking female solidarity. I get that it must have been annoying to see all these misogynistic moid and tranny bullshit shoved in your face all the time, but I think ur friend was just starting to become aware of the adult world, and discovering this gave her such a visceral response because she was scared and felt like she could be herself around you.

She couldn't. Maybe you said you didn't care, but you failed to offer someone who saw you as a close friend the peace of mind she needed. You failed to show solidarity for your fellow woman because she was a little bit cringe.

You may not realize this, but you might have actually traumatized your friend, and made it more difficult for her to navigate through life because of the passive aggressive way you dismissed her.

Then again you were both 14 year old retards, and kids are fucking stupid.

Anyways, I hope you use your 20s to learn how to actually grow with the female friends you make whenever they do something you don't like instead of just lying to and abandoning them.

Anonymous 269344

How would it backfire?
You can always find something problematic if you look hard enough.

Anonymous 269620


Saw Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) wearing this on a cover of a magazine. EW.

Anonymous 269625

>moid hates women's rights belonging to women
Color me surprised

Anonymous 269633

The moid need to control everything

Anonymous 269637

>>I hate this because my avatar of character does not get to feel superior 24/7
Why can't pickmes survive without having their narcissism validated?Why they are so obsessed with women having to enjoy scrote gaze and their own flanderization?
Oh but fuck women that aren't them and do not fit all scrotes beauty standards kek

Anonymous 269668

New TIF lore just dropped.
>Andrea Ye
Can any detrans former-TIF tell me why elementary schools specifically? Incels typically shoot colleges.

Anonymous 269669

Im not a TIF nor will I ever be, but I think a lot of women will transition because they think life will be better as a man, but then they learn the horrible truth about the scrote factory that is toxic masculinity in a modern patriarchy and they realize that they are treated worse and seen as dangerous. Combine that with biologically unnatural levels of testosterone that increase violence and sex drive and you have someone who just is hateful.

Why is it elementary schools? This is just a theory and I'd love to hear others, but I think in part probably due to deep rooted internalized misogyny. They think because they are a woman (or a physically weaker man) elementary school kids will be the easiest to kill. But I'm not sure. It could also stem from bitterness in childhood as opposed to moid shooters who experience the most bitterness due to not getting sex (which happens in college/high school)

Or it could be because of autism. Remember, Sandy Hook was done by a severely autistic scrote

Anonymous 269676

>save trans youth
no stop mutilating kids and brainwashing them you psychos

Anonymous 269678

>The student had claimed the memoir was a work of fiction — which included a disclaimer that it doesn’t “represent the author’s beliefs” — but a person with whom the student shared the document alerted authorities because it bore “striking similarities” to the writer.

>The witness believed Ye — who is biologically female but identifies as male — was prepared to carry out the attacks shortly, according to the news outlet.

It is still possible that the TIF trannifesto was a 129-page "In Minecraft" joke. This has yet to be proven in a court of law and we will need to see if the "In Minecraft" defense can be formally established as a legal precedent.

Anonymous 269685

Incel and pooners usually have different motives, which explains the different targets. Incels are usually motivated by sexual frustration and woman hate, which is why they tend to go after college/high school kids. They resent the girls for sexual rejection and they resent the boys for stealing all the women. Meanwhile, it seems that pooners are mostly female autistics who become obsessed and infatuated with school shooters to the point of skin walking. It's like some weird reverse agp where they become the man they lust after. They don't have personal issues with the victims, so they go after kids because it's easier.

Anonymous 269750

Why do you think aidens lust after school shooters?

Anonymous 269751


>Why elementary schools
Because they're emotionally, spiritually and physically stunted individuals. They're like mentally ill children, so the targets of their rage and blame are other (in their minds) children. They can't escape their mental prisons, but they built it for themselves with the hormones they took. Daily reminder puberty blockers stop brain development.

Anonymous 269754

Has anyone noticed a rise in tif incels? I genuinely want to laugh in their faces when they complain how worse life is as a man and how women are “privileged” or have it better when it comes to dating. Are you shocked the average straight woman wouldn’t want a 5’5” tranny with butchered tits, scrawny shoulders, wide birthing hips, that’s balding from all the testosterone in their system? No one wants to suck on your man pussy or god forbid that Frankenstein-esque man made tube of flesh these tifs call their “penis.” It’s not women’s fault your mentally ill ass decided to make yourself a freak of nature and a social outcast

Anonymous 269764

It's legitimately a poetic tragedy. These lesbians thought, against all evidence to the contrary and against all firsthand accounts of straight women, that straight women date and relate by the exact same rules as lesbian women despite the monumental differences in their circumstances. So if she became a man there'd just suddenly be a massive increase in number of women and massive decrease in number of interested men. The level of social unawareness required to walk into that facefirst is a serious disability and it's really really sad that doctors let someone do that to themselves when they don't have the mental, emotional or social capacity to give proper INFORMED consent.

Anonymous 269773

yeah idfk why an aiden would try to date women. No fucking way are you gonna get a straight girl and lesbains are attracted to women. It made more sense to me to be a fujo on steroids and want to larp your yaoi fantasies.

Anonymous 269775

Female autism makes them social rejects and they find school shooters relatable? Maybe, idk. Maybe they see these moids as heroes who share their plight

Anonymous 269776

sorry for asking a retarded question, but what does tif stand for?

Anonymous 269778

Not a retarded question, it stands for Trans Identified Female. Basically another way to say transman, but it pisses off pooners because it lumps them into being female. People will also say T.I.M, which means trans identified male.
Hope this helped!

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