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Anonymous Admin 39516[Reply]

Do not make threads about the following topics or you will be banned for 7 days:

- Race/Ethnicity/Nationality (including stereotypes & preferences)
- Religion
- "femboys"
- (Why) do guys…
- (Why) do you like guys who [insert preference here]
- (Why) do guys like [insert preference here]
- how to get a bf/gf/platonic friend (who does xyz)
- Fetish bait threads (if you must make a fetish thread, do it in >>>/nsfw/ and don't make it an image dump)
- Discord

If you want to talk about Radfem/TERF/Gendercritical themes, do not make a new thread. Use the existing threads and keep discussion civil. You can read my thoughts on a radfem board here: >>>/meta/2962

General threads:

>>117636 Pinkpill general/complaints about men as a whole
>>44115 Where/how to meet men
>>118214 Trans general
>>114365 TERF Memes/shittalking


Anonymous 226627[Reply]

Is she /ourgirl/?


Anonymous 142346[Reply]

How to raise a boy in the current political environment?
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Anonymous 226078


Stunting someone's technological growth in this day and age is setting them up for failure

Anonymous 226083

>raise a boy
eww why would you do that?

Anonymous 226129

if they get bullied put them in MMA classes and explain the situation to the trainer and he should explain how he is getting bullied step by step to the trainer so he can figure out what the boy can do.

Anonymous 226137

Easy don't raise ANY
Who in their right mind would want to bring a child into the world the way it is now??

Anonymous 226173

the cruelest thing any parent can do to their child is have one

Mental instability Anonymous 190678[Reply]

When I see other women dating scrotes that are clearly unstable or have violent tendencies I begin to wonder if you should have some sort of moid license.
Moids should have to prove to women that they're not batshit bonkers and are able to function properly in society without bursting into fits of rage in public or becoming irrational for no reason whatsoever. These scrotes are especially frightening because they're the top tier of psychopaths that will justify any kind of behavior as acceptable.
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Anonymous 225975

This. Some bitter social recluse that only has his computer screen as company and over 300 games on Steam.

Anonymous 226130


Moids with mental issues are about as useful as cancer in your fingers. Autistic moids are about as pleasant as screaming toddlers on meth.

Anonymous 226147

To summarize: we need eugenics.

Anonymous 226276

I fear the day when autistic scrotes will organize themselves and go on a Chrischanesque rape bonanza.

Anonymous 226280

I wonder what the overlap is between rapists and autistic moids? Probably the same as incels.


Sons or Daughters Anonymous 216037[Reply]

Which would you prefer?
I could see pros and cons for both.
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Anonymous 225665

Wanting to birth a son over wanting to birth a daughter is like wanting to parent a rabid chimpanzee over an actual human infant. A mental illness. Am I dehumanizing men because I don't like them? Fuck yeah.

Anonymous 226141

I've noticed that my supposedly feminist sister still spoils her son more than her daughter.

Anonymous 226145


It's that boymom brain. I don't know why, but it's like having a son always kills the common sense and rationality of any woman no matter how intelligent she was before the pregnancy. Pampering their sons with too much free labor and money when they should know how to cook/clean and work by now, always making excuses for inexcusable behavior like saying he was a "good boy" when he commits a crime, acting hyper-territorial of her son about his love/sex life as if SHE's his fucking girlfriend even though she's the mother, and more things that I'm sure I missed. I don't know why moms always get like this when they have a son, but they always just do. Maybe they put too much value on their son because they're emotionally desperate enough to view him as like a second husband. Maybe this is what people mean by "emotional incest".

Anonymous 226593

There are a couple of things that I noticed from what I've seen of MILF MANOR.
First - the emotional incest is mutual. From the very first episode, the moms are mateguarding their sons, and the sons are mateguarding their moms. You start out wondering if the boys are just that way be>>216052
cause the fathers were out of the picture given the nature of that show, or if it's scripted like the rest of reality tv, but uhm. There are husbands and wives who are less mutually jealous than these sonsbands and milfs.
Second - these sons are in the top whatever percentage of male specimens, physically, and probably socially. These are the males >>216052 was talking about with
>football captain, good grade, obedient son
so - this is how football captain goodgrade obedient sons are made.
Boymoms must be like that quote about sausage factories, "if you like sausage you don't want to see how it's made."

Anonymous 226597

> sausage
i see what ya did there


Have you ever gone to a club alone Anonymous 168829[Reply]

I've never been to one and want to try, but my friends don't. Is it safe or even fun at all to go on your own? What are your experiences with clubbing in general anyway? I feel like I've been missing out
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Anonymous 223065

This thread is making me feel like everyone but me has a local goth club. Virel: what I'll never have.

Anonymous 223066

I go to a bar where I'm often alone, or there's like 1-2 groups of friends max. I like to drink alone, I enjoy the experience, the quiet, the moment, the booze. But sometimes I also went to more crowded bars, even went dancing by myself, I rarely get hitted on except when I go dance and I just have fun rejecting the guys in that situation. Sometimes more polite and normal men dance with me and don't hit on me or ask for anything, they just dance with me (without touching me).

Anonymous 223067

….Racist club?

Anonymous 226417

Why would you go to a club at all? It's like noise torture.

Anonymous 226590

yeah, they closed both of the Hot Topic stores near me


Anonymous 174716[Reply]

Whats your mental illness (even self-diagnosed) and how does it affect your daily life?
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Anonymous 176879

why is everyone nowadays need to be diagnosed with something? im just socially awkward

Anonymous 176923

I think there's, besides mental illnesses being normalized, an actual rise in mental illness because of our lifestyles and future prospects.

Anonymous 176993

nona u cant convince me that we have a worse life than the average dark age village and thats why we have more people with mental disorders. my theory is that its "cool" now to have a mental illness since you can use them as a excuse for any inappropriate behavior

Anonymous 177598



Unironically I think it makes me stronger. I don't get bogged down by the foibles and machinations of normies.

Anonymous 177706

Anger and paranoia comes from stress
Deal with the stress in your life


Pinkpill Thread #13 Anonymous 220726[Reply]

A thread for posting and discussing the feminist truth against males and their nonsense, as these truths would often get dogpiled and silenced on social media if not spoken anonymously.

Previous >>147993
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Anonymous 226569

there’s a pretty big (some pun intended) difference between “obese” and what most people (women AND men) call “fat”
either way, they usually mean “ugly”…which is pretty ugly itself

Anonymous 226571

fat and obese people are both ugly

Anonymous 226572

girls who are 5 or 10 pounds overweight get called “fat” and think of themselves as obese and/or ugly, and that’s not good.

TLDR: no, YOU’RE ugly.

Anonymous 226573

i'm not talking about a scrote's definition of fat

Anonymous 226575

and your definition of “fat” lady, compared to your definition of “obese” lady is…?
(since “fat and obese people are both ugly”)


Least favorite animals Anonymous 224802[Reply]

Post your least favorite animals. Dolphins are evil creatures, and are loved too much.
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Anonymous 226389


A friend of my mom got stabbed by a roosters spurs once

Anonymous 226455


Attack of the Creatonotos Gangis Moth!

Anonymous 226456

Fortunately, that pest went into the pan, I ate it with rice and I really liked it lol

Anonymous 226460

Do you mean they love fighting them?

Anonymous 226557

i hate horses, i just think they're creepy and gross


public transit stories. Anonymous 10596[Reply]

anyone here take the bus?
share your stories.
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Anonymous 13769

When I was visiting my brother in the city some meth head chick on the train said really loudly that she pissed herself, then the people with her were like "we know, be quiet". I briefly made eye contact with her through the window when she got off and she was super messed up with one really droopy eye and the other bulging out. I'm from a small town so I don't ever witness this sort of thing.

Anonymous 13771

>then girlfriend

Key word is then. But yeah, it's really disgusting that I can't do something as innocent as let her sleep on my shoulder without guys fetishising it. It's beyond annoying I couldn't show affection at a party or something without guys acting like it's a private show for them, even if it's just a fucking hug.

Anonymous 226412

fat old bald creep in basketball shorts sat next to me on the bus and very discretely fingered my pocket. i was too scared to say or do anything so i just got up at the next stop and took the next bus.

Anonymous 226549

On a bus heading toward Michigan, a woman carrying a baby accidentally left her baby's food in her luggage, which was stationed in the bus' storage. When she realized this, she yelled and screamed for the bus driver to stop the bus so that she can get her baby's items out of her luggage. The bus driver argued back and forth for what felt like five or maybe ten minutes straight, until the bus finally pulled over and allowed the woman to retrieve the baby food for the rest of the trip. It was really awkward, but if I was a mom, I would probably spaz tf out too.

Anonymous 226550

> fingered my pocket
is this literally about a part of clothing or a euphemism for something even worse?

(i did a triple-take because “fingered” and because i’ve heard stories of assault occurring on public transport and in other crowded places)

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