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Comments & Complaints Pt. 2 Anonymous Admin 3347[Reply]

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Anonymous 8963

Is it me or is the latest term thread gone

Anonymous 8964

Scatposter used the same vpn as whoever made the terf thread.

Anonymous 8965

i needs to TERFpost, what, with the Tranny Day Of Vengeance and tranny genocide and all.

Anonymous 8967

Can I promote my discord server on cc?

Anonymous 8968

Nope. You can only post your personal contact info.


Anonymous 3271[Reply]

Ongoing raid, porn and gore in /b/. ignore and report. bump this when you see this.
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Anonymous 8930

Guess what's happening on /b/ lol

Anonymous 8931

seriously tho, there's scat on /b/

Anonymous 8950

scat in /b/

Anonymous 8951

Spergout in /b/

Anonymous 8966

another raid in /b/ someone is posting links to what might be cp


I wish CC had something like a hobby board Anonymous 6087[Reply]

I frequent 4chan only because of their hobby discussion variety, but all these "will doing xyz get me a gf" or "women aren't interested in anything but starbucks you can't get a gf anon" annoy tf out of me. I really wish for a female-only hobby discussion board, but so far I haven't seen any hobby discussion in here, not a single thread (I've been on here since december). Is anybody even into some craft (except for occasional low quality drawingt) here?
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Anonymous 6136


Anonymous 6137

Yeah, it's just a waste imo and I think easily it can be changed into a hobby board. People can post about all sorts of stuff including beauty/fashion.

Anonymous 6144

Mods pls make this a thing, it might be slow but it'll be cozy, the radfem stuff can be very distracting and drowns out hobby threads. Thread ideas include arts+crafts, stem, nature, cooking/food, books, sports, instruments, etc. /b/ would be more for random thoughts and discussions, /media/ for tv/culture/games.

Anonymous 6211

This would seriously be so fun. It's a lot harder to start a thread on /b/ about a niche hobby because it feels so out of place, but on a hobbies board it would draw a lot more attention to people those that are seeking it.

Anonymous 8962

strange, i was just thinking the same thing. bumping for interest


Cece the lizard Anonymous 1255[Reply]

Meet Cece the lizard - or the lizbian - crystal.cafe's answer to Pepe the frog.
Based on an article about a certain type of lizard that is female only.
feel free to make your own versions of her or even edit mine, anything's a contribution.
By the way - this does not snuff out the miner waitress mascot girl. She would be the wojak equivalent.
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Anonymous 8927

>I don't know how to respond so I'll just call you a moid

Anonymous 8938

cece frens.png

Cece & friends

Anonymous 8939

spice girls.PNG

Based on this picture of the spice girls, if anyone was curious

Anonymous 8940

Freaking rocks

Anonymous 8943

this is awesome. amazing job!


Anonymous 2780[Reply]

How did you all find this website?
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Anonymous 8888


went through a rabbit hole of imgboards, specially the last one being soyjakprt and i don't know. I ended here somehow. i'm not too familiar using imgboards myself

Anonymous 8918

same lol

Anonymous 8934

Via Tumblr. I love this place so far

Anonymous 8937

found it three years ago while browsing lc

Anonymous 8946

Lolcow, been here since it’s creation


Growing c.c Anonymous 684[Reply]

Hey guys,

as a user whose life has been largely improved by having this community around, what are you guys doing to make c.c a better place? I've been linking it to all of my smart, strong female friends who I think would appreciate this place. I've noticed everything is getting a bit slower, so I think we need to make this kind of effort. I think this is a place that's really empowering for women, and that has become more and more important to me.

Word of mouth growth is going to get us the best kind of community, imo.

Anonymous 686

Uchuu Patrol Luluc…

I'd do it if I had friends. I wish I could make it more active too.

Anonymous 689

This. I would love to make this place more active, but that is physically out of my control as I have no large social media presence and most people are normies who are instantly knee-jerking at the sight of an imageboard because they associate it with 'the hax0r known as 4chin'.

Anonymous 8933


Cc is way more active than it was before, which is awesome, but it still feels very slow, i just wish a few more people used it. Maybe we could share it in female discords, telegram groups or something.


why miners? Anonymous 8917[Reply]

im new to this and figuring a lot of things out here. just wanna know why you call yourselves "miners"? thx <3

Anonymous 8921

Our site's name is crystal cafe, so we're miners (mining the crystals?). We have a miner board-tan too, I can't find an image of her right now though.


why cant we say "n0nny"? Anonymous 8776[Reply]

:( i will delete if i get an answer. i really liked this word.
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Anonymous 8805

Thank you nοnny!! <3

Anonymous 8846

cause it sounds like 'nanny'? which makes you sound old? idk. we should call eachother nanny from now

Anonymous 8850

i love you nanny

Anonymous 8874

Just realized Nona is anon backwards

Anonymous 8893



Anonymous 7596[Reply]

As entertaining as it might be I wish nonas would stop replying to obvious moids because it encourages them to come back to cc and breaks the comfy atmosphere this IB has. There's this weird sudden influx of moids lately and nonas can't seem to report and ignore
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Anonymous 7747

It was him samefagging, he talks to himself.

Anonymous 7772

That makes more sense

Anonymous 8715


I’m a month late so I’m a retard but it could’ve been due to frenschan scrotes

Anonymous 8774

100% a moid made that "raid" thread on here. Cc anons don't raid because we aren't men.

Anonymous 8775

yes, obvious false flags. it happened 2 or 3 times and immediately after the post calling us to raid, we got raided.


fbi watching Anonymous 8897[Reply]

what are the site's connections to the fbi or some other higher authority? i've never modded an imageboard site so i don't know the process, but when blatantly illegal shit gets posted here, after the mods cleanses that presence out of public view, do those people get tipped off to the fbi or some other place? what's the process when that stuff happens?

do you reckon it's the same people continuously posting that material to the cafe, that if a few were somehow rid, then the website would be a lot cleaner. Or do you reckon there's unfortunately a lot of people who want to ruin this website, so ridding the problem of illegal shit will always be a constant problem for the mods?

Anonymous 8898

It's usually reported to FBI, yes.

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