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Team Applications 2019 Anonymous Admin 2071[Reply]

Hello everyone!

I'm looking for users who would like to volunteer on the board.
I'm taking applications via email. Your first task is to avoid asking where to send your application. I'm sure you can figure it out.

In your email, please write a short introduction about yourself, including your age, what you want me to call you, how you found crystal.cafe, and what you like and dislike about it. If I like your application, I will approach you with a set of hypothetical scenarios for you to respond to.


Can help with raids, delete posts, and make modposts to warn users.
Can ban users, see post history, delete posts, and make modposts to warn users.

You will start as a Janitor and will later be promoted to Moderator if everything works out.
You can volunteer to only moderate specific boards.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 2090

I don't always have my PC open, but I do have a phone. Will I be able to mod from there?

Anonymous 2091


Good luck to everyone applying!

Anonymous Admin 2094

Yes, moderation works fine on mobile.

I'll reach out to applicants this weekend.


Anonymous 2092[Reply]

Anyone else think we should forbid symbols of R9K and 4chan in the future? I browse a few 2D orientated boards & they're usually taboo, & the boards are cozy.

Imo the reasons for this would be:

1. These are big symbols of men, as long as we use them we're still sort of connected to 4C. Nobody wants that, I'm sure. Let's leave them behind.
2. Think of all the posts you've seen here with a frog, wojak, or something like that attached. Has it ever been good? Has it ever truly contributed to the thread at large, or at has it just been attached to b8 or a 1 word reply?
3. They're just ugly and lack originality.
We should come up with our own memes, y'know.

Here's a poll.
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Anonymous 2096

We must seize the memes of production

Anonymous 2097


>3 people agree already
Their days are numbered

Anonymous 2098

chinese cartoon bo…

if everything runs as a 360 counterpart to them, then when will we post reaction pics consisting of anime boys. Or since it's the opposite, live action boys (of the tumblr variety consisting of the standard .gif of any mediocre tv-series).

In all seriousness though, regarding #2 there's a thread with female pepe declaring the goal of obtaining a bf for the new year and IIRC a "chicken tendies appreciation thread".

Pretty much everything else with a frog attached ended up being bait as you said, as far as I can remember.

Anonymous 2099

Screen Shot 2019-0…

imo we should start creating our own memes, i dont think we should ban pepe and wojak, but we should definitely use them less!!!!

Anonymous 2100

also i mean like actual original memes, not fukcg genderbent pepe thats a toad instead of a frog or something


Board suggestions and feature requests Anonymous Admin 9[Reply]

Use this thread to discuss future improvements.

Current topics:
Should crystal.cafe remain as our domain or does anyone have a better idea?

Staff titles (Admin, Moderator, Janitor) can be replaced with custom titles. Please suggest some if you like.
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Anonymous 1990


I would really like it if the board links at the top/bottom of the site redirected to the catalog variant of them if I'm browsing in the catalog instead of the regular index.
I use the catalog exclusively and it's a bit irritating when I click on a different board to then click 'catalog' again.

Anonymous 1994

would it be possible to make 4ch's tomorrow theme an option here? or at least get a better dark option
dark crystal is nice but it's just so purple

Anonymous 1995

Is anyone else interested in a cooking/food-related board? Honestly 4chan’s /ck/ is complete shit but I like the idea of sharing recipes, giving cooking tips and talking about food/diets/etc

Maybe c.c isn’t big enough yet to include niche boards, idk.

Anonymous 2054

I like this idea too but there have been a few cooking threads but not much was posted in them. I think people are either a) too scared to post b) don't want to post something that isn't very important c) don't want to bump old threads, but I think on a site as small as this doing all that would just help the discussion instead of being annoying like on a big site.
Please do share any recipes in those threads if you have any, I think the thread was in /b/

Anonymous Admin 2089

Our disk space was completely full, so I upgraded our server just now to make room for more posts!

If you'd like to help with our server bills, we now have a Patreon:

Thank you so much for any support!


Comments & Complaints Anonymous Admin 4[Reply]

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Anonymous Admin 2084

Anonymous 2085

how do i turn off the snow

Anonymous Admin 2086

I'm turning it off in a week.

Anonymous 2087


Apologies for posting here. I would have liked to have contacted the moderation team personally and avoid doing so publicly, but there seems to be no IRC and the available chat channel has permissions that make it impossible to contact through that.

Could I ask the moderation team here to please be active in preventing cross board posting? We currently have a thread on our imageboard - now locked - which seems to have been started by users from here, for no intention other than to generate drama.

I would kindly ask that you afford us the same courtesy as we afford you.

Thank you.

Anonymous Admin 2088

It's highly discouraged to draw unwanted attention to our board; whenever I'm aware of this happening, the user responsible is banned. For future reference, our email address is on the Rules page.

71737682_p0 - 和ECH…

Anonymous 2073[Reply]

Have you ever considered making an /all/ board?

Picture not related.

Anonymous Admin 2074

We will move to a different imageboard software in the future, though I can't give an ETA right now. This will include an /all/ board, following threads, and multiple file uploads among other features!

Anonymous 2082

good luck with that!


Let's chat! Anonymous Admin 1875[Reply]

Crystal.cafe is growing and exciting things are coming, so I'd like to propose a board-wide chatroom at some point between now and end of January 2019 ends to discuss the current state of the site, possible improvements, criticism, future site features, and other things.

Please go here to vote for a Saturday or Sunday before February 2019: Click here

Go here to fill out a survey about your experience on crystal.cafe: Click here
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Anonymous Admin 2062

Sadly I realized that Cytube does not let me scroll up far enough to copy the chat, only jokes about Garfield furry porn.

>inb4 "how convenient"

I think it's obvious already that the chat was not very successful and all the mods are, as of yesterday, no longer part of the team. The numbers user was not a mod. I'm running the site on a skeleton crew at the moment (mostly consisting of myself) and am going to post an application thread in a few hours. Thank you for your patience.

Anonymous 2063


Damn. Did they quit of their own volition or were they sacked? Either way, good riddance imo.

Anonymous 2064

The videos were leagues better than watching the mods shit themselves and fight with other users the entire time. Basically all that got done was what admin bullet pointed further up thread in >>2036 because of it. More probably could've got done had a shitfest not ensued but sadly what's done is done. I was admittedly one of the users directing attention to the videos because the damn fight was just exhausting to watch.

I left after awhile cause I got tired of the mods fighting and also had errands to run so I don't know what went down when I left but I assume that's when they got fired.

If the discord is just gonna cause this type of drama, yeah it needs nuked and it's not very active anyway so that's even more reason to not keep it around. Maybe site activity will pick up once that happens!

Anonymous 2066


>missed it
even though i was looking forward to it so much ;_; fuck

Anonymous 2070

>I'm not coming back to this site probably

sorry to hear that, please dont leave my friends on peridot.pizzeria


Anonymous 1983[Reply]

themes work for all boards expect b, it is stuck on dark crystal
is this intentional?

Anonymous 1988


Anonymous Admin 1989

Yes, just to match the new year fireworks in specific threads. I'll revert this on Monday.

Anonymous 2065

Kirby is a male

Anonymous 2068

for some reason specifically page 5 of /b/ is stuck on dark crystal lol

Anonymous Admin 2069

Fixed, there was another iteration of the fireworks in a different new year thread that I forgot about.


Anonymous 2047[Reply]

Hello all, I am a frequent user of both r9k and /b/ as of recently I've noticed a lot of horrible guys posting dumb shit about this site. Some good but most bad. I would like to say after browsing this website i can definitely confirm this site is much friendlier and caring than any 4chan board. Glad you all are having a good time here keep up the good vibes!


Discord Anonymous Admin 364[Reply]

Our Discord mods will enable and disable Discord invitations as needed whenever they experience too much workload in verifying new members or when there's an influx of trolls. They will edit this post whenever anything happens.

Current status as of November 15th, 2018:

111 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 1938


>me waiting for a working discord link

Anonymous 1984


Anonymous 1985



Anonymous 1986


I can’t wait for it

Anonymous Admin 1991

The Discord will be discussed during the site discussion chat! Please join if you want to help us improve it.


Anonymous 1960[Reply]

Thanks for making this place so great, Admin.

2019 will be a great year for CC!

Anonymous 1961

cute :3

Anonymous 1962

Yes admin rocks!!!!!

Anonymous 1963

I want to know more about admin. Why she made this site, if she’s femcel, if she’s stacy, what her davorite other websites are etc

Anonymous 1977

I love this site so much, thank u admin <3

Anonymous Admin 1979

Thank you for appreciating and enjoying crystal.cafe, it makes me very happy <3

I'm a twentysomething female (female) hermit with nothing else to do and I made this site because it's something I wanted for myself and others like me. I'm neither femcel nor Stacy. That's all there is to know about me.

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