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Anonymous Admin 39516[Reply]

Do not make threads about the following topics or you will be banned for 7 days:

- Race/Ethnicity/Nationality (including stereotypes & preferences)
- Religion
- "femboys"
- (Why) do guys…
- (Why) do you like guys who [insert preference here]
- (Why) do guys like [insert preference here]
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>>113030 Pinkpill general/complaints about men as a whole
>>44115 Where/how to meet men
>>67804 Trans general
>>114365 TERF Memes/shittalking

devilish cece.png

D E V I L I S H T H R E A D Anonymous 115101[Reply]

>be me
>at uni, 20 years old
>sperg with no friends in class
>have primitive art course
>professor keeps referencing and praising a specific book on the subject
>term paper is due in december
>borrow the only copy of said book at uni library in october
>don't tell anyone, take my time writing my paper
>fast forward to december
>normies complaining on class fb group about the book copy being missing
>be delighted
>get maximum grade, everyone else fails


Pinkpill Thread #5 Anonymous 113030[Reply]

Vent your frustration about males and the degenerate things that they do here.

>>108911 previous salty bread
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Anonymous 115089

>Saying that laws meant to protect women are infantilizing is like saying that laws meant to protect minorities are infantilizing.
Sure, but just because you say a law is protecting woman doesn't mean it is not infantalizing them at the same time. Making the statement "Woman lack the ability to give consent until they are 25" implies that men gain the ability to consent earlier, implying that they gain higher cognitive abilities faster. Unless we're using definition of "consent" differently. What exactly do you think "consent" means such that a woman lacks the ability to give it until they are 25? Which, again, is what you are saying, de jure, that woman lack the ability to consent until they are 25.

Anonymous 115091

The rhetoric around consent being equivalent to maturity is nothing but a red herring. It's pure ideology, as Zizek would put it.
Laws are about power, nothing more, nothing less. For example, rapes are hard to prove, and thus under-reported. Making more robust laws to protect women against rape in no way implies that women have the responsibility or obligation to prevent rape, or that they're immature or whatever.

The law proposed would simply give women the leverage to employ the power of the state to punish men for abusing their power. If a woman wasn't abused by a moid, she has no reason to pursue legal action. If she was, she should have the right to punish the moid in question.

I find the whole argument ridiculous, to be honest. Is 40 year old men dating 20 year old women creepy and manipulative? Yes. So why should it be legally allowed? Fundamentally, abuse is about power, not "maturity". It's not a woman's responsibility to be "mature" enough to avoid predatory males, it's the males responsibility not to be predatory. And if they won't be responsibly of their own volition, the law should force them to be.

Anonymous 115095

Cute dino-bun but …

question, why do so many men have the audacity to think a woman that has 0 standards lands a guy with a heart of gold?

manosphere (and even some normie males) rhetoric around victim blaming is like…"well, a man with options is a monster because men are monsters, the only way you can find a good man is if he's forced into it because he has no power to choose anyone besides you (and he's only with you because you have a pussy–this guarantees he will worship you for a million years). Actual integrity and virtue doesn't exist among men, so just get the most passive, weakest guy you can."

the male they martyr as being the pinnacle of male goodness is the Orbiter; a guy that apparently never does anything out of compassion, definitely doesn't volunteer, etc., who is being nice to a woman he wants to fuck because…he wants to fuck her? they act like this guy will automatically worship her forever and treat her like a goddess forever, if she just chooses him.

it's really quite weird–considering I've known many women that actually did date their "orbiter" (not that they described them as such but it was obvious) and…it turned out they had their own set of issues in most cases, or even just secretly bad people. now, when these women reported having a better time, the men weren't insecure, bitter, or jealous, and generally well-adjusted, which…rules out most "nice guys."

Anonymous 115098

>The rhetoric around consent being equivalent to maturity is nothing but a red herring. It's pure ideology, as Zizek would put it.
Alright then, before I attempt to address anything else, define what consent is and why someone does or does not have the ability to give it at certain points in time. You're the own calling "age of consent" rhetoric, which is pretty fucking close to pedoshit for my fucking taste.

Anonymous 115100

We can argue about the semantics of law all day, but I don't really care about that tbh.
I have a very practical goal of giving women more power to leverage against abusive men, all the rest is secondary.
Social media shaming and twitter canceling won't do.

The question is, do you care more about optics, or do you care more about preventing abuse?


School is shit. Working is worse. Anonymous 115081[Reply]

I am a terrible student, don't have too much internship experience, and am lazy as fuck. What kinds of jobs exist for people like me?

I just want to exist remotely and get a paycheck. Any type of work seems to stress me out to the point of breakdown. I hate this entire system tbh. Everything about work sucks.

Maybe I'm just making this post because finals are approaching and I am stressed. But still - I can't see myself doing this shit for the next 30 years. This cycle of meeting deadlines on projects I don't really give a shit about just so I can be allowed to exist on this planet. It sucks.
1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 115085

The thing to realise anon that qualifications and internships are just a way to get a companies to notice you. Once you have some work history, no1curr anymore.

What are your passions? What are you good at? What can you do that most others can't? I don't mean work related stuff, just anything. Even things you think have no value can be transferable skills.

Anonymous 115093


>I just want to exist remotely and get a paycheck.
Your best bets are learning a programming language or getting really good at drawing pornographic anthro art. Maybe combine those skills and get into 3D modeling. Pic related has only gotten more lucrative.

Anonymous 115094

Try to get a job as a sysadmin.
My brother is a sysadmin and he spends all day in the office basement playing video games with the other nerds, and only gets up when there's an actual problem lol.

Anonymous 115096

is it really that lucrative or is it a meme?

Anonymous 115099

fetish money.jpeg

It requires some level of commitment to building your brand on top of learning how to draw, but furries are extremely liberal with their money if they like your product and will shill on your behalf in their furry social circles. I mention 3D modeling because VR is getting pretty big and furries are there in great number too.


Terf General #14 Anonymous 114365[Reply]

Other thread at post limit.

It's telling that all "female" spaces on Reddit are moderated by troons.
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Anonymous 115034

But the child looked at a Barbie once so he was totally a woman. That is the definition of womanhood. Looking at Barbies and liking pink

Anonymous 115035

In 4 years they will make it illegal to not let your child be educated by this beautiful woman.

Anonymous 115065

Oh no, they'll never make it illegal, the psychotic left are all too aware of the "when you make X illegal you make Y inevitable" gambit, they'll just continue to employ their campaign of destroying the lives of all who stand in their way by bulling and harassing peoples employers, family, customers and friends until they submit thing.

Anonymous 115078

how is that head so small compared to the rest? I'm having questions

Anonymous 115097



University general Anonymous 111529[Reply]

For all those who wish to talk about anything related to post-secondary education and discovering what do you want in life. I decided to make this so all the uni threads don't clog up the catalog, we don't need 10 different threads.
Some questions to get started:
>What did you want to study as a kid? What are you studying now?
>Did you go or plan on going to uni? Why or why not?
>Do you find having a degree important or necessary to have a livable wage?
4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 112261

I was thinking recently and I realized that once I am done with school (I'm in my last year) I really think my quality of life will improve. University has given me so much anxiety and has even made me suicidal at times. I consider myself a happy person and I never had any mental health issues before starting my program. I guess I've just come to the realization that school really isn't for me. Sure it had it's moments of fun, but I will NOT miss it at all. The cons have outweighed the pros at this point. I can't wait to get out. It truly feels like a prison to me.

Anonymous 112364

>What did you want to study as a kid?
Theoretical physics
>What are you studying now?
Engineering because I want to be able to pay off future student loans.
>Do you find having a degree important or necessary to have a livable wage?
Not necessarily, but I always wanted to do something cool with my life, and being a receptionist or a burger flipper doesn't really fall in line with that.

Anonymous 113363

can't bring myself to do a single test, literally going to drop out after one semester

Anonymous 115090

I already posted about this here >>113856 but I'll revive this thread because it seems more appropriate.
Both my main recommenders plus my back-up ended up responding but only one of them submitted the letter of recommendation so far and the deadline is in 3 days. They're back to not responding.
Fuck this shit, it feels so powerless.

Anonymous 115092

>What did you want to study as a kid? What are you studying now?
I wanted to be an Astronaut so physics? But then when I was older I wanted to study film but my controlling parents didn't let me. Ended up studying chemistry. Planning to start another degree in engineering next year so I can build cool things in my lab.

>Did you go or plan on going to uni? Why or why not?

I always planned to go, never really thought about not going.

>Do you find having a degree important or necessary to have a livable wage?

I've had a few different jobs and none of them have been degree related. Having an uncommon skill is more important than a degree.


Anonymous 114993[Reply]

instant ramen doesn't taste good anymore. brand to brand: i don't enjoy it.

i don't know what happened to my taste-buds. but i want to go back.


fuck you.
5 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 115003


This one is the best.
I'll never get tired of it.

Anonymous 115004

Ramen never tasted good unless you were really starving.

Anonymous 115052

It's the same with my favourite videogame series. Everything has become more low quality. Or is it because we're older now and our standards are higher?

Anonymous 115054

Could be depression, could be your body failing to reward you for eating it anymore with good feeling because you've got zero orientation for what your body is geared for.

Anonymous 115086

As someone probably on the spectrum who eats the same food over and over a lot, I think our brains need variety to enjoy a food. I don't mean different food types but that it has to taste slightly different each time. That's why natural things and homemade things are less likely to become boring. This means you need to vary your ramen slightly each time, e.g. add some other sauce, extra salt, etc.


Anonymous 114424[Reply]

Is moving to Japan a stupid idea?

I hate how much violent crime happens in this country. I hate how I don't feel safe walking around in the streets, and how common theft is here in the USA.

I hate how expensive it is to live in this country, while Japan is fairly inexpensive. It seems like a comfortable place to live. I also have some passing interest in the culture, although not to some autistic weeb level.
37 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 114768


If you're white, you won't be treated very well as a foreigner who didn't grow up there. It's very hard to get housing and a good, long term job as a foreigner. Also, the work/school culture in Japan is insane. Like expecting overtime and not having a personal life.

I'm planning on leaving the US too, but planning on trying to get a job in a North European country instead. Same advantages of Japan and much easier to learn the language as an English speaker. Countries I'm thinking about are Switzerland and Norway, so I'm learning German and Norweigan. German is good because it's widely spoken in Europe, and Norweigan is also good because it shares like 60% of the language with Swedish and Danish so also flexible.

Norway has the highest happiness rating in the world, and I know 2 people who live in Norway that have talked to me about what it's like. The education system is way better than America's, so I don't have to worry about my kids being suicidal going to school like most Americans are. But that goes for most Euro countries.

I also am majoring in a degree that let's me work internationally, which is partly why I chose it.

Anonymous 114802

What is your degree in?

Anonymous 115071

>if you're white

I am Indian

I honestly believe that both the USA and Japan treat indians around the same ngl. Especially in cities like Tokyo. It's the only Japanese city I've spent a good amount of time in so it's my point of comparison with the US.

I'd also consider moving somewhere like Singapore or Portugal. My brother wants to move to Portugal because they have crypto friendly tax laws apparently lol.

Anonymous 115072

>Moving to Switzerland
As far as I was aware immigration to Switzerland requires a large amount of capital and was rather difficult, did this change when I wasn't paying attention?

Anonymous 115079

>My brother wants to move to Portugal because they have crypto friendly tax laws apparently lol.
I wouldn't bet to move for just that, how long before the EU decides to limit that shit?

Also how are you all talking about migrating like it's nothing? I know moving within the EU is easy as an EU citizen but outside that? You all be talking about moving like it's window shopping countries.


Unpopular Opinions #4 Anonymous 75353[Reply]

The other one seemed sort of dead so I hope it’s ok to make a new thread. I’ll start with mine: I think that kinkshaming should be brought back, some fetishes are gross and deserve to be shamed
427 posts and 59 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 115063

>Lol how do you measure trash sitcoms are often crap, horror movies are trash, good god a lot of the stuff on Netflix comes close. I do not rank anime too highly and don't mind calling it trash. Good god some of it is irredeemable and force feeds you the same stuff it has since 2003. But some of its rare perfection. Still none of that will ever begin to compare to the best movies.
I agree in general.
The adage that 90% of everything is crap holds true, but I feel like when it comes to anime, 99% is more accurate.
At some point you have to throw in the towel and stop following it, because the chances of finding something good are too slim. Especially considering most anime "critics" are moids, and have shit taste.

My tactic for finding good anime is to follow "professional" artsy-fartsy critics. Sure, they're annoying, but they're a good filter between trash and stuff worth checking out.
Another good filter is just time. If something is talked about after years since its debut, there's a chance it's good. Classics are classics for a reason, because they're good/unique enough to be remembered for a long time.

Anonymous 115064

>At some point you have to throw in the towel and stop following it
I don't understand "following" any media trends in the first place. Reminds me of those idiots waiting years for the next Game of Thrones book.
>Another good filter is just time. If something is talked about after years since its debut, there's a chance it's good. Classics are classics for a reason, because they're good/unique enough to be remembered for a long time.
You didn't do this with all media already?

Anonymous 115066

I guess I'm just tired of hearing about all that crap on social media. I'm biased, sue me.

I'm annoyed with how normalized sexist anime has become. I wish we could go back to the times when it was seen as a hobby for neckbeards and creeps.
It seems like even "normal" people are now into anime, and it's treated as some kind of sacred cow. Every time I bring up how creepy popular anime is, I get dogpiled on the internet.
It feels like we're regressing as a society. People are willing to overlook obviously sexist shit just because it's popular and looks appealing. "Harmless entertainment" my ass.

>You mean one of them does right? Usually there's competition between multiple pickmes (using your definition) for a particular males attention.
So, the male protagonist gets to literally pick a girl from his harem of admirers at the end of a series. If that's not the total encapsulation of the idea of a "pick-me", I don't know what is.

Anonymous 115069


question, why is everyone here arguing so much? I know debates/drama gets traction but this is a bit ridiculous.

Anonymous 115070

and also, "well, harem animes don't matter and are literally the same as any fantasy", and acting like it has no place in someone discussing the sexism/misogyny in anime is such a dead-end thing to say.


Anonymous 114782[Reply]

>middle of the night
>have to piss
>no toilet paper near by
>wipe on sweater sleeve and go back to bed
Who else?
11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 114840

Legitimately disgusting

Anonymous 114842

i straight up eat the blood clots

Anonymous 114843


Me too. Who needs pads?

Anonymous 114845

Tastes like the holidays. I know what I'm thankful for!

Anonymous 115067

I also eat period blood and leave dirty tampons around my room.
No, I can wash my sweater but that would ruin my rug.

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