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Use REPORTS. Posting 'Mods pls' achieves nothing.
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Comments & Complaints Anonymous Admin 4[Reply]

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Anonymous Admin 2187

They're banned.

Anonymous 2188

I think /nsfw/ should be visible again. Now people are just posting their nsfw threads on the other boards.

Anonymous Admin 2193

Please join the discussion here so I can make the appropriate changes. >>>/meta/2119

Anonymous 2195


the dark crystal upgrade is nice

Anonymous 2222

2 of my replies on /feels/ were removed yesterday. What gives? One was a 2-sentence post in the vent thread and another was replying to an upset anon in that post.


Team Applications 2019 Anonymous Admin 2071[Reply]

Hello everyone!

I'm looking for users who would like to volunteer on the board.
I'm taking applications via email. Your first task is to avoid asking where to send your application. I'm sure you can figure it out.

In your email, please write a short introduction about yourself, including your age, what you want me to call you, how you found crystal.cafe, and what you like and dislike about it. If I like your application, I will approach you with a set of hypothetical scenarios for you to respond to.


Can help with raids, delete posts, and make modposts to warn users.
Can ban users, see post history, delete posts, and make modposts to warn users.

You will start as a Janitor and will later be promoted to Moderator if everything works out.
You can volunteer to only moderate specific boards.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous Admin 2127

I've added 2 new janitors and will continue to talk to more applicants in the next few days. For the time being, I'm the only one who can see IP and post history, but Janitors can help with raids and maleposting. Just an update for everyone who's curious!

Anonymous 2145

I hope you added people from different timezones to the team. There has been a raid for the last 3 hours and nothing was deleted yet. It's a small one but still.

Anonymous Admin 2154

We have pretty good coverage and the team deletes raids quickly, however there's a technical difficulty which means that if a thread OP gets deleted, it will take a few hours for the board page to refresh, unless I am online and can refresh the board manually. This doesn't count for individual comments in threads, but it's still a pain and one of the reasons I'm planning to move to a different platform with less archaic code.

Anonymous 2219

>tfw you are more active than the jannies

Anonymous Admin 2220

Currently at 0 reports, is there an issue?


Board suggestions and feature requests Anonymous Admin 9[Reply]

Use this thread to discuss future improvements.

Current topics:
Should crystal.cafe remain as our domain or does anyone have a better idea?

Staff titles (Admin, Moderator, Janitor) can be replaced with custom titles. Please suggest some if you like.
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Anonymous 2211

Thread merging is technically impossible right?

Anonymous Admin 2212

Currently yes. If you see duplicate threads, please report them and I'll make sure to lock them.

Anonymous 2213

Maybe she meant a thread watcher?

Anonymous 2216


Can we get a /fit/ and /fa/ thread? I'm fucking sick of the trash on the other site.

Anonymous Admin 2217

You can create any threads you want as long as you don't break the rules.


Anonymous 1902[Reply]

Will there ever be a political discussion board?
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Anonymous 2199

wait until the men """give it to us""" I guess, just like they did with the right to vote (e_e)

Anonymous 2200

just go to reddit

Anonymous 2201

Anonymous 2202

thank GOD!
I come on cc to escape all the politics talk that seeps into every imageboard/forum

Anonymous 2214

Us women shouldn't care about politics, desu. Embrace tradition and stop being a little slutbag!


Anonymous 1983[Reply]

themes work for all boards expect b, it is stuck on dark crystal
is this intentional?
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Anonymous Admin 1989

Yes, just to match the new year fireworks in specific threads. I'll revert this on Monday.

Anonymous 2068

for some reason specifically page 5 of /b/ is stuck on dark crystal lol

Anonymous Admin 2069

Fixed, there was another iteration of the fireworks in a different new year thread that I forgot about.

Anonymous 2203

Did dark crystal change? It use to be very dark now it's lighter, I really preferred the old theme for dark crystal since light colors hurt my eyes, can it be added to the style options?

Anonymous Admin 2204

Yes, I added a background to make it fit in better with the other themes, but I can put the old style back up as well. Please give it 2-3 days.


Anonymous 2160[Reply]

I petition the guberment to remove the name field to force anonymous posting

Anonymous Admin 2184

I've been considering that for a while now. Still considering.

Anonymous 2194

i don't think we should


Discord Anonymous Admin 364[Reply]

Our Discord mods will enable and disable Discord invitations as needed whenever they experience too much workload in verifying new members or when there's an influx of trolls. They will edit this post whenever anything happens.

Current status as of November 15th, 2018:

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Anonymous 2130

Discord has never not ruined an online community

Anonymous 2150

Happy birthday for the other week or whatever

Anonymous 2190

So, from what I understood of the rules, there cant be others discord server invites or threads because of this official one ?

Anonymous 2191

I think it was from before there was an official discord, since people from other boards or places would just drop invites as part of raids and such.

Although the rules somewhat imply that if someone made a thread only for invites it wouldn't go against advertising/sharing outside designated places.

Anonymous Admin 2192

We don't allow Discord invites or other advertisements of any sort, sorry. "Specified threads" means that if we had a selfposting thread, then social media would be allowed to be shared in there. This is an old rule and I'll rewrite it now to make it more clear and differentiate between personal social media and bigger ventures, thanks for bringing it up.


Anonymous 2092[Reply]

Anyone else think we should forbid symbols of R9K and 4chan in the future? I browse a few 2D orientated boards & they're usually taboo, & the boards are cozy.

Imo the reasons for this would be:

1. These are big symbols of men, as long as we use them we're still sort of connected to 4C. Nobody wants that, I'm sure. Let's leave them behind.
2. Think of all the posts you've seen here with a frog, wojak, or something like that attached. Has it ever been good? Has it ever truly contributed to the thread at large, or at has it just been attached to b8 or a 1 word reply?
3. They're just ugly and lack originality.
We should come up with our own memes, y'know.

Here's a poll.
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Anonymous 2174

You clearly just don't like imageboard culture altogether. Go to a bulletin board style forum or something.

Anonymous 2175

That's not true, I like 4chan's /jp/ and /a/, partly because those are the two boards on that website that are against the things I mentioned.

Anonymous 2176

So you like 2 boards out of hundreds of boards across chans. It's one thing to dislike the porn and misogyny culture on chans, but something as innocuous as greentext, which is purely stylistic? Yeah, no.

Anonymous 2177

>stacies want to silence us from discussing the disparity between our worlds
you'll never stop me

Anonymous 2189

/jp/ and /a/ have plenty of greentexting though, they are just against blogshit so you don't see people greentexting about their lives. Every other thread has people "misusing" greentext by definition.
I don't mind greentext, it makes things easier to digest than an enormous text wall.


Contributions Anonymous Admin 5[Reply]

Use this thread to post:

- banners (300x100)
- alternate 404 images
- alternate spoiler images
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Anonymous 2158


Anonymous 2168



Anonymous 2169

this is so comfy, i love it!

Anonymous 2170

I like this one a lot

Anonymous 2171


these compliments have inspired me to make another.
enjoy ^_^

71737682_p0 - 和ECH…

Anonymous 2073[Reply]

Have you ever considered making an /all/ board?

Picture not related.

Anonymous Admin 2074

We will move to a different imageboard software in the future, though I can't give an ETA right now. This will include an /all/ board, following threads, and multiple file uploads among other features!

Anonymous 2082

good luck with that!

Anonymous 2123


sounds fake.

the board is fine as it is.

Anonymous 2159

>a different imageboard software
counts on one hand the number of relevant IB scripts

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