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Two ideas for stopping raids and spamming. Anonymous 5304[Reply]

Can't we create a captcha system? I know that it won't do that much againts raiding, but atleast it will slow down the raiders, spammers and bots.
2.Letter for verifying.
You know how some websites want you to write them a leeter to accept you? After the letter is varified by the mods you can go here and post anonymously as much as you want. It will also help filter out the trolls who want to spam here. Also I know the possibility of some trolls who can write such letter, but it will stop the ones who don't want to go through the effort.

Anonymous 5305

What is implied by a "letter"?


Comments & Complaints Pt. 2 Anonymous Admin 3347[Reply]

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Anonymous 5296

Cp in /b/

Anonymous 5297

It would be cool if when the rules update, the updated rule would be highlighted or something. I always reread whenever they update but honestly I never notice anything different at all

Anonymous 5298

I can't be 100% sure but this might be a case where the now deleted picture probably gave it away as a joke. There are lots of posts I read online (not just here but in general) that would be seen as completely serious without some kind of meme picture attached.

Anonymous 5302

I'm having trouble responding to a thread I made on /feels/. >>34633

When I hit "reply" nothing happens, if I try to open "reply" in a new window the page is blank. If I try to access the thread via the catalog, the page won't load. I'm on an android phone.

Anonymous 5303

common recently


Hear me out guyz Anonymous 4625[Reply]

Ok so I have the most REVOLUTIONARY idea!
What if, you made one board for moids to post on.
It would not actually be for them to post regularly, you see, its a trap.
You act like you will be accepting of moids on one board, but the moment they post, you ban them so they can't post and impersonate women. Stupid moids who just find this site will fall for it.
Pretty genius, right ;)
Ok I'm joking, but its a fun idea right?
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Anonymous 5280

why would you want to humor moids at all? this is a bad idea lol

Anonymous 5281

why would you necrobump this joke thread when many similar ideas have already been turned down in recent weeks

Anonymous 5283

its a bad idea and i wanted to let them know how bad their idea is

Anonymous 5285

If you lurked moar you'd see similar ideas already turned down fairly recently as bad ideas, luke I said :)

Anonymous 5286

but i wanted to let this person know specifically!


Anonymous 2780[Reply]

How did you all find this website?
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Anonymous 5257

sick of obnoxious males so i looked for all female websites, not interested in celebrities so i had no choice but here

Anonymous 5261

It was advertised on some of the radleaning/radfem blogs on tumblr. I've been lurking there since I peaked with with all the troon shit. Plus I'm tired of moids and their shitty opinions.

Anonymous 5262

tiktok comments section lol

Anonymous 5267

I don't use tiktok so I'm happy to hear that they know about us. Maybe there's some hope for the youth

Anonymous 5295

link directories on various sites


future meet up? Anonymous 4997[Reply]

I acknowledge the potential dangers to this, especially considering we’re a women’s board, but is there ever a possibility of a crystal cafe miner meet up happening? preferably in texas because that’s where i am <3 hehe
i’d be willing to set it up (location, time, etc) if people would come (i’m in Houston fyi, but we can have multiple in different places).
where would we have it? i was thinking a park or coffee shop…
what do y’all think?!
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Anonymous 5098

I have met with people from the internet multiple times before. there is a right and a wrong way to do it. if you're going to be pessimistic just say that, don't ruin the experience for everyone by assuming the worst

Anonymous 5099

what experience? it probably won't happen. no one is even bothering to get to know one another or anything.

there's a pretty good chance half of the posters here in this thread are male. no one really even expounded on why a meet-up should happen either besides it vaguely being fun. you saying anons being remotely pessimistic ruins it for everyone is proof no one even feels that strongly about it.

Anonymous 5101

I think a meetup would just be very awkward, even if there were enough people in one area to organise one. CC is more of a general interest board so it's not like there is a shared hobby to talk about. I think most of the anons gravitate to CC because they are a bit socially awkward and so putting a whole bunch of nervous socially awkward people together in one room will not work. There aren't even that many CC specific memes or cultural things to talk about.

I think anyone wanting to meet up is probably better just posting in the discord swapping thread and finding someone near them with similar interests.

Anonymous 5229

I will bring the guns!!

Anonymous 5279

still in the nyc metro area… waiting for some girlbosses to respond T_T


Anonymous 5246[Reply]

Are posters who spend "too much time around moids" allowed to post here? I've been accused of sounding like a moid and as far as the TERF thread has taught me that doesn't stop me from having XX chromosomes. Does Admin want me to send in a DNA test or what?
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 5252

no matter what you post, you'll be accused of this. constant moid accusations shoot almost any discussion here in the foot

Anonymous 5256

Don’t be [some fucking obnoxious devil’s advocate who tries to get the last say in everything and clings to every detail and who then goes full schizo after getting his precious ego dented and who posts gore in trying to get the thread nuked]…
And you’ll do just fine.

Anonymous 5258

Unrelated but is the TERF thread cut off? I'm trying to find a new one but the previous one's closed

Anonymous 5259

Anonymous 5266

100% fact

On 4chan everything boils down to comparisons to Hitler eventually.

Here, it always results in 2 people yelling "MALE POSTER".

Every remotely interesting topic has been utterly ruined by this. Makes me come here less and less.


Seeking Volunteers Anonymous Admin 4485[Reply]

To nobody's surprise, we're direly understaffed and looking for more hands on deck. Anyone interested in volunteering can contact me over Discord (finding my contact info is your first task) so we can have a chat.
You will start as a Janitor. Janitors clean up spam, raids & some rule-breaking posts. They cannot see post histories or ban users, but they will have a direct line to me and be able to contribute to board culture and help shape the direction we're taking.

This should go without saying, but as always, applicants must be female and active users of the site in order to be considered.

Anonymous 5244

Bumping this so people can see. Have you gotten any good janitors yet, Admin?

Anonymous 5250

I'm pretty sure janny applications are closed, there used to be a banner asking for help that directed you here when clicked but now that is gone

Anonymous 5251

Screenshot 2022-01…

I worry about some of you


Board suggestions and feature requests Anonymous Admin 9[Reply]

Use this thread to discuss future improvements.

Current topics:
Should crystal.cafe remain as our domain or does anyone have a better idea?

Staff titles (Admin, Moderator, Janitor) can be replaced with custom titles. Please suggest some if you like.
412 posts and 51 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 5047

That sounds like a GREAT IDEA. Thank you anon!

Anonymous 5231

Add the ability to hide posts inside threads? please

Also this:

Seconding this

>Discord usernames can be changed relatively easily
I think just filtering the #xxxx part of the Discord tag would be good since afaik you need to pay for Discord Nitro to be able to change that.

Anonymous 5234


We should have a mod log that looks something like picrel so that people can know the reason why certain posts were deleted and will keep mods and jannies accountable for their actions because their deletions will be easily seen by the whole board.

Anonymous 5238

I know this may prove to be a controvertial suggestion, but after lurking for a while, the whole moid/search for men thing is tiring when you are trying to have a disgussion.
So what if we go a popular route and make a containment board we can walk around? Like some sort of redirect for their crap so they don't spill onto larger boards.

Anonymous 5239

its been discussed before and denied.
What makes you think they'd stay in their rightful containment board, if anything CC opening a board like that would just attract more negative male attention.
I suggested we open it as bait but then ban every confessed male poster there without even giving them a notice of their ban.
It still doesn't stop troons and coomers from r9gay who come here specifically to larp like 1 of tha gurls OwO and feel like women while jerking off.
Other maleposters just come here to mock us and seethe at our opinions,so opening a containment board doesn't solve that issue since it doesn't carry the discussion they want to participate in.


Anonymous 3271[Reply]

Ongoing raid, porn and gore in /b/. ignore and report. bump this when you see this.
31 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous Admin 5152

While I appreciate the idea of this thread, please don't forget to also report the post(s) in question. That's the quickest way to reach us.

Anonymous 5217

Massive raid from Reddit, because some redditcel meme about CC went viral.

Anonymous 5235

Report button seems broken, there’s a scrote incel baiting miners in the femcel thread.

Anonymous 5236

Why do you think it's broken?

Also, how long do you all think the raid from reddit retards will last? I'll give it a month

Anonymous 5237

Yesterday's gigachad thread on /b/ is most likely a male raid thread. I haven't confirmed by looking in the usual places to see if they dropped a link to that thread there, but judging by the last replies and just as I suspected when I first saw the OP, yeah, it must be part of a raid.


Anonymous 5035[Reply]

Is it possible as a mod to check people's posts history before deleting a post on the account of it being a "moid" posting?
Because if it is then please do so, since I posted something that was misread as me being a man when I've been posting on CC for months with plenty of misandry. Honestly it's pretty fucking annoying.
4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 5044

I went to threads I'd posted in recently where ppl had still been replying to me and they were just gone. ppl who quoted me had broken links where my posts originally were. pretty frustrating tbh

Anonymous 5070

Honestly, part of the reason why I never posted in that thread was because I knew it was going to be a moderation shitshow.

Anonymous 5072

don't feel bad, it's inevitable that some ppl are going to report posts by mistake. it's up to mods to take 5 seconds to check the thread they're in and review a user's post history. I don't think you should have been banned for it either. mistakes happen. and this shit is the extra responsibility mods sign up for.

Anonymous 5198

I don’t think it’s possible to restore deleted posts. Clearly that thread is a problem for mods as they had to put a notice at the top. Probably best if it gets buried.

Anonymous 5230

It's possible she just chooses not to on occasion.

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