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forum Anonymous 3633[Reply]

is there any forum similar to this image board? incels have incels.co and shit like that, what about us?

Anonymous 3634


Board suggestions and feature requests Anonymous Admin 9[Reply]

Use this thread to discuss future improvements.

Current topics:
Should crystal.cafe remain as our domain or does anyone have a better idea?

Staff titles (Admin, Moderator, Janitor) can be replaced with custom titles. Please suggest some if you like.
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Anonymous 3547

Can we get a flower petal/ cherry blossom petal overlay for the spring?

Anonymous Admin 3551

You're right, I'll put it back in.

Cute idea, why not! I'll try to come up with something.

Anonymous 3555

Thank you! (for reinstating the media feed) <3

Anonymous 3632


Is there a way to add oekaki?

Anonymous 3635



Anonymous 2483[Reply]

How do we draw more people to the site without attracting moids?
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Anonymous 3612

Advertise on 4chan

Anonymous 3628

you don't kekw no matter what moids are gonna swarm here. better keep it on the down low

Anonymous 3629

reddit and maybe discord

Anonymous 3630

idk but we really need to stop interacting with moids when they come. there are ppl entertaining these cringe ass retards on /b/ right now, and all it does is give them an incentive to come back and drive actual women away

Anonymous 3631

The men are gonna come because y’all are posting about it on 4chan


Anonymous 2780[Reply]

How did you all find this website?
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Anonymous 3578

A link on reddit. I'm TIRED of reddit.

Anonymous 3581

Ex boyfriend told me

Anonymous 3601

Kiwi Farms.

Anonymous 3618

male friend told me about this place saying it was a place for female incels. idk its comfy here

Anonymous 3627

Quite the parting gift.


rule #7, no males Anonymous 1224[Reply]

Am I allowed to post here if I used to be a female but am now a male (ftm) who wants to detransition back into female?
Am I not allowed to post as long as I stay male or are transmen allowed to post in the first place? and if I'm not, are transwomen allowed to post despite once being men?
or maybe all transpeople aren't allowed to post?
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Anonymous 1227

just don't bring it up.
pretend you're a female poster on r9k.

Anonymous Admin 1230

If you blend in enough to pass, nobody would notice either way. The rules only forbid openly identifying as or acting like a thirsty man.

Anonymous 1245

i don't think transmen are men, you're just ruining your body, so post away!

Anonymous 1456

It's a female board not a trans board. As long as you keep it to yourself and don't ruin the content here with ur "omg I'm so hip & trans" talk then:


pls just keep it to yourself! <3

Anonymous 3626


you will never be a man, so yes


Bigger board? Anonymous 3625[Reply]

Should we get biggerboad like vichan style?


Anonymous 3344[Reply]

can we please have a search bar for the catalog

Anonymous 3397

Anonymous 3415


Anonymous 3506


type "F3" or "CTRL+F" B)

Anonymous 3624

>>3344 You can actually search within the site on Google. Just type in "site:crystal.cafe" and then type in what you wanna search.


Comments & Complaints Pt. 2 Anonymous Admin 3347[Reply]

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Anonymous 3617

Anyone else have the issue where the back-to-top arrow gets covered by the catalog/page selection area? Maybe we could move it to the left.

Anonymous 3619

can we have a

Anonymous 3620

why was the dream thread moved to /x/ when it isn't "creepy", "paranormal", or "occult". i'd argue /feels/ is a better spot for it, but i also think it was just fine on /b/.

Anonymous 3622

So, uh. Why exactly aren't men allowed to post here?

Anonymous 3623

have you heard of the term "female-exclusive" before? do we really need a reason to keep certain people out? men literally do it all the time x


Anonymous 2632[Reply]

When can crystal cafe have a zine? All the cool hipster imageboards are doing it, why can't we?
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Anonymous 2677

One or a group of people take care of the editing and "publishing". At the start of the month, a thread asking for submissions is posted, and users submit content. The submission period usually lasts until a few days or a week before the publication date. What the users provide is then compiled into this month's zine and released.

That's mostly how it goes.

Anonymous 2678

This sounds like a fun idea. Like >>2665 I'd contribute art or writing if one is made.



This is a really cool idea. I absolutely love coming across zines from smaller communities, and being a part of making one for a community I actually participate in would be a fun project.

I would be interested in helping organize this. What I would like to see in a zine from here includes essays about experiences or feels, poetry, thoughts on the world, that sort of thing; comics, oc, collages, anything artistic; or things like that. As an inaugural issue, it would be interesting to loosely focus on the experiences we've had in online spaces and how it affects our lives, just to keep things closer to the board itself, but other topics would be great as well.

I'd have to think about this in more depth; these are just my immediate thoughts. I would contribute myself. I enjoy writing, some image editing, and making art, but I think my technical skills are lacking in putting something like this together as a finished product. I'd have to do some research and learn more.

I'll leave an email in case anyone else is interested. Hopefully that's okay. If you do email me, just let me know in what capacity you'd like to contribute, if you have a vision for a cc zine, if you just have something you'd like included in it, or anything else related. If interest is expressed in actually creating one of these things I'll see about setting something up.

[email protected]

Anonymous 2711

hi anon, i sent you an email! also responding here in case others would like to see it; i have experience designing, printing, and putting together books/booklets due to my major as a designer so i'd love to be a part of this project if it moves forward. i also enjoy illustrating on the side.

being online is a pretty big part of me, and i think it would be cool to create content about it with others that feel the same way.

Anonymous 3621

bumping this is cool :^)


Captcha error message, Can't post anywhere Anonymous 2835[Reply]

I keep getting a captcha error message when trying to post. Am I banned or is it really a captcha error?
5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 2841

Oh and
Android & Windows

Anonymous 2845


From personal experience, it will only give you the ban message on the device you were originally banned on. Attempting to post from other devices on the same network will only yield captcha error with no respect to OS or browser used. I have attempted to post from 2 linux machines running Firefox, a Windows computer running Chrome, and a mobile device running Firefox and Chrome. Only the original mentions the ban. Clearing cache has no effect across devices.

Furthermore, and I don't know if this is exclusive to Firefox on Linux, it will only tell you "you are banned" in a dialogue box, it does not give a reason why. I only remember seeing the standard imageboard ban message screen on Firefox once, and even then, the reason field was left blank. I attempted to reach out to the email address in the FAQ, and have been given no response after 7 days. It is hard to use the website if I don't understand why I was banned.

Anonymous 2847

Same here, FF on Linux, unknown ban message back in January, sometimes get captcha error, but I only used one computer and one OS.
The email is abandoned, I sent a message in January and no response still. I have a different IP now.

Anonymous 2888

I get that a lot, too. I have to fill the captcha many times.

Anonymous 3615

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