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Beta orbiters Anonymous 10545[Reply]

Are they real or just an /r9k/ meme?
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Anonymous 12186


They most definitely do exist. Camgirls, twitch streamers and even girls on /r9k/ get them in droves. Hell, some people make their living off beta orbiters - why do you think so many people (almost entirely males) give money to female streamers?

Anonymous 12195

I don't know what is lower. The disgusting cucks who pay them or the sluts who do that shit. Barf. At least they're all happy in the end I guess?

Anonymous 12197

The men who pay them are worse. At least the woman is getting something out of it. The man gets to indulge in his perverted fantasies for 5 minutes and then feels self-loathing.

Anonymous 12208

I don't think either are bad, they're both willing participants.

But if one of them is worse, it's the men who support it, rather than the woman who's just taking advantage of easy money.

Anonymous 12210


I don't see why one or another has to be "bad", but I'd like to know what checks they have on making sure the people giving them thousands of dollars can actually afford it. It looks like "Matavor" has given them at least thirteen grand, and maybe he's very wealthy or maybe he's mentally ill or just vulnerable the same way gambling addicts are. I mean, I've definitely known more irrational actors than I have people with $13,000 to throw away.

I've no problem with this in concept, if people need to pay hard cash to get off so be it, but the execution seems incredibly shady.

But then you call people "disgusting cucks" so I doubt you're intellectually capable of reading this far into my post.


Is being thin important to you ? Anonymous 11940[Reply]

I don't think I'm the only one to have this day to day pressure to think about my body, and I wonder what other people really think about it.

>Does this affect you at all ?

>If so, how ?
>How do you justify it ?
>When has it become a recurring thought ? (the pressure to stay thin, not exclusively leading to eating disorders in some cases)
>How do you cope with it ?
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Anonymous 12159


c-can you give a rundown of your diet? I'm 5'0" and I really can't imagine how someone can be 172….

Anonymous 12160


Too many things like burgers, chips, fries and cheesecakes

Anonymous 12162

120 on 5'2 would be a lot for most low muscle mass / skinny-fat rectangle or apple shaped women. I looked at MPA photos and I finally understood why they call themselves fat.

Still the generalization is annoying.. not everyone looks like that..

Anonymous 12179

yes, very important. im fucking obsessed with my weight, but i wish i wasnt.

Anonymous 12209

I'm so scared of ending up like this, I'm already ugly can't be fat too :/ Already on my way at 147 luckily I'm 5'5 so the weight balances out some what


Unpopular Opinion General 2 Anonymous 8455[Reply]

Series, books, movies, animu and mango, games, people, philosophies, whatever.
Share your unpopular opinion and read others, but avoid sperging too much to avoid derailing if possible.

Last one has reached post limit:
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Anonymous 12172

Yeah it was ok, overhyped tho. I think the visuals in Crimson Peak were much much more beautiful

It did annoy me tho how nobody seemed to care this woman was fucking a monster/animal

Anonymous 12176

I think it's really the bulging eyes…

Anonymous 12187

Sally Hawkins is the one on the left and I never really considered her eyes "bulging"… unless you're talking about Octavia Spencer (right)?

Anonymous 12196


I find girls that like love live! immature/superficial and/or antisocial sometimes. I'm not saying that anime in general is stupid (quite the contrary) it's just that generally people that I known that enjoy love live! seem to behave like that.

Anonymous 12206

Because it's boring superficial moe shit. Find people who like og oldschool anime, pre 2010s at the very least.


Anonymous 11443[Reply]

What chans do you visit?

I got caught into a rangeban at Krautchan, and 4chan is too bothersome with all of those captchas, this makes a viable alternative

Anonymous 11521

Just 4chan and operatorchan because /k/ on 4chan sucks.

Anonymous 11802


pic related was what I ate a permaban for. I had been banned a lot over the 4+ years I posted to 4chan on

Anonymous 12190

arisu, lain, 8ch, and . . . that's pretty much it. i've been trying to find more, but it's difficult scoping out quality places.

Anonymous 12194


4ch (/mu/, /a/, /wg/, /fa/, /b/, sometimes /g/ - too bad it's pretty much advertising: the board)

8ch (/a/, /cuteboys/ - sometimes I just go there to cringe at some fugly anons but sometimes I kinda like some of them)

lainchan and arisuchan - feels/dreams threads

Anonymous 12205

Used to go to 4chan since approx 2007…. was even a tripfag on /fa/ for a while. Now I just come here, 4chan has gotten worse over the years, I guess the turning point for me was 1 year or so before moot sold it.


Asian Husbands: the battle Anonymous 11662[Reply]


(I don't even know these guys lol you can bring more azn idols if you want to)

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Anonymous 12201


some ludi lin for the anon that likes muscles

Anonymous 12202


jackson wang is a good balance of pretty boy and jock type

Anonymous 12203


bobby from ikon is cute in a boy next door way

Anonymous 12204


and of course miyavi

Anonymous 12207

Oh…my…Gawd….Thank you anons!

Should have had my skirt pulled up earlier. These guys are fiiiine!


EILI5/Dumb Questions/Q&A thread Anonymous 12012[Reply]

Anons ask, anons answer.

Ask anything.
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Anonymous 12182

Is there a place to ask someone to follow a private account for you on insta and screenshot what they post? I'm in the process of creating a fake one right now and building followers, but it's taking too long. Lol I know this sounds cyber stalkery but whatever, the chick has thousands of followers.

Anonymous 12183

I have a legit looking throwaway account and don't mind doing it if you tell me. (put it in the email field maybe if you don't want it showing up on google)


Wow really? Should I contact you over discord (don't have one yet), since I'm not sure if it's ok to post the pics here? Not sure if you meant to put the person's account name in the email spot or something else (I'm dumb, sorry). Thanks in advance.

Anonymous 12188

sage for samefag but here is my discord if anyone is interested in contacting me: erased#6237. Assuming this is ok to post

Anonymous 12193

I sent you a friend request.


Anonymous 12191[Reply]

Is getting all hot & bothered by anime girls enough of a reason to call myself bi?

Anonymous 12192

Or maybe you're starting to realize your attraction to girls and might actually start liking real life ones? coughnottalkingfrompersonalexperiencecough


What's your opinion on guys dressing like girls? Anonymous 11911[Reply]

Please, keep this thread as sfw as possible otherwise it will most likely be moved to /nsfw/
Men visiting this thread please do not post pictures of yourself and avoid replying but if you must say something that is relevant to the discussion

Well, at first I didn't feel like making this thread but since no one did it I thought why not?
So the purpose of this thread is to talk about guys who crossdress/subs who don't mind and/or enjoy being in a humiliating situation.
Firstly, I would like to say that it's very hard to actually find a man in woman's clothing attractive (mostly because I almost instantly think of transsexuals that look weird)
*please don't misinterpret what I'm trying to say, I have nothing against trans people I just think some of them look/behave weirdly.
But sometimes I end up finding some pictures that really make me question my opinion (mostly asian guys that already look a bit feminine). That said, I do enjoy the thought of being a dominant person in bed (although I never had a serious relationship). But supposing I find a guy that may be willing how do I actually tell him what I want? I feel like this could lead to the end of a relationship.
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Anonymous 12007

>he collected dolls
You should have spotted the signs from the beginning.
Bonus creep points if they're mlp toys.

Anonymous 12086

I really don't like it or see how it's cute. I've known guys who like to dress in girls clothes (they weren't trans either) and they've all been really creepy.

The only guys that can almost pull it off are super babyfaced, already feminine asian guys.

I don't know, I just really like my men to be manly, or at least… the qt shy nerdy type.

Looking at this makes me dry up like the Atacama desert.

But then at that point it might as well just be a girl?

Anonymous 12177

They all seem like creepy fetish people who think being a woman is humiliating

Anonymous 12178

uhhhh i pass.

Anonymous 12185

look here anon >>11959, he looks proud of himself!


Interesting Women in history Anonymous 2756[Reply]

Post inspiring or just interesting women from history.

Pic related; Olga of Kiev
>Husband killed by Drevlians
>She was thus Regent for her son
>Drevlians wanted her to wed their prince and sent 20 of their best men to convince her
>She had them buried alive
>totes pretended she hadn't and invited their most distinguished men to escort her back for the prince
>when they arrived she invited them to use the bathhouse… then locked it and set it on fire.
>Invited the remaining men to a "mourning feast" for her dead husband.
>Got them drunk and had them all killed by her soldiers.
>attached sulfur to pigeons and sparrows and used them to ignite their city and kill most of them.
49 posts and 16 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 5280

I love this thread and I would like to recommend the series 'Shelved Dolls' to anyone who also is interested in badass historical women. My personal favorite is the article about Julie D'Aubergny, who went grave-robbing and also set a nunnery on fire in order to escape with her lesbian nun lover.

if that doesn't lure you in, i do not know what will.

Anonymous 5321


Thanks for reading, for some reason her story is very close to my heart. Here's an interview from 2013, Vice unfortunately has the most awkward and clumsy translations. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/7b7ved/christiane-felscherinow-interview

I'm looking for PDFs of her books and will link them here when I find them. I'm not sure how well a translation will hold up due to all the 70s slang which is very different from today's use of German slang - nowadays slang is mostly Americanized words when back then you'd be hard-pressed to find English terms in casual conversation, but I'm interested in seeing how it translates.

As someone who spends a lot of time in Berlin, it's eerie to me to pass the locations mentioned and shown via black and white photography in the books.

Anonymous 8065

When I was a teenager I thought that Mata Hari was intriguing, but I find myself more interested in Catherine the Great and Dorothea Dix.

Also, at the risk of pissing somebody off I'll just say this: I have never understood the hype around Marie Antoinette.

Anonymous 9600

images (21).jpeg

Anonymous 12165



Crystal.Cafe Friend Finder Thread Anonymous 7635[Reply]

This thread is for helping you find new friends! Feel free to self-post screenshots of your feed/profile or any relevant information about yourself.

Please include the following in your post:


>Preferred age range for friends
>Hobbies & Interests
>Social Media accounts (tumblr, twitter, instagram, discord, snapchat, line, snow, skype, etc~)
>Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, triggers, boundaries, etc~)
92 posts and 22 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 12059

Yeah, just saw it at the top. Here we go again

Anonymous 12101

yay! I was in the old usermade discord and it was pretty chill, except barely anyone talked.

Hopefully it won't become too clique-y and an isolated group of people talking with no one joining in the convos like lc's server but i feel like that will be the case kek.

Anonymous 12129

it already is.

Anonymous 12151

Huh, how so? I'm in it and it seems pretty comfy.
No one is gatekeeping people to join and ignoring new posters in favor of talking between them, which was my main concern.

Anonymous 12152

its not.

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