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Anonymous Admin 39516[Reply]

Do not make threads about the following topics or you will be banned for 7 days:

- Race/Ethnicity/Nationality (including stereotypes & preferences)
- Religion
- "femboys"
- (Why) do guys…
- (Why) do you like guys who [insert preference here]
- (Why) do guys like [insert preference here]
- how to get a bf/gf/platonic friend (who does xyz)
- Fetish bait threads (if you must make a fetish thread, do it in >>>/nsfw/ and don't make it an image dump)
- Discord

If you want to talk about Radfem/TERF/Gendercritical themes, do not make a new thread. Use the existing threads and keep discussion civil. You can read my thoughts on a radfem board here: >>>/meta/2962

General threads:

>>117636 Pinkpill general/complaints about men as a whole
>>44115 Where/how to meet men
>>118214 Trans general
>>114365 TERF Memes/shittalking


Why don't new internet spaces for creativity and screwing around gain steam anymore ? Anonymous 263728[Reply]

What is stopping new things from catching on? I just don't understand and i think about it all the time. It just makes so little sense, since, what else are people doing anyway? They don't go outside anymore. The six or so social media behemoths are not fun and most people don't take them seriously.

In the early 2000s the internet was packed with original entertainment and web media, it was a different universe compared to now.
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Anonymous 263998

i agree but someone shoud bomb them anyway. just to be sure

Anonymous 264544


Internet goofball arms race went from insults/occasional harassment to doxing, grand larceny and bot warfare.
Basically why.

Anonymous 264568

The internet is a cold, dead bastard. The untrained eye sees only the body; rigor mortis and a few maggots. Dive in and you'll find an ecosystem brimming with life. Stagnant blood and a great many maggots; be wary; their voracious appetite will consume you, but their ignorance will feed the birds. You and the maggots both lose to the fat bastards.
There is incentive to draw all the maggots to you, in this day and age. One maggot is a burden, but they have utility in numbers. The large herd draws birds near; a chance to jump shit. From dead bastard to fat bastard, but the fat bastard always dies. And you're maggot ridden. Always the maggots. Multitudinous maggots. Maggots by the millions. Miles of mindless maggots, masticating meticulously. We mistook the maggots for meaning, and maintenant we make grave murmurs in minuscule whispers.
Clandestine creation in the skeletal remains of this cold dead bastard. This is who I am now.

Anonymous 264611


All this AI shit happening is such a turnoff, now when browsing the stuff on the internet I always have the creeping feeling that whatever I'm reading, whatever I'm looking at is not real. It feels like there's a black hole like void just at the periphery of my vision trying to pull me in. I don't want to look at or read things that are made ('generated') by some nonsentient, lifeless thing. Its creepy. I want to experience things done by real people.
I wonder if any of you know this uneasy feeling. Makes me wonder if at som point in the future hobbyists will just create their own version of the internet, separate from the giant corporate one, where they can be sure that whoever they deal with, or whatever they are looking at, hearing, reading or otherwise experiencing, is the result of an actual person. I hope so, at least.

Anonymous 264612

I was looking up reviews for some headphones I wanted to buy so I put "reddit" at the end of my google query, but then I had a thought - All the reddit posts could be fake, AI-generated, and nothing I read about this product could be real at all. You pull away one layer of paint and there's another layer underneath.

If I read through any social media I see memes that are so random and weird. Like I know there's a joke about "Humor is randomly generated" but it really does feel like that. Take a template and slap some text on it. A youtube video about a fart sound played over a fish. 3 million views. Then someone takes that farting fish and plays it over another random video like peter griffin vocoded to a song. Then that is taken and ..and and and it's like, is this funny? I don't think it is. There's a template, and then you put enough views on it and it becomes an in-joke. Then that in-joke perpetuates itself. We're all laughing along but is anyone just laughing?

I don't know. I'm rambling.


Anonymous 252378[Reply]

imageboards (in general) are starting to become boring and stale… what happened?
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Anonymous 264259

It's because zoomers have no culture

Anonymous 264260

I'm starting to think the problem isn't the Internet, it's me. I think I just want to kill myself and any enjoyment I could get from anything is voided by that.

Anonymous 264597


otterchat.net (possibly the best out there. self explanatory name, but there's more to it. also otters are my favorite animals)
soyjak.party (it filled with retarded gen alpha kids but they are still much more original than 4chan limpdick manbabies)
0chan (russian tech-nerds oriented website)
there also was that one aesthetic lain chan, but i forgot its name. all i remember it is that it has cyberpunk style design

Anonymous 264599

what about bantculture? it's like the party but for touhou

Anonymous 264610

If it weren't for normalfags social media wouldn't be a thing but most of you are zoomers and can't relate


‘Femcel’ larpers? Anonymous 260301[Reply]

Why do people want to be a femcel so bad, and don’t know what a moid is? It really pisses me off. This supposed ‘femcel’ always talks about getting fucked by men and how men are better than woman. Why has TikTok watered down this term?
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Anonymous 264567

>No, she did bc she is a woman lmao
Exactly! Since she was a woman she acted more logically and didnt decide to hate on the entirety of the gender she wants to have sex with, still kept herself open to meet new people, didnt harass men when she met them, and didnt threathen to rape or murder any of them! If men follow these simple steps they can also find love instead of making being an incel their whole identity.

Anonymous 264570

> Incels themselves say that going to an escort for sex would not fix their issues and inceldom. So women having an easier access to sex does not make them less of an incel.
You don't understand what an incel is.
You see no difference between an incel paying a SW to have sex with them, vs. a girl wanting to have sex with an incel without the exchange of money being needed?

Anonymous 264571

You can't possibly believe all that.

Anonymous 264595

Why not? It's absolutely true

Anonymous 264609

>All of this happens behind a curtain of private messages and secret discord servers and heavily undermines the cohesion and the credibility of the forums. In fact you could argue the sole presence of a woman creates a parallel channel that sooner or later takes over the actual forums
I'm afraid that this is true in non-sex segregated spaces, and it depresses me even. Normals manage to find their way into everything and create social hierarchy where there is none, even on anonymous imageboards. A lack of social structure, in their eyes, is frightening. But, even if it is not likely that such spaces where male and female incels can coexist, it does not change the current incel community's roots.
>If men follow these simple steps they can also find love instead of making being an incel their whole identity.
For men, I don't think it's that simple because men are scrutinized socially more than women, and by scrutinized, I don't mean outright harmful behaviors, but more subtle, harmless, yet odd things. I watch myself make social mistakes, but I see that people are not as harsh on me as they are my male counterparts. I've watched men be bullied and berated for doing the things that I do. It comes with the default idea that all men are threats. I don't think all of them hate women to that extent, are creeps, or dicks. Much of what you see on the internet is exaggerated, a LARP, or even fedbait. Many of them are simply normal guys who might have a benign oddity or two, which makes them unable to live up to societal standards.

rape apes.png

Pinkpill Thread # 14 Anonymous 253807[Reply]

A thread for posting and discussing the feminist truth against males and their nonsense, as these truths would often get dogpiled and silenced on social media if not spoken anonymously.

Previous >>220726
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Anonymous 264604

Good. I hope they suffer.

Anonymous 264605

If I have a son, I'll for sure make em cut it off now thx xoxo

Anonymous 264606

dila- wait, no. stretch

Anonymous 264608

>Cutting of a males foreskin destroys their sexuality more than cutting off your own clitoris and labia.

Lol. Just lol.
How about we cut off your entire cock and remove your balls skin as well?

Anonymous 264614

SHIT bait.

The study you picreled is biased since the uncircumcised men were younger than the ones circumcised.

"20,000-100,000" is a gross exaggeration. Only 4,000 nerve endings are found in the head of the penis itself, while the head of the clitoris has 10,000.

While the foreskin has finer surface touch it has less sexual response to heat (the main component for pleasure in men).

Unlike scar tissue left by circumcision, scar tissue left by female mutiliation directly prevents vaginal stretching, making enjoyeable sex impossible (while circumcised men still have potential feel pleasure).

"in her cute voice" You picreled a redditor writing out his cuck fetish as proof.

I'M NOT ADVOCATING FOR CIRCUMCISION. However, you are a CUCK, you are a MASSIVE CUCK, you are obsessed with circumcision for the sake of BEING A CUCK, who imposes his FANTASY OF BEING CUCKED by circumcision on other men because you are a SELF EMASCULATING CUCK. You need to take a KNIFE and SLICE THE HEAD OFF so you will become the become the biggest REDDIT CUCK you fucking naegger.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Anonymous 219189[Reply]

Has this ever happened to you?
238 posts and 25 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 264551

Did you approach him?
What kind of situation is appropriate to give them attention?

Anonymous 264552

pretty predatory to go after someone fresh out of high school

Anonymous 264563

oh no, a four year age gap between adults. both were college aged. it would be different if nona was 55, but she wasn't. when i was in uni i was in a lot of classes with 18/19 year olds while i myself was in my early 20's. it would have been weirder to deny myself a crush on a boy because he was a freshman than it would have been to pursue it.

Anonymous 264564

i can't count for shit

Anonymous 264607

Did you find them in your class? What did you do to approach them?


Friend Finder Thread Anonymous 218051[Reply]

Please include the following in your post:
>Preferred age range for friends
>Hobbies & Interests and other details
>Are you a busy person or is it okay to contact you whenever?
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Anonymous 264354

What's wrong about using proton, it's free email

Anonymous 264578

How advanced are you in learning Chinese? I used to know a little and am trying to learn back pretty much from scratch

Anonymous 264580

You don't sound like it

Anonymous 264582

Why did you get kicked out, nona?

Anonymous 264583

What light novels are you reading?


argentinian anonettes Anonymous 257366[Reply]

we need one for the girls
14 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 263866

Past the age of 35 moids are ugly af usually. What are you even saying ?

Anonymous 263867

Why is the culture in Argentina rock bottom ?

Anonymous 263869


Most people are taught to go clubbing and boink whoever they come across since what I consider an extremely early age (11-12)
This mixed with a very aggressive culture where swearing and mocking others is taken as the norm doesn't help at all.
So you got a completely sex obsessed society, where the biggest insult to someone is calling them virgins, with a lot of foul language and bad mannerisms, the rest branches out and it's just not a good place to be in imho.

Maybe I did a mistake in having all my interactions in my life being mostly imageboard people?

Ehh, who would care about that here anyway? I think your biggest chance is becoming catholic but even I went there and I didn't feel comfortable at all either.

Anonymous 263872

No amount of harassment and hate can make me find moids attractive.

In this environment I guess id grow up to love women so I can throw misandrist obscenity right back at them. :l

Anonymous 264248


Como conozco amigas aca?
Estoy harta de estar virgueando en la cueva

troon anime.png

Terfposting #34 Anonymous 255893[Reply]

Since #33 reached the reply limit.

Previous threads:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
325 posts and 82 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 264539


tag yourself im 💣/💣self

Anonymous 264540

I am I/shat/myself

Anonymous 264543

im fort/nite, swag/ger

Anonymous 264545

technically 9/11 can be a pronoun

Anonymous 264546


same anon
beenlurking in some trans subreddits lately and it's just pure, unfiltered peakfuel.
>they don't see us as a threat
exactly. we see you as a joke. i'm not even a terf but this is ridiculous


Lolcow.farm Hate Thread #7 Anonymous 262132[Reply]

Previous thread: >>252993
134 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 264530

You shouldn't try to call people incompetent if you're unable to follow a reply chain…

Anonymous 264534

Is it wrong to think that I'm being stalked and responded to by mods

Anonymous 264536

Lolcow is not really a place for women who are "different" and fed up with normie women handmaiden behaviors. If you are different you get punished and all the theories about how patriarchy does this and that to women are never practiced in a "not acting like the patriarchy" way cause they will treat you like shit for not conforming to the patriarchal norms mentally.

Anonymous 264541

It wasn't created to be a safe space for "weird" people, it was originally created to mock weird people.

Anonymous 264542

All the newfags who screech about lolcow being their safe radfem femcel haven need to realize this

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