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Board suggestions and feature requests Anonymous Admin 9[Reply]

Use this thread to discuss future improvements.

Current topics:
Should crystal.cafe remain as our domain or does anyone have a better idea?

Staff titles (Admin, Moderator, Janitor) can be replaced with custom titles. Please suggest some if you like.
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Anonymous 3936

We should add more to the "styles" choice. I think some really cute ones with heart patterns would be lovely

Anonymous 3940


I agree. Plus crystal.cafe seems suspiciously more active these past few weeks. Might be tinfoiling hard but the only logical reason it's so active and has so many low quality threads is because there are much more moids coming here now.

Anonymous 3943

It's more likely that it was just one schizo.

Anonymous 3944

I feel like some of the increased activity could be attributed to the tranny gore raid on the lolcow mtf thread that resulted in lolcow hiding the mtf thread, more lolcow refugees probably migrated and its also likely some trannies came along too.

There needs to be more emphasis on new users checking the catalogs of boards other than /b/ for similar threads. I feel like a lot of the threads being made belong in /media/, /feels/ or /x/

Anonymous 3945

What do you anons think about a special /deeds/ board like the one on dreamchan?


Comments & Complaints Pt. 2 Anonymous Admin 3347[Reply]

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Anonymous 3888

Why is the word n0nnie (spelled correctly) automatically censored? I just realized

Anonymous 3889

I noticed that a while ago. Admin probably doesn’t like it and set it autocensor. It’s more of a lolcow thing anyway.
It’d be pretty funny if it would autocorrected to some funny random word instead of just an awkward space but oh well

Anonymous 3939

Theres a suspicious looking post with links and a spoilered image in /b/. I'm afraid to click the image incase it's something that I can't unsee

Anonymous 3941

Good on you anon, it was probably cp or gore.

Anonymous 3942

What's with all the conspiracy schizoposting on /b/ lately?


Anonymous 2483[Reply]

How do we draw more people to the site without attracting moids?
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Anonymous 3834

>share with your online friends via DMs
^sage advice

Anonymous 3841

I love that idea. Whenever I see someone mourning the loss of the lolcow farm pink pill and terf threads, I recommend they come here. On top of that a lot of people are sick of everyone pissing on eachother over the tiniest things on lolcow, which is understandable because sometimes anons are fucking insufferable. It's almost like they go to lolcow for fightclub

Anonymous 3842

>On top of that a lot of people are sick of everyone pissing on eachother over the tiniest things on lolcow, which is understandable because sometimes anons are fucking insufferable. It's almost like they go to lolcow for fightclub
No kidding. An anon posted a pic of Marina as her Stacy inspiration and it later turned into a war over Marina's stupid tits.

Anonymous 3843

I don't understand how one can start an argument about her tits? Is it the "udder" argument again? I haven't seen that one break out in a while but damn they used to get angry about larger boobs

Anonymous 3844

They were arguing over whether her boobs were actually large or not. Really annoying.


Cece the lizard Anonymous 1255[Reply]

Meet Cece the lizard - or the lizbian - crystal.cafe's answer to Pepe the frog.
Based on an article about a certain type of lizard that is female only.
feel free to make your own versions of her or even edit mine, anything's a contribution.
By the way - this does not snuff out the miner waitress mascot girl. She would be the wojak equivalent.
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Anonymous 3922

KEK incredible~

Anonymous 3923


I humbly request this Capybara replaced with Cece

Anonymous 3926

cece capybara.png

here you go!

Anonymous 3933

Love it. She's a cutie patootie as a chonker

Anonymous 3934

I'm loving this thread sm


Contributions Anonymous Admin 5[Reply]

Use this thread to post:

- banners (300x100)
- alternate 404 images
- alternate spoiler images
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Anonymous 3861

nta but that is so cute!!

Anonymous 3863

I absolutely love this. It's perfect! Thank you!! Hope to see it up someday.

Anonymous 3930

god damnit lmao

Anonymous 3931


remade it, my bad. I think the cow is cute

Anonymous 3932



Anonymous 3911[Reply]

How do we know the admins and mods of this site are not moids or trannies? Just look at rebbit, all the female dominated subs get moderated by moids and trannies because foids are too passive and moids too thirsty for power.

Anonymous 3912

Well we won't ever be able to know for sure but they've been pretty good at banning moids and tranoids when they pop up. The lolcow tranner mods can't stop themselves from throwing snarky remarks at "terfs" from time to time.

Anonymous 3914


I'm confident the admins are female since they do not mind pinkpill and terf threads. Just like >>3912 mentioned it, compared to lolcow it's easier to trashtalk troons here.

Anonymous 3927

The overall quality of the posts and threads. Moids are incapable of making so many good posts.


Anonymous 2632[Reply]

When can crystal cafe have a zine? All the cool hipster imageboards are doing it, why can't we?
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Anonymous 3722

I want i want i want
If more people knew about this website that would be super cool

And then finding a sister to make graphics, another for art, another for writing, another for publishing, another for publicity
There would have to be a platform to discuss and organise on. Like on a discord server, over mail, or even on skype?

There aren't enough magazines made by normal girls, it all feels like corporate shilling over current trend #613 and 'edgy' popular opinions. Like something made by real and normal people, I would appreciate that, and I know many sisters would feel the same.

I'm not skilled tbh but I know lots people here are, so I hope this thread gets attention too.>>2677 has a good idea, it would make it a very human made zine
Even if we don't have it now, I hope we have this soon. More people on this board would be awesome.

Anonymous 3790

I totally agree with this! I am an artist and I would LOVE to draw out something related to crystal.cafe! I would also love to see other mommies post about their own experiences through art and writing!

Anonymous 3837


I’m down for this if there is still interest. I took part in a few zines for a different community about a year ago - each zine was based on the season, and included essays, artwork, recipes & collages.

Anonymous 3908

I'd participate!

Anonymous 3921

please I'd like to write a shitty haiku


I did not know there was a nsfw board on this site Anonymous 3903[Reply]

i dont know where to ask this question so i am just gonna post it here for now but how do you access the nsfw board on cc? are there any other hidden boards? how do you find them? pic unrelated btw
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Anonymous 3905

wtf is this legit
i just went on the nsfw board right now, it was just hidden what is this talk about a mailbox

Anonymous 3906

It seems you are not yet ready.

Anonymous 3907


Anonymous 3909

jokes aside just enter the url manually, the name of the board is "nsfw"

Anonymous 3910

Just replace the board name for /nsfw in the url. Word of warning though. It's more of a /feels/ 2.0 focused on sex talk than a lewd board in case you were expecting something like 4ch's nsfw boards.


Anonymous 3080[Reply]

What's the % of male posters here and how to identify them?
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Anonymous 3891

moids = men

Anonymous 3892

Lol I’ll bite. I’m waiting for feels to get cleaned up anyway.
It’s the second best gender. Y-chomosome havers. Lump between the legs. You know, those people.
The actual word is meant to parallel the term “femoid” that incels use to refer to women if “females” sounds too urban to them.

Anonymous 3895

You can also call them scrotes which sounds better imo

Anonymous 3897

An unfortunate genetic condition afflicting about half the population.

Anonymous 3902



Anonymous 2780[Reply]

How did you all find this website?
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Anonymous 3787

what a loser lol

Anonymous 3835

someone on /lgbt/ mentioned it, was curious

Anonymous 3898

I came from LC and other chans. It's peaceful here.

Anonymous 3899

this is a women only board

Anonymous 3900


>browsing 4chan(nel) in 2021

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