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Miners, do you like this? Anonymous 37555[Reply]

>tfw i don't have a cute korean bf

Do you have yellow fever?
If yes, why? Since when?
Have you ever dated an east asian guy?
Do you wish you weren't a weeb/kboo?
Is there a way to ever stop being into this things and become a normie instead?
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Anonymous 37656

Asian dudes are ugly AF imo: hairless, childish (literally and otherwise), ugly personalities because of their mix of controlling/spoiling parents that creates entitled little brats.

Anonymous 37658

Damn I'm european so I had no idea that they were like this in general. I met only one cool chinese dude in that community and he's considered a failure by his family because he's laid back and didn't chase after a crazy double phd but he still is finishing a decent degree and holds a stable job.

Anonymous 37663

They're not all like that. I think part of the behavior described above is due to the Asians in question being poor losers who spend all their time playing an MMO. I never see Asian people pretending to be black.

Anonymous 37664

That's what I thought but turns out a lot of them come from rich families and a lot of them are in uni getting nice degrees, they're not some random poorfags that get addicted to mmos. They usually strive to stand out in the community but their attitudes are fucking horrible. One of the most annoying people I know is in a med degree passing with flying colors and she's a ratchet bitch online. That's what perplexes me tho most tbh.

Anonymous 37665

I find Asians really strange. They complain about being perpetual foreigners yet they never seem to want to integrate with anyone outside of their community.


transgender women(?) Anonymous 9156[Reply]

what are /b/'s thoughts on transgender mtfs? Do they consider them women? Should they be allowed access to women only spaces (after passing, before passing?), do you have any experiences good or bad online or offline with transgendered women?
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Anonymous 32764

>I know another "ftm", 28 years old mind you, who threw a fit in public from a bartender misgendering them. Their relationships are a mess of poly triages gone wrong, they're morbidly obese, dress childishly, and have yet to break out as a "freelance artist". They cried for months on tumblr about how their family refusing to throw them a coming out party rivalled racial genocide. Underline that.

Cringed irl. This describes my "nonbinary" ex gf and her social circle to a T. I really dodged a bullet with that one

Anonymous 33083



From the /lgbt/ board on 4chan. It's Amanda Palmer, obviously, but ugly cis women are now definitely being called trannies.

Anonymous 37639


I still use tumblr and have no shame, sometimes I discover things like pic related.

Anonymous 37644

What the fuck…Source? I've got to read more.

Anonymous 37662

Found it myself. For anyone curious, this is the post:
Some crazy shit in there. What a trainwreck.


Sports Anonymous 37657[Reply]

Does anybody like to watch sports?
I'm really into watching a lot of winter sports like figure skating, alpine and ski jumping.

But this summer I'm trying to catch up with who's on top in fencing and track & field before the olympics next year.

Anonymous 37659


And two more because the Tokyo 2020 mascot is just too cute.

Anonymous 37660

Winter sports are patrician. I like watching gymnastics, running sprints and swimming. I'm excited for Tokyo 2020.

Anonymous 37661



Anonymous 36969[Reply]

What is your opinion on these kinds of people? Do you admire their business acumen or detest their enabling of perversion?
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Anonymous 37512

>pretty eyes
>nice skin
>nice hair
I think she’s cute idc

Anonymous 37516

Just because you want to be a mindless e-thot doesn't mean everyone else does.

Anonymous 37543


Anonymous 37622

I hate you.

Anonymous 37655

seems like her account has been banned from Instagram. Incels mass reported her.


The truth Anonymous 37651[Reply]

Cute little boyos with older assertive girls>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> your bitch ass taste

Anonymous 37652


Anonymous 37653



Anonymous 37391[Reply]

Miners, do you call your boyfriend daddy? Yes, or no what do you think of it?
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Anonymous 37533

I assume this is meant to be some kind of gender-neutral alternative. It's not a very appealing one in my opinion.

I find it creepy for the same reason. I never called my parents mommy and daddy so it's doubly strange to me.

I once had a girl start doing a whole mother/baby breastfeeding thing while I was sucking on her tits. I was a little thrown off but I just kind of ignored it. I'm into some odd stuff too I guess so as long as she had fun I can't really judge. I'm not calling anyone mommy tho.

Anonymous 37546

No, because I’m not a degenerate

Anonymous 37547

>The slang term for a really "handsome" guy who is very appealing and looks really fashionable. He has to have swag and sex appeal and look sexy and attractive.
get on twitter obaasan

Anonymous 37550

Not gonna lie, it kinda skeeves me out. Never felt an urge to call anybody daddy except my actual dad.

That's what the guy from the Zima commercials' girlfriend calls him.

Anonymous 37649

>I once had a girl start doing a whole mother/baby breastfeeding thing while I was sucking on her tits.
How do you find those types of girls? Asking for a lesbian friend.


Bump this thread every time you visit for the FIRST TIME today! Anonymous 31485[Reply]

Let's have at it, CC.
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Anonymous 37087



Anonymous 37164


This is the first time I visit CC, I found it by a reverse search of a imagen in another IB.

This seems really comfy, I think i'll stay. Maybe that way I stop lurking that other IB.

Anonymous 37168


Welcome home anon-chan ( ◠‿◠ )

Anonymous 37185


Good evening everyone. I hope everyone is doing okay

Anonymous 37648


Are you still here, anon?


Anonymous 37538[Reply]

If a guy compliments you does this mean he likes you?
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 37567

For the most part, yes.

Anonymous 37579

Why couldn't a normal guy give a compliment as a way of flirting? Or just as a point of conversation? That's why I'd say it could equally be one or the other.

Anonymous 37581

They absolutely could, but if they exclusively give compliments as a way of flirting and never just as compliments, there's something wrong with him.

Anonymous 37638

It depends, but generally any kind of compliment does mean that a guy likes you either as a friend or something more.
Your question isn't really simple to answer with a simple yes or no. It depends on your current relationship with the guy, and the type of compliment.
Generally though, normal guys would tend to be direct so "Wow, nice shirt" just means "Wow, nice shirt" 90% of the time, 10% being simply a conversation starter.
If the guy you like isn't the normal type, the kind who's an introvert, then any compliment would definitely mean he does like you.

Anonymous 37646

it means he's noticed you at least


Anonymous 29011[Reply]

whats up fucker
who else got /banned/ from lolcow here and wants to flex about it
i got banned for reporting shitposts
16 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 37517

You're a fucking monster.

Seriously though, I'm not a huge fan either. It's a valid opinion.

Anonymous 37521



A mod disagreed apparently , thats all it takes to get a permaban on lolcow. The "wrong" opinions are considered personal attacks. Not even the off topic boards are safe.

Probably for the best, the site is not too healthy to begin with, if you stare at the abyss too long you become a cow yourself. I still browse Kiwi every few weeks to scratch that itch.

Anonymous 37523

That's basically the problem with all smaller internet communities. Either the moderation is oppressive to the point you can't have you own opinions on even inoffensive subjects, or it's so lax that the place becomes filled with illegal content and spam. Not that bigger communities don't have their problems, but a lot of interest does breed some kind of democracy.

Anonymous 37636


A LOT of lolcow posters are or were at some point also fembots from r9k. So basically cows that suddenly decided to jump the switch into full radfem to compensate being incel bait going to the other extreme. Explains a lot about that headspace they have going on.

Anonymous 37637

So basically totally insecure.


Anonymous 37076[Reply]

Why are fat people fat? A lot of the girls here are overweight, and I always find it a little confusing. In order to become less prejudiced towards fat people I’d like to ask you anons how you got so fat and why you remain fat. Is your family fat too? At what age did you get fat?
34 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 37627

why are you making up such bullshit? Who the hell thinks fats have less energy than carbs? That's so retarded. You need more oxygen to burn fat than carbs because carbs (glucose) is already partially oxidized. Why do you think fats have more calories than carbs? You need less amount of fat to burn the same caloric amount of carbs.

Anonymous 37628

I didnt say fat has less energy. it actually has more per gram (7 cal per gram compared to 4), your body turns it into glycogen less efficiently so you feel tired

Anonymous 37629

Then why is fat less efficient if you need to consume less fat to equal the same caloric amount of carbs?

Anonymous 37631

I think you're missing something here. Here's a hint: ketogenic.

Anonymous 37632

>the actual state of this post

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