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Anonymous 4838[Reply]

What on earth is pp general?
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Anonymous 4854

They're trannies most likely

Anonymous 4855

You seem like you're reframing everything as pedophilia, kind of weird.

Anonymous 4856

One of the problems we were having here is moids/troons/pickmes/whatever trying to normalize or excuse pedophilia. First you wanted to claim that "it was just an opinion" and then you claimed I rebranded everything as pedophilia. Do you even know what you're talking about? What planet do you live on where calling out pedo problems within a community is "rebranding everything as pedophilia" ???

Anonymous 4860

everything's just an opinion when it comes down to it.

Anonymous 4861

Most useless post on this website


Anonymous 2780[Reply]

How did you all find this website?
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Anonymous 4830

One of you posted a “why yes, I’m a femcel from crystal.cafe, how did you know?” gigachad thread on /int/. Thanks

Anonymous 4831

Rando on lolcow mentioned it… i always hated the gossipy side of lolcow and wished there was a similar forum and female space with just normal discussions… i just wish /media on here was more lively

Anonymous 4832

Anon that was a troll

Anonymous 4833

Thanks troll

Anonymous 4859

Late reply but is it dead? Shame, I liked it, even though it was really slow it was comfy.


Anonymous 4776[Reply]

How can we grow this community while avoiding moids?

Anonymous 4784


Without creating a chat room?
Strict name using and/or registration.
Only way.


Anonymous 4812[Reply]

Every single thread on page 1 of /b/ right now is about moids or moid relationships in some form. Can we please get a containment board specifically for moid discussion because it's fucking tiresome and gay. I come to a women only space to escape from moid bullshit for a while only to find constant moid centered chatter.
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Anonymous Admin 4835

This has been discussed several times and it's the reason we have a stickied thread with extra rules on /b/ and /feels/. Please report threads that violate these rules and create the threads you want to see.

Anonymous 4839

All discussion of gender should be prohibited outside of pinkpill general, terf general, and "meet men" general.
and I mean ALL discussion. Don't derail a thread with "muh moids", all discussion of gender should be prohibited outside of those 3 threads.

Anonymous 4840

On /b/ or the site in general? Seems a bit too restrictive for /media/ for example.

Anonymous 4841

No derailing in any thread with "hurr durr moids bad" crap and retarded rants. Its fucking annoying.
Wizchan gets along without talking about women, why cant we do the same?

Anonymous 4848

That's because the staff bans all discussion centered around women. So unless you can somehow convince Admin to start actively banning all posts and threads concerning men, you're going to have to suck it up (and maybe bump the non-moid threads you're interested in). You can also go to lol.cow where they talk about moids slightly less than here.


Contributions Anonymous Admin 5[Reply]

Use this thread to post:

- banners (300x100)
- alternate 404 images
- alternate spoiler images
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Anonymous 4818

Mods, please add all those cute new banners! It looks like the last one that was added was >>1477 and that was three years ago

Anonymous 4819

I've seen >>4592 and >>4593 so I think there are some more recent ones. is there one in particular that you don't think is added and want?
really like this one!

Anonymous 4820


Thanks, Louis Wain's art is absolutely stunning and makes for good imageboard postings.

Anonymous 4823

>is there one in particular that you don't think is added and want?
nta but the ranma one is hilarious to me and would make me laugh every time i got it, but it's kinda promoting domestic violence…

Anonymous 4834


Anonymous 4725[Reply]

If you see the retard spamming his contact info, ignore and report. He is a pedophile, do not add him. Do not give any attention to him. He thrives off of any attention, evej negative.
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Anonymous 4774

I reported him to the FBI for possession of cp

Anonymous 4786

>pretty much everyone I know has at least one Apple product
maybe the most retarded sentence I've ever read in my life, you don't know very many people

Anonymous 4787

Some quick googling shows that:

According to Statista, Android enjoyed an 87 percent share of the global market in 2019, while Apple's iOS holds a mere 13 percent.

64% of Americans now own an Apple product

IF he's American (big if) it's only a 64% chance. But you'd be retarded to stop there. That number goes down massively when you factor in the fact that he is someone who spends his time looking at CP on the dark web. Most people who value privacy (almost certainly him if he doesn't want to go to jail) will not be using Apple. It's actually extremely unlikely that he's using Apple for that specific reason.

Anonymous 4807

Read somewhere that tens of thousands of people just post it in Facebook groups or worse to their wall so there's some really dumb pedos and the apple thing will certainly catch a bunch of them. I guarantee it.

Anonymous 4810

He is from the UK


Cece the lizard Anonymous 1255[Reply]

Meet Cece the lizard - or the lizbian - crystal.cafe's answer to Pepe the frog.
Based on an article about a certain type of lizard that is female only.
feel free to make your own versions of her or even edit mine, anything's a contribution.
By the way - this does not snuff out the miner waitress mascot girl. She would be the wojak equivalent.
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Anonymous 4770

>i think female subjugation is neat

Anonymous 4795

Untitled13 (1).png

as you wish

Anonymous 4797

this is absolutely perfect anon!

Anonymous 4798

Komodo dragon enjo…

Requestan Cece enjoying a festive treat

Anonymous 4802

I love the eye shape
>Sorry not sorry i think they're neat
Same, anon


Anonymous 3080[Reply]

What's the % of male posters here and how to identify them?
70 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4790


>transwomen are included in the no men rule
>Transmen are female so they can participate

Anonymous 4792

This is false, troons get banned immediately.
Men in a dress =/= female

Anonymous 4794

reread my post slower

Anonymous 4796

Why does it have to be either?

Anonymous 4803

This is a TERF climate, which means extremely liberal except when it comes to the subjects of transgenderism and men, then it's reactionary and politically incorrect. Overall, this place is liberal, but edgy, if you know what I mean. You can't discuss any kind of politics that isn't identity politics btw.


Programmers? Anonymous 1154[Reply]

I'm curious what software crystal.cafe uses. I'm a programmer and think this community is really awesome! My friend linked it to me a few days ago. I'd love to help out if possible
6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous Admin 1658

To be more specific, we're actually using a customized fork of Tinyboard, which vichan is itself a fork of: https://github.com/savetheinternet/Tinyboard

Anonymous 2628


Admin, I noticed that this imageboard doesn't have the readonly JSON interface enabled. This interface is very useful for writing mobile phone applications that can interface with imageboard software:-


I was attempting to add support for crystal cafe to a modified version of Kuroba I was working on (primarily for another site), would enabling the JSON inteface be a possibility?

Many Thanks

Anonymous 2686

lmao I just noticed the thread photo is horribly photoshopped

Anonymous 2891

Hello I also would like to request API pretty please.
> $config['api']['enabled'] = true;

Anonymous 4791

is it possible to contribute to crystal.cafe? I'm a full stack web developer, always looking for a new project, would love to help out

Yuru Camp 03 - Mou…

Phallus containment board Anonymous 2281[Reply]

Good idea or bad idea? I think it could work, plus it'd serve as a discussion ground.
8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 2323


Anonymous 2324

Looks like the male version of myself.

Anonymous 2326


I'd suck his dick for some LINK tokens

Anonymous 4783

Make it a place for shadowbanning. Moids who post there would get a secret ban.

Anonymous 4785

i don't even hate men but I don't see the need for this

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