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Anonymous 3080[Reply]

What's the % of male posters here and how to identify them?
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Anonymous 3296

This 100%

Anonymous 3305

Reported for testicles lol

Anonymous 3358

I couldn't tell you the % but imo men are easy to spot due to their misogynistic views. If you can recognise bait or fetish material, you'll be able to spot them. Men who come here are actively jacking off to seeing women getting upset over their posts or want a "debate".

Also this >>3279

Anonymous 3396

Yeah, I think most of the time you can tell who the men are by the fact that they've clearly come to this site for an argument and nothing else.

Anonymous 3398



Comments & Complaints Pt. 2 Anonymous Admin 3347[Reply]

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Anonymous 3425

What exactly were the dumps on /nsfw/? Were they really hardcore/shock images or just normal porn images?

Anonymous 3427

can i necro old threads on here or will i be banned like on lolcow?

Anonymous Admin 3428

Sorry, I forgot to update the /img/ sticky. Fetish/sex threads belong in /nsfw/, no image dump threads belong in /media/ - you may post erotic imagery in /nsfw/ if it's relevant, but dumping porn images has been against the rules for a long time. I should have moderated those threads more consistently, I'm sorry for that. I understand that there's a demand for those threads and I'll try to come up with a compromise for everyone, please give me a bit to think about it.

Necromancy is encouraged because a lot of threads aren't even close to full when they're remade because they've sunk so low in the catalog. I'm going to see about adding a search bar soon to encourage users to keep using older threads.

Anonymous 3430

idk if it was you but i saw someone get chewed out for necroing a thread within the past week here and i didnt understand why. ive always thought it's better to post a comment that is relevant to an existing thread instead of clutter the board with a redundant thread.

Anonymous 3432

It's not really the necroing itself. But if they did it by responding to a months/year old post than that's just pointless.


Anonymous 2780[Reply]

How did you all find this website?
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Anonymous 3421


i just learned of this place through /int/. someone made a thread telling femoids to get off 4chan and go back to crystalcafe.
i'd never heard of this place before until then but i'd like to see more of it, even if it looks like it's slow to update.

Anonymous 3422


I also found this site through 4chan. It’s hard to get used to slow updates after being used to really fast boards. Still, I really love the vibe of it.

Anonymous 3423


Literally just saw a post on the MTF lolcow thread saying

> Samefagging but the increase of traffic on crystal.cafe right now is great. Enjoy yr lost traffic lol

And thought – why not check that out! Must be some chan alternative for women like asherah's garden or something.

Anonymous 3424

asherahs doesnt load for me anymore although it was always pretty slow anyway.

Anonymous 3426

I knew about crystal.cafe from before but that thread reminded me that I've been meaning to come here.


Anonymous 3344[Reply]

can we please have a search bar for the catalog

Anonymous 3397

Anonymous 3415



Anonymous 3381[Reply]

So just wondering how many of us are cross posters or lurkers on the magic man image board (wont say name to avoid causing problems here).
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Anonymous 3384

But why are you posting there? I can't see the appeal considering
its not for women and how misogynistic the user-base can be.

Anonymous 3385

Yeah, posting on their board isn’t going to make them fall in love with OP. What’s the point.

Anonymous 3387


yeah sometimes, i'm an occasional mahou shounen enjoyer..autism is entertaining.

Anonymous 3389


i lurk but i don't post because it isn't my place

Anonymous 3391

i lurk but i don't post there. i just like reading the stuff on there


Anonymous 3393[Reply]

There are two drugs threads, one on /x/ and another one on /feels/, shouldn't they be merged or something?

Anonymous Admin 3399

It's been done, thanks for pointing it out.


Anonymous 3354[Reply]

Should we have a board that is a true /b/ for extreme low quality fun posting?
Some slower image boards have a /b/ that is active despite very slow main board.
Can be fun to just sit down fun posting and /b/ here is actually quality so I never want to shit it up

Anonymous 3390

just make a mindless shitposting general on /b/

Anonymous Admin 3395

While I try to moderate only as much as is necessary, we still have too many ground rules and forbidden subjects to have a true /b/ experience. I agree with >>3390.


Comment limits Anonymous Admin 3057[Reply]

I've seen some users comment on how long our threads stay up and how it might be detrimental. Our board is slow and seldom-used threads quickly drop off the first pages, which then makes it harder to find them again, which leads to more duplicate threads. I'm considering adjusting the comment limit to something more reflective of our activity and archiving old threads after a while.

However, this would mean making new threads all the time even though the old ones weren't even close to full, and starting over with the same conversation.

Do you like the current limit or are you in favor of shorter threads?
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Anonymous Admin 3086


The 4chan x beta version works for this purpose. It will give you some errors and you won't be able to use most of its features, but the thread watcher seems to work just fine.


To make it work on crystal.cafe, you'll need to install the userscript, not the browser extension.

Make sure to follow the instructions in the FAQ to add crystal.cafe:

Anonymous 3088

Will it screw up anything if I already have the extension installed?

Anonymous Admin 3089

The userscript and extension both do the same thing, except the userscript lets you modify it to add crystal.cafe. You can probably run them both, but it would be pointless.

Anonymous 3378

What happened to the old threads? I have been here since the start. This is a slow site so I check the threads every few months?

Also, there are poster that are autistically irritating. They make these know-it- all post. The site will always suffer into those people leave.

Anonymous Admin 3379

They should still be there unless the OP got their post history removed. Recently I've been sparing thread OPs from mass-deletion though, for the sake of contributing anons.


Board suggestions and feature requests Anonymous Admin 9[Reply]

Use this thread to discuss future improvements.

Current topics:
Should crystal.cafe remain as our domain or does anyone have a better idea?

Staff titles (Admin, Moderator, Janitor) can be replaced with custom titles. Please suggest some if you like.
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Anonymous 3342

Not her, but it's honestly easier and quicker just to evade than to talk to you. I'm sure you're a really nice person, but even if it took only 5 minutes to rid of a unjust ban, that would still be 10 times the amount of time it takes to get proxy. Also, explaining to someone nonanonymously about how your yaoi picture wasn't off-topic and actually pertained to the discussion is honestly a little embarrassing and only pushes a person more towards evading entirely.

Anonymous Admin 3345

I understand that, but ban evading to ask me why they were banned is ineffective because I can no longer see previous posts, so offering to chat elsewhere is the only option I can provide.

Anonymous 3350

Does crystal cafe not list the reason of the ban like 4chan does?

Anonymous 3356

i really want a thread watcher feature :( would make things so much easier

Anonymous 3357


Anonymous 3349[Reply]

Tfw you freak out thinking that there is some moving insect on your computer screen but it actually is just crystal.cafe's screen moving snowflakes lol

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