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Anonymous 33679[Reply]

What are your thoughts on e-girls who actively encourage "ironic" orbiting? The ones that constantly joke with other guys about domming them or whatever and typically have half the server making sexual "jokes" about them? It honestly ruins a lot of decent servers i'm in, especially when other girls start jumping in on it. It's why I typically avoid saying i'm a girl at all because it just instantly turns guys personalities around.
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Anonymous 33707

It's more of an observation. I've talked to other girls and the ones that say they generally keep to themselves have more creepy PMs then me. It's usually just hate comments or normal people tbh

Anonymous 33708

Sounds more like envy and modesty, to me. Do you ever take into consideration that whole "death of an internet community" thing? You talk like you sort of enjoy butting into other people's stuff. Bit heavy on the pride.

Anonymous 33711

What type of discord servers? If it’s general gaming/hobby no big deal. If it’s a server where they use terms like “femoid” aka any dime-dozen chan-type demographic server I wouldn’t be surprised if they treated you as such.

still people who hate on “e-thots” as opposed to the larger picture are race-traitors who are only seeking approval by putting others down

Anonymous 33713

pathetic, the only situation where acting like a vapid whore is acceptable is when you're getting millions out of disgusting beta fags who are disloyal to their gfs, like in the other thread. doing it for free is stupid and just ruins the fun for everyone else.

Anonymous 33714

That doesn't sound ironic at all but rather blatant attention whoring. They're only a step away from healsluts. I wouldn't want anything to do with girls/women who can't avoid devolving into "humorous" sexy posturing for shallow male attention and would probably leave servers filled with that out of sheer nausea.

Screen Shot 2019-0…

How sexist is crystal cafe? Anonymous 33158[Reply]

Take the Ambivalent Sexism Inventory here: https://secure.understandingprejudice.org/asi/take

Do you suffer from internalized misogyny? I have this running theory that most woman on the internet are sexist to some extent, but feel free to prove me wrong. This inventory shows how you stack up against others who've taken the test. It isn't a perfect tool, but it's short and memeable as all online tests should be.

>pic related is my results
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Anonymous 33382

>Some people are garbage! Wow!
I'm not a gender studies major but I'm like 90% sure this would be called sexist.

Anonymous 33386



perfect score

Anonymous 33505

Screen Shot 2019-0…

yeah you can game the results obv but I tried to be honest

Anonymous 33612

0.30 Hostile
1.20 Benevolent

A bit weird because I always assumed I had intense internalized misogyny.

Anonymous 33712


I genuinely believe that women should be in charge of most things and that they're often not credited enough.
The whole description of benevolent sexism feels off to me, and something that I do not see in my own views.


Bump this thread every time you visit for the FIRST TIME today! Anonymous 31485[Reply]

Let's have at it, CC.
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Anonymous 33704



congrats on graduating!

Anonymous 33705

congrats anon!!

Anonymous 33706

Thanks girls! I still have finals next week but I'm almost there lol

Anonymous 33709


What a shitty day.

Anonymous 33710

What happened, anon?


General Chat Thread Anonymous 15251[Reply]


Tell me, what's on your mind? What are you all up to? Lets talk.
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Anonymous 29154

sorry, had it saved for a while. And he's coming back early january, so it's not all bad.

Anonymous 33649


>bringing this thread back

Does anyone else feel bad about shitposting or half-shitposting on quartz.restaurant, especially on /feels/? I don't even mean half of the crap I submit on here but I enjoy the answers I get.

Anonymous 33650

Its always fun to talk to people. In a way you still are expressing your feelings. That's what the site is here for.

Anonymous 33699

Idk about you, but all of my shitposts reflect some feelings I actually have, just an outlandish parody of them.

Anonymous 33700

Agree, sometimes I post extreme, spergy rants to vent my feelings (usually about men).
I guess it's kind of "trolling" and facetious, but really I'm satirizing my own anxieties. I don't actually think men are all robotic degenerates, but my emotions say otherwise sometimes.


Anonymous 31801[Reply]

Why do guys like huge breasts?
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Anonymous 33638


Judging people and comforting them aren’t mutually exclusive. Some of my strongest relationships, both platonic, romantic, and familial, are with people who are both a source of emotinal support as well as holding me to a high standard.

Anonymous 33683

>women(female) however- are the only ones who can have big boobs

Anonymous 33687

Why would someone read this and think it's brilliant? It's all MGTOW tier reasoning.

Anonymous 33697

It's provocative. Anons on here, before knowing the origin of it, like it because reflects a lot of our frustrations with men to some extent at a first look. Male lurkers share it on other boards because it's exactly what a gender-bent incel would say and they find that funny.

Anonymous 33702

>tfw you're a weak fool
I can't for the life of me tell that this was written by a man. I'm being honest here. Although some parts of it are very exaggerated, I can totally see a pessimistic femcel posting something like that.


Anonymous 33445[Reply]

>"Hey girls let's go to the beach!"
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Anonymous 33668

Arvie isn’t Brazillian, retard. He’s Filipino. Do you think everyone wearing a shirt that says “New York” on it is really from New York? Also kek at your assumption that the entire country of Brazil is attractive because you read some Top 10 List of “hottest men around the world” written by some 40 y/o single mom who’s most likely never been there.
>what’s wrong with being sexually attractive?
Nothing, and it’s the opposite of what he is.

Anonymous 33671

Sure but hanging out with a certain type of person doesn't mean you can ever fully know, understand or even become them
A lot of my friends are male and American but I'm neither of those things and itd be silly if I started saying I know exactly what its like to be a straight white male in the USA and can totally become one because I've seen Fight Club and watch sports sometimes lol
I also didn't mean to bash and I'm sorry if it came off that way

Anonymous 33684

looks like a lot of STIs one way or another

Anonymous 33693

Says Xochitl, as she gets ready for the Day of the Dead celebration that's happening down in Texcoco. Her brother wakes up from the nightmare he's had about La Llorona, a folk tale that originated in native culture. Before she leaves, she prays by the altar dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Native American version of the Virgin Mary, who appeared to a Native American man one day in the desert. When she walks outside, she sees the Mexican flag. On the flag is an eagle sitting on a prickly pear with a snake in its mouth. According to Aztec legend, they were told by god that they should travel South until they find an eagle sitting on a cactus, eating a snake. Wherever they find it will be their new homeland. She wondered why a culture completely influenced by Iberia would put Native American imagery on their country's flag and even go as far as to name said country after the original name of the Aztecs, the Mexica. But she brushed it off. "I'm Spaniard," she said, as she pulled out an umbrella because she didn't want to get dark.

Anonymous 33695

Shots - Fired.
Spain-Anon just put Latin America in a dumpster.
Are you just going to sit there are take it, mestizo?


Anonymous 33592[Reply]

Is the whole "white guys prefer asian girls" thing actually true?
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Anonymous 33677


Not true in my case
I relate way more to my bf (who's of another race) because I grew up with largely the same media and interests he did because of the internet
We also have similar political views and neither of us really care about holidays except that he likes Christmas
The one thing I'm iffy about is if our families will clash because his parents seemed to like me but he said they're crazy and psychologically abusive
My parents don't know about him but I doubt they'll be upset or whatever
All the guys I know of my race and culture are just backward in all sorts of ways and I cannot deal with it for the life of me
I don't know why I'm like this but I doubt I'm the only one
People are really just people, I don't think race determines that much about a person's entire life at all IMO outside of how others might perceive or treat them
But I'm not American so I dunno
I think if you and someone else find each other attractive it's worth seeing if you'd work out
>Divorce rates don't lie.
There was a graph that said white men and Asian women are only like 4% more likely to divorce and white men and black women are something like 44% less likely to divorce though

Anonymous 33678

I'm not sure whether that's because their sample size for wmbf was so low but that's true. The highest incidence of divorce all involved white women with non white men.

Anonymous 33690

divorce rates.png

Anonymous 33692

>bone marrow transplants
>blood transfusions
The list goes on!

Anonymous 33694

>Roughly 8.3% of Asian‐White couples separated or divorced, a level that falls between the relatively high rates for White couples [10%] and the relatively low rates among Asian couples (1.4%).
So it's a decrease in average stability for Asians in that type of marriage versus Asian-Asian marriages but an increase in average stability for the whites versus white-white marriages. Mildly interesting I guess.


Anonymous 33673[Reply]

what's it like being an ugly woman?
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Anonymous 33676

How ugly can a person be without having birth defects or some congenital/developmental issue?
Or severe injury?
Like I think a normal healthy human can only be so ugly.
Although I could be wrong?

Anonymous 33681

Probably like being short guy. The outside reflects the inside very often. Many ugly ladies tend to be insufferable much like how testy and obnoxious short men are

Anonymous 33682

You do, it will hurt a guy's ego that he was rejected "even" by someone ugly.

But the thing about women treating you badly because you're ugly is bullshit, I have some friends who aren't conventionally attractive but they have the sweetest personalities and I love them very much.
If anything usually the reason they're not attractive is because they wear unflattering clothing, don't know how to style themselves or have unhealthy lifestyles. All of those are things I try to help them with, but I'm not going to push it if they don't want my help, and most of the time they don't.

Most of those girls have long term boyfriends too so it's not like no man finds them attractive.

Anonymous 33686

I don't know man, I've met well adjusted short men with good friendships and loving partners. What does an ugly girl have really? Hopefully she has a nice enough personality to draw in people, because she's fucked otherwise.

Anonymous 33689

>What does an ugly girl have really?
Ability to pursue a career? Seems like more ladies want this nowdays, shouldn't be a problem then right?
I'm old school stay at home wife happily married to childhood friend and some women have audacity to tell me my way of happiness isn't correct because i'm somehow oppressed by my husband.


Sort of confused Anonymous 33470[Reply]

Why is everyone a mixture of serious and pleasant here? I was under the impression Crystal Cafe was just female r9k. It's so nice here I'm almost afraid this is a cover for human trafficking or some such nefarious deeds.
11 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 33663

Well there's no self loathing, crab in bucket mentality, or humor of any sort. Everyone seems to be and take everything very seriously, and while there is the occasionally crybaby, most people here seem mentally stable, just lonely or friendless.

Anonymous 33665

>no self loathing
I never got that impression.
A good deal less self-loathing than r9k, but that's not saying much.

Anonymous 33666

There's definitely some defeatism going on here, at least from some probable maleposters. The ones spouting that romance with men is impossible. It's the same vein as the ones who go on about "roast" for the other sex.

Anonymous 33669

I guess it's easy to go and blame the opposite sex for your problems, but I have to say 9/10 you're probably just shooting off mega crazy vibes or you're as boring as asphalt.

Anyhow I haven't seen much defeatism. At least, not at the same degree as r9k. It's just bizarre to me.

Anonymous 33670

>not at the same degree
More posts there than here.


Anonymous 33520[Reply]

>steals your bf's attention by being prettier than you
16 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 33613


You make some good points

Anonymous 33617

Reminds me of a hipstery erotic "film" with a similar plot that I saw a few years ago when I followed two fetish models who collabed on it.

Anonymous 33621

This bait thread sure backfired

Anonymous 33622

She's right though.

Anonymous 33641

They always do…

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