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Anonymous 546[Reply]

You guys can be kind of mean. (Not the staff but many of the people who post here.) You're not going to have a totally new and comfy place on the internet to hang out if you keep bringing around the same bitter attitude you picked up from other imageboards.

Before you comment just think for a second, is what I'm posting helpful? Is it kind? Is it charitable? Is it respectful? Maybe you should reconsider what you have to say or how you're saying it if it's none of those things unless you want this place to be just like everywhere else online.
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Anonymous 1488

i like the site i just don't want the know it all posters from lolcow and 4chan to take over. example the person trying to police the snow board. like get real. stop trying to tell people how to feel. i like that i can post my opinion and a crazy mod doesn't delete it.

Anonymous 2153

>I'm starting to feel like c.c consists mostly of 4ch and lolcow users trying to make fun of this site. But when I get deeper into this "lol look at those losers on this other website", I see that it's a general trend. Everyone's "raiding" everybody now.
There is nothing wrong with disagreements. Hostility and low quality insults are what I'm having problems with.

>Everyone be nice. No mean things allowed" idea is just gonna kill the site

"Everyone is an adult. Act like one." Is what I had in mind.

Anonymous Admin 2155

The FAQ reflects this:

Please see point 7.

Larry Koopå 3105


Anonymous 3106

Uh what is this post


Board suggestions and feature requests Anonymous Admin 9[Reply]

Use this thread to discuss future improvements.

Current topics:
Should crystal.cafe remain as our domain or does anyone have a better idea?

Staff titles (Admin, Moderator, Janitor) can be replaced with custom titles. Please suggest some if you like.
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Anonymous 3099

speak for yourself tard

Anonymous 3100


>put it on autosage
>dedicates a sticky directly linking to it
literally what's the fucking point?

Anonymous 3101

Because the sticky doesn't take as much space?! Plus it warns the newfags about not creating new threads related to kpop

Anonymous Admin 3103

The sticky is compact, informs users not to make additional threads, and can be edited to always contain an up-to-date link to the current general.

Anonymous 3104

then what the fuck is the point of the hide thread button?


Anonymous 3098[Reply]

why is the kpop thread on autosage?

Anonymous 3102

And stop sabotaging it with dumbass questions and complaints


Anonymous 3080[Reply]

What's the % of male posters here and how to identify them?

Anonymous 3081

like 10% are moids and looney trooners. You identify them by their lies and sometimes some moids are so mad at women that they cannot just lurk more and stay quiet.
Report them on the spot.


Anonymous 2780[Reply]

How did you all find this website?
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Anonymous Admin 3014

Yes, I am. And happy to help <3

Anonymous 3015

Thanks, you're great <3

Anonymous 3059

Found this site through google.Tried to find how to fix wide and big rib cage problem

Anonymous 3066

What problem anon?

Anonymous 3092

/r9k/ i think, during a raid like a few years back


Anonymous 2599[Reply]

Guess they got bored of their "Wizardchan".


Comment limits Anonymous Admin 3057[Reply]

I've seen some users comment on how long our threads stay up and how it might be detrimental. Our board is slow and seldom-used threads quickly drop off the first pages, which then makes it harder to find them again, which leads to more duplicate threads. I'm considering adjusting the comment limit to something more reflective of our activity and archiving old threads after a while.

However, this would mean making new threads all the time even though the old ones weren't even close to full, and starting over with the same conversation.

Do you like the current limit or are you in favor of shorter threads?
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Anonymous 3074

hi admin, can we have a watchlist/watchthread feature on the site? i do reply to a number of threads in a day and sometimes i forget which threads i replied to hours-days after coming back to see other replies

having this feature would also mean threads would get more active as we get to see if the thread we "watched" updated and replies would get quicker this way. however, if there's already a feature like this on the site, please let me know how, thanks guys. <3

Anonymous 3077

I second this request.
On other imageboards I can post in a thread for a while and then it hits bump limit and falls off the board, and I no longer have to worry about not seeing new replies. Here the site is so slow that threads persist for weeks or months, and I can't just keep every single thread that I post in open to check for new posts every day.

Anonymous Admin 3086


The 4chan x beta version works for this purpose. It will give you some errors and you won't be able to use most of its features, but the thread watcher seems to work just fine.


To make it work on crystal.cafe, you'll need to install the userscript, not the browser extension.

Make sure to follow the instructions in the FAQ to add crystal.cafe:

Anonymous 3088

Will it screw up anything if I already have the extension installed?

Anonymous Admin 3089

The userscript and extension both do the same thing, except the userscript lets you modify it to add crystal.cafe. You can probably run them both, but it would be pointless.


Sites like Crystal Cafe Anonymous 2957[Reply]

Are there any more imageboards or forums like this? Im pretty new to CC but it seems like its not very active so I was wondering if there are some other sites only for women and with little to none lurking moids
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Anonymous 2961

I think spinster is just a Twitter-esque social network where you can talk about anything, but intended to have at least a userbase of feminists. There's also lolcow.farm

Anonymous 3070


https://anonima.club is an image board for girls in spanish. It is still starting though (and it is kind of death) so it would be nice if you can give it a try

Anonymous 3071

See how this website has "Dark Crystal" and "Dark Crystal (old)" themes. Well your chan desperately needs one of those. It's so annoying for my eyes.

Anonymous 3072

I wish i could spanish

Anonymous 3073

ngl actually very cute. although i agree with >>3071, it's too bright for the dark crystal girlies like me

i wish i can understand spanish though, hope your admin reconsiders making it an international chan instead


Anonymous 2483[Reply]

How do we draw more people to the site without attracting moids?
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Anonymous 2880

Word of mouth. There’s no guarantee that some handmaiden won’t tell a group of guys about us of clout but it’s the only way to avoid (additional) male traffic and half-assed raids

Anonymous 2881

most lolcow users come across as very rad fem/TERFy and hate trans cows
male users will try to infiltrate and brigade when this site becomes more popular. I really don’t think we can do anything unfortunately

I mean, do miners really have to advertise this site? we all know about wizchan from somewhere. if someone lurks imageboards and places like the farms, they’ll probably find out and be interested

Anonymous 3024

And they are right.
Because trans isn't the same as being a woman.

Anonymous 3049

LC has a history of baiting people and making them post personal information that trickles into real life, I suggest we don't invite them in, it could cause serious damage

Anonymous 3050

let the gc refugees come from lolcow

Rebuild Of Evangel…

Anonymous 2372[Reply]

I'm worried that there are lots of men pretending to be girls here. Maybe I'm seeing things wrong but there are too many posts which just ooze a very "male imageboard user" feeling. I can't be the only one seeing this posts which read like a re-written /r9k/ post.
44 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous Admin 3040

I absolutely understand the suspicion, but I checked that user's post history and they've been here for years and have over 1000 posts on record. I will add religious topics to the sticky though. And I think it's time to add an official rule about political soapboxing.

It's possible, but I always err on the side of caution when seeing a suspicious post from someone who's new. They usually get bored after a while. Another thing I noticed is that ironically, legitimate user activity often picks up after a raid in a bid to reclaim the site.

Anonymous 3041

there's scrotes in the kpop thread

Anonymous 3042

yup theres a ton of spamming and shitposting, im trying to report but i feel like it's gonna get worse, they came in a huge wave and are just spamming out any conversation

Anonymous 3043

They were linked in from here. I get the feeling someone really doesn't like this site.

Anonymous 3044

yup thread is unusable at this point, just gonna keep reporting and hope mods get to cleaning house

what a mess lol

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