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TERFposting #35 Anonymous 269991

Anonymous 270003


First for male-hating dogs.

Anonymous 270111

Anonymous 270112

Does anyone else think the current trans shit is reaching an extinction burst?

Anonymous 270122

I dunno. Maybe? I dont even know what is going on in the trans community anymore or the world in general anymore.

Anonymous 270124

same i've checked out of everything tbh

Anonymous 270231

it's funny to me how a lot of trannies love video games that have a large male fanbase. u see them argue about which Civilization game is best or easter eggs in Fallout games. like can't they be better at hiding their maleness?
I'm not saying that females can't play those games, it's just that why would trannies wanna play those games if they don't wanna be associated with any male stuff

Anonymous 270255

Same nowadays my dream life would be living in a small house in the middle of nowhere, growing my own food and my only contact with society would be when I get to the nearby town to buy necessities every month or so

Anonymous 270256

imagine this not being your dream from the get go kek

Anonymous 270288

is that an axewound

Anonymous 270300

it does not look like a true and honest female vagina. i think one of the spammers posted it

Anonymous 270330

idk who this is.

Anonymous 270331

Ok you are gay we get it

Anonymous 270332

>We are not attractive enough to an incel retard
Oh no what will we do… It's OVER ladies

Anonymous 270340

>>270333 spoiler!!

Anonymous 270343

That's a man and you are supa gae

Anonymous 270344

why is there a seething incel troon literally shitting up the board? I really think we need a war draft specifically for incels and TIMs. Front of the line.

Anyways I literally just talked to a girl online and she said at 14 she was spammed dick pics by a grown ass woman THAT SHE KNEW IRL. I politely explained to her that if someone is sending you pictures of their cock they are a man and need to be prosecuted for sexually assaulting a minor. It's really upsetting to know this shit is happening and people will STILL respect the pronouns of their male assailant.

I fucking hate this world for blindly accepting trans people. Women have been literally raped and murdered 100000000x more than trannies but trans people can earn pity points by threatening suicide.

Anonymous 270352

_I wouldn_t exactl…

>trans people

Anonymous 270372

>i hate troons
>b-b-but this 46 years old scrote cosplaying a young girl is fine cause he looks good
Fuck off ew

Anonymous 270402

tbh I don't think most trannies even kill themselves as much as they claim they do.

Like sure, I think their rates are higher because dedicating so much of yourself to living a lie is going to fuck your head, but I think trannies probably have a rate of self banning about as high as the average loser incel since most of them are practically the same person. I'm actually surprised at how a lot of TIMs are not school shooters. Like there are a ton of AGP school shooters but it seems like when you put them on estrogen they settle down and instead of killing kids en masse they settle on becoming rapists/groomers instead.

Anonymous 270410

1 yes they did lmao you felt called out?
2 after you troon

Anonymous 270415

Are you the moid that keeps spamming the site? or are you a simp woman?

Anonymous 270442

who are you talking about

Anonymous 270481

It's a tranny that spams this board

Anonymous 270581

I actually hate tranny’s like Blaire White and their annoying ass kissing. They try so hard to prove that they’re one of the good sane tranny’s, as if they aren’t one and the same with the mentally ill copers that they love to criticize. If they were so self aware they would’ve checked themselves into a psych ward instead of cosplaying as a woman. And shame on the republicans in his comment section who claim to know better, yet continue to affirm this mentally ill man’s delusions by referring to him with feminine pronouns. They’re all up in his comments lying to him, telling him he can pass as a real woman and that he looks “pretty.”

Anonymous 270582

When I was younger I thought Blaire White seemed sensible and every once in a while would say shit that seemed rational (Like saying trans women are a subset of men) but these days Blaire is a fucking asshole and just goes around calling everyone who disagree with them ugly and its just so catty. Also Blaire is getting too much work done and it's starting to look kind of gross. I don't want to hate anyone strictly because they are trans but Blaire just comes off the same energy as the really mean gay men I've met in my life.
Buck Angel is also annoying too, I find the Annoying Tranny the least obnoxious and most self aware but they are new to the scene. The big thing about them is they are a Zionist which I just can't get behind.
I feel like most of these "not like the other trans" youtubers also generally feel pressured to be far right. Like maybe they will defend TERFS but if the realized radical feminism was actually a leftist movement they would change their tune.

Anonymous 270584

you mean The Offensive Tranny? I didn't know they (she?) were a Zionist. Eh, makes sense because they probably think they'd get killed for being a tranny in Palestine or something like that

Anonymous 270585

oof shit yeah got them confused with the annoying orange. Pretty sure that was the exact reasoning, that they'd get killed for being a tranny.

I know the middle east hates homos but I actually don't know the finer details about how they treat trans individuals. I'm guessing if they don't pass they will kill them. I would assume there would be a lot more TIFs in fundamentalist muslim countries because that would work to their advantage in the sense that they would have more economic opportunities without having to deal with a wifebeating scrote and less risk of sexual harassment if they pass. I don't understand why anyone in their would want to be a TIM in the fundamentalist islamic parts middle east unless they are a homosexual male who wants to be a prostitute or some shit.

Anonymous 270589

In some parts of the middle east, transition is the only way to be allowed to be homosexual with some degree of acceptance. I knew a Palestinian TIM who id'd that way for that reason

Anonymous 270593

>Palestinian TIM

Ok I'm curious. Was he still in Palestine? If so, what were his experiences like.

Anonymous 270610

He was raised in Saudi Arabia, but him and his mom left to and before he died, her and him moved to the Philippines (he was mixed with Filipino).

Anonymous 270611

So wait he left saudi arabia because he was a gay tranny and moved to the philippines? It was kind of hard for me to understand what you wrote

Anonymous 270614

He left with his mom to live in the Philippines bc the only other option was living with his dad.

Anonymous 270668


The trend subset of it, yes. It’s currently at the point where if I see a lesbian flag online and click on the profile, it is a man 100% of the time. Not exaggerating. I don’t follow any LGB stuff, so in the past year it has been every time, probably up to fifty individual times. That’s just not sustainable. I’m thinking it will be like bronies. They still exist, but they burned out after about ten years. We’re coming up on ten years since this became the thing low-functioning psychopathic and intellectually disabled males (both typically misdiagnosed as autism) latched onto.
The gay ones will probably always exist and I don’t really care about them. But the “lesbians” will stop. Either detransing or more likely just no new ones and the rest getting too old to matter culturally, as with bronies.

Anonymous 270669

They just threaten it 24/7. People that will kill themselves just kind of do it. It’s a cluster B thing.

Anonymous 270670

If you’re anything but the average white dude the resurgence of interest in the Isreal/palestine thing (is it just me or is this a thing that’s always been going on and is only now coming up again because China is pushing it via TikTok to sow division?) is the most “let them fight” scenario in the history of the earth. Creating a country based on schizophrenic delusions (“religion”) was stupid, but also the only better outcome for women than them fighting for eternity like the Blood War from DND is to glass everything within a thousand mile radius of Jerusalem and put some caution tape up.

Anonymous 270673

>Mr. garrison is gay
>Mr. Garrison becomes Ms. Garrison
>Ms. Garrison becomes a lesbian (we are here)
>Ms. Garrison becomes Mr. Garrison

Anonymous 270676


The "Dead By Daylight" trans VA is dead now.

Anonymous 270677

You're naive if you think "lesbians" will stop. These are psychotic men desperate for sex with women who have aligned gaining it with a political crusade like banning Australia day. They will continue supporting it single mindedly and grow more and more vitriolic until the political climate progresses just enough for the government to capitulate and legislate denying sex to them a crime. It may take generations but their crosshairs are firmly set on this single unmet urge. Sex is a far stronger drive than race or religion and these people are more steadfast in their beliefs than the most radical Jihadi. Their numbers are too small to organise mass rallies or coordinated terror attacks but they grow each day. You will live to see weekly trans sex riots burn down cities and rape hostages in the name of total tranny revolution.

Anonymous 270681

The issue is that non trannie men will gun them all down. They outnumber them and aren't cucked by artificial estrogen.

Tale as old as time, moids will fight moids because both see women as a prize to be won

Anonymous 270684

was it by the autoimmune disease or was it 41%ing?

Anonymous 270689

Maybe. If they turn out to be more than keyboard warriors then I guess it’s time for the real fun to begin.

Anonymous 270694

looks like it was due to an autoimmune disease for once. it makes me a little sad actually that this person died and will forever be remembered as a joke but then again he's probably one of the same trannies that forms pedo gooner rings to groom children on discord

Anonymous 270696

It makes me happy that maybe karma is a tiny bit real sometimes, also also reinforces my belief that autoimmune disease is basically your brain punishing you for lying to yourself by fucking your shit up.
May every troon have just the worst MS decline and die quickly to minimize the healthcare burden.

Anonymous 270697

If I see a lesbian flag and click on the profile and it’s a scrote one more time I’m going to fucking lose it.
Not your word. Not your flag. Fuck OFF.

Anonymous 270698

Meet up with it then kill it.

Anonymous 270699

Nona!!! Martyr a disgusting AGP AND give moids a reason to fear women?!

Take me with you, I'll be the backup in case things go wrong.

Maybe we'll go to the same prison and start a terf gang

Anonymous 270700

God I wish. Violence is the only language these animals understand.

Anonymous 270756


Anonymous 270758


Anonymous 270760

>rubs tar on my face and puts on a shitload of red lipstick
>changes my name to sheeneequa
So anyways, as someone who has lived as both a white and a black person….

Anonymous 270761


Anonymous 270799

>get a tiktok from a tif saying she passes
>she doesn’t
>get a tiktok of a tif saying she passes
>she doesn’t
every time. how do they not see that they look like women with flat chests?

Anonymous 270800

flat chests and scraggly facial hair.
Even the ones who 'pass' on camera don't pass irl because they are 5'2 with wide hips and narrow shoulders.

I get why you could hate yourself for being a girl, especially in a patriarchal society, but you're just shooting yourself in the foot when you put yourself on test and chop off your tits to try to pass as a scrote

Anonymous 270804

they'll be like 5'1 and say shit like that lmao

Anonymous 270805

This has to be fake right? There can’t be people like this. It’s just not possible.
Tangentially I was thinking about the “my friend so and so was falsely accused!” thing, and I think the math works out that if your “friend” got accused of rape it’s more likely that this isn’t their first rape than that they were falsely accused.

Anonymous 270813

> There can’t be people like this
An MRA/MGTOW/Incel what troons out? More likely than you think

Anonymous 270814

Anonymous 270817

buffalo bill.jpg

Anonymous 270822


Why does it remind me of…

Anonymous 270823

kekk so fucking ugly

Anonymous 270831

>Spends hours putting expensive makeup on
>can't be bothered to at least line his ugly stubble
Many such cases

Anonymous 270869


Anonymous 270870

Oh wow,another deluded man pretending to be a girl winning in the women's division. What's the count on that now?

Anonymous 270894

What's crazy to me is just how little people talk about the link between hormone replacement and autoimmune diseases. The amount of people who start taking hormones only to have a complete collapse of their immune systems as a direct result of those hormones is actually pretty fucking high, so even when they aren't 41%ing themselves their life expectancy is super low.

Turns out "pink pills" aren't just magic girljuice medicine that turns you into an anime protagonist, hormones are seriously powerful chemicals that have far reaching and largely unmitigatable consequences. But you're not allowed to talk about the real serious health risks of any of this, or how "puberty blockers" will lead to them being so underdeveloped their lungs collapse and their brains don't form properly. It's all about muh heckin validation. At the end of the day, I pity them. But, it's going to take a lot more cases like this I think for normies to acknowledge reality.

Anonymous 270896


Anonymous 270898

> autoimmune diseases
I'd be more worried about cancer. Every sort of artificial hormone introduced causes huge amounts of cancer. Whether it's hormonal contraception or HRT.

Anonymous 270904

He's certainly hetero because that character looks like a generic blowjob sex doll, complete with unrealistic uncanny body proportions that not even real women can achieve. But transitioning totally isn't about living out a terrible, trashy fetish or anything… it's HEALTHY and a human right!

I hate coomer failmales so much.

Anonymous 270906

>look up user
>he got suspended
Even Reddit knew this loser was irredeemable shit lol. I hope he got told off before he got banned m.

Anonymous 270961


Anonymous 270962

>72cm hips

These are the hips OF a child

Anonymous 270964

what the fuck is that? Is that his weird neo vagina? It looks scary

Anonymous 270965

Disgusting and delusional.

Anonymous 270966

looks like his ass crack lmao

Anonymous 270967

OMFG I didn't realize it was the back his ass is so flat I thought he had really fucked up SRS

Anonymous 270969

>hormones will change my already set bone structure
Trannies are stupid.

Anonymous 270972

1713880298169 (1).…

Anonymous 270975

>There’s genuinely no way someone could be this deep in without being in some way psychologically female
Well, they could just be, yknow, crazy. I think you're overthinking it.

Anonymous 270976

It's posts like this that make me wonder whether trannies are tricking themselves with a kind of powerful wishful thinking or if they literally do not see the things the rest of us see. Like when dysmorphics see themselves as fatter than they are in a mirror, does the trannoid look at this and actually see a more wide-set pelvis than a sane person does.

Anonymous 270978


>psychologically female

Anonymous 270995

are you retarded?? most people with autoimmune diseases are women. u are no better than all the male doctors that say "you're just making it up." this is literally a sexist talking point, with the brain "punishing you". only difference is here youre saying its because theyre liars, men say its because theyre not homemakers or wives etc

Anonymous 270996

what the fuck does this mean??
> no way someone could be in this deep without being in some way psychologically female…
are you retarded?? what the fuck do you mean by psychologically female ?? you sound like a moid. implying that madness/insanity must surely be "female thinking" is like one of the most obvious ways to tell youre a man. gtfo

Anonymous 270998

Anon TIMs are always psychologically male, they just morphed their misogyny into cosplaying their idea of being psychologically female.

At best, they are feminine men, but they are always male, even mentally.

Anonymous 270999


>most people with autoimmune disorders are female
Clearly he was the exception and not the rule.

Anonymous 271002

Dude there are some serious retards on this site as of late

Anonymous 271004

>as of late
trannies are always raiding womens spaces, nona. They hate being left out even though none of us care about their tranny exclusive places

Anonymous 271012

idk how you got sexism from what she said but go off

Anonymous 271019


JFC the meme is real.

Anonymous 271027

Jesus they're not even hiding it.

Anonymous 271060

the metal gear solid fanboys are the worst to deal with, and they tend to believe themselves to be quite smart and extremely ~aware~ of the toxic meta narratives that supposedly plague society
one kojimasucker literally corrected me when i decried 'the medical industrial complex' to the 'military industrial complex' bc his knowledge of such a thing was only ever in the context of pervy games that fed him tom clancy talking points with man ass. he could not conceive of the very thing that preys upon him.

im pretty pleased to see someone so stupid be punished so much for his willing blindness to this shit. plus he screamed at me and threatened me despite being six foot something and having at least 30% more muscle mass than i did bc i wouldn't tolerate him berating me for not responding the correct way to twitter tranny talking points.

Anonymous 271063

How does that follow? It’s just delusional. There are people that think they’re dead.

Anonymous 271064

Tranny detected, male ejected

Anonymous 271065

>express a genuine wish that at skinwalking low functioning psychopaths fucking die, as they should
>get called a tranny
Yeah ok

Anonymous 271073

Brah youre so clum…

Anonymous 271266

I find pics of old Tims in make up funny

Anonymous 271525

I don't understand why anyone would want to be a woman in the first place
It's fucking miserable

Anonymous 271644

I mean that's what she said isn't it?

Anonymous 271656


New Troon study: Risk of Suicide and Self-Harm Following Gender-Affirmation Surgery
>With the growing acceptance of transgender individuals, the number of gender affirmation surgeries has increased. Transgender individuals face elevated depression rates, leading to an increase in suicide ideation and attempts. This study evaluates the risk of suicide or self-harm associated with gender affirmation procedures.
Tl;dr troons more likely to attempt suicide or self harm after their surgeries than before.

Anonymous 271664

Honestly don't understand why everyone is mad JK Rowling compared being trans to trying to become black because one likes stereotypically black things. Not sure if it's actually new or not but it just showed up in my tumblr feed.

Anonymous 271665

Why is it always black people getting dragged into these weird comparisons and hypotheticals though? Trannies randomly bring up black women, too.
Like, I've noticed it's never Indians or the Chinese people use for these things kek

Anonymous 271666

Anonymous 271895

What's the new number to replace 41%?

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