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Rain, rain, go away. Anonymous 138542[Reply]

Hi miners, a girl called Isa that I considered a close friend just unfriended me.

I know she was a miner and came here sometimes, so this is my goodbye to her.
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Anonymous 139353

I don't like this thread because I remember when I was like this, I'd get ghosted by people I met on forums and make "muh come back ;(" or sad goodbye threads.
Grow thicker skin. Like leather.

Anonymous 139359


for having empathy? you sound like you have issues tbh

Anonymous 139472


Anonymous 140099


These kinds of posts are cute. It shows people still see the value of friendships, and don't just huff their SOs dick or pussy.

Anonymous 147797

I like that this site keeps even inactive threads up.

Makes it so I can come and see this one when I miss her.


Learning General Anonymous 147672[Reply]

Does anyone have any advice on how I can learn linear algebra in a couple weeks?

I don't have any class or anything just want to learn math
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Anonymous 147688


The higher math you learn the fewer accessible resources are out there, so finding an engaging textbook and teaching yourself is probably the way to go. My prof in college had us use the Strang linear algebra text which was very popular and a lot of students said that was their favorite math class ever. The Life of Fred series is a total meme but has a lot of higher math. The approach is unconventional but lets you choose how rigorously you want to learn.

Anonymous 147711

read Ultralearning

Anonymous 147765

Use Kahn academy it's rally great.

Anonymous 147782

Anonymous 147796

Khan Academy and a university textbook.
Have fun


Anonymous 145943[Reply]

How do you guys usually spend your birthdays??
>I usually spend mine alone in my room. No friends or family to celebrate and my bf never requests the day off. One year my roommates gf bought me a cake though and a card. It was so nice I cried.
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Anonymous 146440


I usually just buy myself something nice. Idc about being alone most of the time. It's better than being rejected and ignored

Anonymous 146885

i usually sleep through it

Anonymous 146899

Same, I have never had a birthday party and it makes me sad, I only stay at home or go to the park alone.
I do have friends I hang out with sometimes, but they never do anything for my bdays (and when I try to just hang out during it, they cancel on the last minute).
On the other side, I got my sister whose bday usually last +3 days because all her friends want to hang out & give her gifts, & later she complains at me that she has no friends; it gets on my nerves so much…. My friends don't even remember my birthday most of the time.

Anonymous 147794

This year for the first time ever I had a birthday with no cake. What a cringe tradition. I don't mind people sending texts or calling me on that day, but I wish I could chill on my own like any other day, I hate being the center of attention. My family is also really boring so I don't feel like spending time with them for that long

Anonymous 147795

Wanna come spend time with me?


The B-lack P-roblem Anonymous 147792[Reply]

The blacks are committing massive amounts of violent crimes around the globe.

How do we end their reign of terror?

We will not allow a country where people must live in fear of niggers.


I suggest you download and learn the PDF available here, containing all the information you’re not allowed to know and much more:
https://files.catbox.moe/52salp.pdf (67 pages, 50 MB)


The jews are running the government and media and they’re paving the way for niggers to attack whites.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 147793

Based. Doing the needful, sir. The nig-ger problem is the worlds problem.


Is it possible to find a non-coomer boyfriend? Anonymous 104972[Reply]

This gets asked a lot but still, is there any hope? I think my chances are zero since I'd like someone who shares my nerdy interests like vidya and anime. I've never seen a decent man who liked those. Are super normies and asexual dudes the only choice?
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Anonymous 147763

Probably, but I think he just has good morals. Hes from a former soviet country that places a lot of emphasis on family and marriage. His government is not authoritarian or a theocracy, but it does warn against the dangers of porn and encourages people to date irl.

Anonymous 147783

My bf isn't a coomer and doesn't watch porn at all. Before dating me he only watched porn on very rare occasions and now I asked him not to and he didn't make a big deal of it, just told me ´alright sure´.
So yeah It´s possible, but it's very uncommon. I assume like 99% of men do watch porn.

Anonymous 147785

so does he still fap but it's ok because it's not porn?

Anonymous 147787

What makes the girls ITT think that normie males are less of a coomer/pornsick? They are way less likely to consume ryona/lolicon/core and other extremities but there's still a flavor of filth and depravity to popular porn. And normies are also more likely to not see the "harm in pornography" if you were to explain it to them.

Anonymous 147788

i'd think normie males are typically coomers.


PinkPill thread #11 Anonymous 140341[Reply]

Last one hitted the bump limit >>129384
Spill the tea edition.
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Anonymous 147772


Anonymous 147774


Nobody dickrides or sucks Chad cock more than ugly men and incels. All incels are homosexuals with a homoerotic fixation with good looking men.

It’s why they sit on the internet all day looking at pictures of attractive men, crying over and circle jerking over them, getting plastic surgery to look like them. Incels aren’t attracted to women, they’re attracted to Chad. The reason they hate women is because Chad fucks women but won’t fuck their smelly incel bussy.

Anonymous 147776

hmmm it's a good take but unfortunately i know that everything about male sexual satisfaction in this world will never be stopped, they protect their degeneration and their pleasure with their lives

Anonymous 147780


They defend serfdom cause they'd love to serve a feudal daddy. They are the submissive sex.

Crystal Cafe Ban Speedrun VOLCEL% 147786

based or cringe pi…

Based or based?
Call it.


Traveling Anonymous 140376[Reply]

Have you done it before? Which places did you go to? How was it like? Any recommendations?
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Anonymous 146212

Tankie spotted cringe

Anonymous 146473

Do you know how i could get a job in new guinea or madagascar?

Anonymous 146897

Unless you plan on emigrating, your only shot is an NGO or university running programs, usually in capitals and the poorest areas. I wouldn't suggest Madagascar unless you're fine with spending a long time there, maybe a year or more. PNG is easier to find work for with companies based in Aus/NZ and Indonesia, as they run shipping, import/export, hospitality, security ect. Fair warning about taking a job with Chinese companies, as contracts are often highly predatory, may stick you in demountable barracks with men in a locked compound and they will frequently violate contracts with total immunity. What kind of work are you looking for?

Anonymous 146906

Any tbf, could be mining related, could be tourism… anything.
I have a degree thats not very useful so it wont be much of an help here.

Anonymous 147784

Which part of chile/argentina would you recommend?


Terfposting #21 - transing the 2 year olds edition Anonymous 143604[Reply]

Thread for your terf shitposting needs.
Previous threads:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 147694

wait sorry. here's the vid in question so my rambling makes sense.

Anonymous 147696

What's funny to me is a lot of people will be like "ree, you can't say pain is an inherent experience of this thing!" when they probably think that same way about race? Plenty of people will say mixed race people for example cannot identify with their heritage that is more oppressed because they don't have the "full" experience of someone who is fully that race. I have my own thoughts about that but not the point - it's just silly to me because this line of thinking is okay for one thing but not for the other.

Yeah, right on the nose.

Anonymous 147702

I love not giving a fuck about femininity and mogging these seethy moids to oblivion by just existing. It fills me with joy.

Anonymous 147707

vagina envy is real

Anonymous 147709

FtM at my old school, in a non-English speaking country way before the whole trans thing really became mainstream.
She wasn't in my year but hung out with the same weeb/nerd group that all the loners (including myself) were with. She came from an abusive family, was a lesbian and had a plethora of mental issues. One day she disappeared from school, came back a couple months later with a new name openly outed as FtM. I don't know what happened to her after I graduated and left school, but she always seemed really miserable.


Anonymous 140970[Reply]

Anyone have a BF who got a hair transplant? My dad got one in like, the 90's and it's pretty clear where the scars are. I know they're better now but I'm curious if anyone here has any experience.
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Anonymous 147217

anyways, bald men are worthless and deserve to die alone

Anonymous 147233

raw (1).gif

Anonymous 147683

Yeah, I still love him though… just not his head lol

Anonymous 147704

So would you say that a bald man shouldn't even try dating because there's no point? No matter what else he has going for him? Because that's kind of what it seems like.

Anonymous 147781

Yeah, just give up you balding scrote.

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