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Anonymous 10851[Reply]


Anonymous 10852

just saw it, fortunately it was removed straight away i didnt even have to report

Anonymous 10853

its already gone

Anonymous 10854

I don't see it either, thank fucking god

Anonymous 10855

yea i reported and hid asap ty mods for doing your job <3

comments and comlp…

Comments & Complaints Pt. 3 Anonymous 9259[Reply]

because the last thread is full
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Anonymous 10837

When the rules say to not discuss things illegal in the United States, does that include marijuana outside of the /x/ drug thread? So like for example referencing having smoked a joint or posting a pic of a new rig or something? I know it's legal in some places but I think it's federally still illegal there and am not sure where the rules sit on that.
Also absolute love to the mods for all the work they do removing spam

Anonymous 10847

it probably means don't discuss things that can get the site shut down such as trading illegal drugs or firearms. discussing them in general is probably fine.

Anonymous 10848

this place is full of males talking about relationships, dating, and looksmaxxing. wtf to do? they keep responding to each other pretending to be women.

Anonymous 10849

show me where ill report them

Anonymous 10850

theres this thread in feels completely infested with them: >>>/feels/112049
i feel like a schizo scrotefoiling everybody ugh


Raid, porn and gore bunker Anonymous 9533[Reply]

Bump to hide pornographic/illegal posts until mods can delete them. Doesn't have to be /b/.
Always report when you see bad posts, even if it hurts to click.
Stomaching looking at something disgusting helps out ALL nonas. Please do your part.

Last thread reached bump limit. Fuck scrotes.
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Anonymous 10842


Anonymous 10843

So much spam on /b/ :(

Anonymous 10844


Anonymous 10845


Anonymous 10846



future meet up? Anonymous 4997[Reply]

I acknowledge the potential dangers to this, especially considering we’re a women’s board, but is there ever a possibility of a crystal cafe miner meet up happening? preferably in texas because that’s where i am <3 hehe
i’d be willing to set it up (location, time, etc) if people would come (i’m in Houston fyi, but we can have multiple in different places).
where would we have it? i was thinking a park or coffee shop…
what do y’all think?!
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Anonymous 10090

kek no way, Did one dude in that meetup died in an assignment overseas?????

Anonymous 10100


because im so lonely and need more like minded women in my life

Anonymous 10130

glow harder

Anonymous 10373

Probsbly going 2 get shot up. Not that I live nearby anyways but b safe out there.

Anonymous 10829

would be so down for this, euro meetup would be epic


Anonymous 4812[Reply]

Every single thread on page 1 of /b/ right now is about moids or moid relationships in some form. Can we please get a containment board specifically for moid discussion because it's fucking tiresome and gay. I come to a women only space to escape from moid bullshit for a while only to find constant moid centered chatter.
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Anonymous 9654

yea it really is fucking annoying

Anonymous 10765

I came to /meta/ to complain about this. The same thing has ruined other imageboards too, and every time I bring it up I just get shit hurled at me. /feels/ has a dedicated vent thread, yet still a majority of posters feel the need to make a thread venting about some moid shit in their lives. Usually these unnecessary, personal threads get around 10 replies because, who would've guessed, your hyper-specific problem isn't really relevant to the rest of us.

Newfags need to lurk more; this isn't facebook and you shouldn't just make a new post because you have something you want to say. Go to the catalogue and read the posts that are there to see if your particular issue is already being discussed. Read through the replies, and then add your contribution. I don't always read through everything in a thread, but I do my bit to read at least a dozen replies and respond to them before adding what I want to talk about. I haven't made a post here, but once I was going to so I hit "ctrl+F" and realised someone had already started discussing something similar, so I bumped that thread instead of drowning it under yet another duplicate. By lurking, you get a feel for what distinguishes "I'M SELFISH LOOK AT ME, ME ME ME" from "Here is a genuine, general topic that I would like to discuss that you may like to discuss too". I'm probably wasting my time saying this here, maybe someone who doesn't know this will read it and apply it.

Anonymous 10791

The newfags ruined the site, when it was extremely slow at least the posts were quality. Now it’s newfags larping as what they think imageboard users are like this explains the influx of those cringe femcel posts

Anonymous 10817

Crystal.cafe is a woman's image board that couldn't pass the Bechdel test.

Anonymous 10818

i’m tired of hearing about moids and the femcel larping from newfags. i wish we had a containment


Cece the lizard Anonymous 1255[Reply]

Meet Cece the lizard - or the lizbian - crystal.cafe's answer to Pepe the frog.
Based on an article about a certain type of lizard that is female only.
feel free to make your own versions of her or even edit mine, anything's a contribution.
By the way - this does not snuff out the miner waitress mascot girl. She would be the wojak equivalent.
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Anonymous 10184

Love it

Anonymous 10289

i like this person

Anonymous 10389


Can someone make PEEPEE POOPOO style memes of Cece dunking on scrotes? thx

Anonymous 10811

Anonymous 10813


Anonymous 2780[Reply]

How did you all find this website?
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Anonymous 10799


freind of mine on discord sent me the link, said it seemed like my kinda thing

Anonymous 10800

gag at the nonas who came from that one tweet and r9k

Anonymous 10801

The 4chan for girls tweet? kek those fags are always like uwu I’m such a good person i don’t visit 4chan

Anonymous 10802

Considering how shitty the site became post 2016 I don’t blame them, the best imageboards are the ones the average person doesn’t know about

Anonymous 10810



Why are the replies so rude Anonymous 10189[Reply]

I have seen so many rude replies on this site in response to very lukewarm posts. Why is that?
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Anonymous 10375

blame twitter and its ratio culture

Anonymous 10423

Welcome to your first imageboard!

Anonymous 10782

Almost all of the new users are edgy zoomers who think that being a bitch is funny, it’s very tiring to see and the neet hiki femcel larping has ruined the site immensely

Anonymous 10784

Maybe it's because I grew up using lolcow but I don't seem to feel a difference on cc (I'm not one of the types acting rude for no reason fyi). If you see anons telling eachother to kill themselves, racebaiting, starting infights etc you can report it

Anonymous 10790


I think this is pretty accurate. It’s different from normal image board unpleasantness.
I’ve noticed this, too. Zoomers take a lot of pleasure in being mean and have a lot of righteous indignation to motivate them.


Anonymous 4776[Reply]

How can we grow this community while avoiding moids?
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Anonymous 10078

hire ex-nsa counter-intelligence to keep men out

Anonymous 10101

Tell your girl friends about it in person, put links to it in women's bathrooms

Anonymous 10145

Same for me. Moids on 4chan actually made me discover CC

Anonymous 10168

I never really spent any time on 4chan- I learned about CC in passing on pretty ugly little liar (RIP?) when snooping about the whole Emzotic drama years and years ago

Anonymous 10775

true but i hate having my identity tied to a specific tag/account


Anonymous 4434[Reply]

Why is this place so unnecessarily ban-happy? I have NO idea why I get temp banned but it happens a lot! Even if I don't break the rules..? It feels like being allowed to post here has nothing to do with the actual rules. My posts are obviously from a female, they're humorous most of the time, I don't have beef with anyone here, It is too much.

No wonder this board is slow or dead… I'm sorry but how is it conducive to creativity and humor if you constantly have to worry about getting banned for anything?

Cc needs to loosen up, because the boards POORLY represent women. You have all of 7 subtopics to represent their interests??? and then you ban-hammer those women for ANYTHING?? It feels the opposite of progressive to me. It feels as liberated as Sunday school.
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Anonymous 10188

i literally generated conversation in several posts which is good thing for this slow board, yet i was banned bc some janny probably disliked my stances on things. smfh

Anonymous 10391

I was banned for no reason at all in february, when I'm pretty sure I didn't even post since the beginning of the year. No stated reason and the appeal was denied.
It's the second time this happens to me and I'm starting to think you have a deranged janny in your midst. I mostly post in the terf thread btw.

Anonymous 10454

this place will literally ban you for anything and this is why i think female forums will always be inferior in many aspects. still have to use it though because 4chan and the likes are shitholes

Anonymous 10766

Same here, there is definitely a rogue janny

Anonymous 10781

Rather have that than the site become the shithole 4chan devolved too

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