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/pol/ Anonymous Admin 39516[Reply]

For the time being, please stop making new threads about racial topics (including preferences and stereotypes). Use the existing threads and keep discussion civil.


Anonymous 41772[Reply]

Miners, do you ever get approached by guys on the street when you're out and about?

How do you generally react?

FYI I've never been approached so I don't know what I would do.
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Anonymous 41799

obligations are based on relationships to other people. and my own morals are to be rude to everyone all the time. its pretty epic

Anonymous 41800

No, if he's a jerk I find it fine to bring out my inner jerk.
I don't find cold approaching alone jerk behaviour though. I've done it myself, I'm sympathetic. But if they refuse to take no for an answer or start negging harshly then it's fair game.

That said I was never a jerk to either guy. I told the first one "have a nice day" after rejecting him despite him seeming on the edge of flipping ("well I just wanted to sleep with you anyway").

And yeah I saw him talking to a couple girls first. It was kind of sad.

Anonymous 41801

Drunk or homeless men are more vocal than a typical person seeing an attractive stranger.

Anonymous 41803

I cannot concive any smooth way to pull this of, talking to strangers out of nowhere while not being cringe/intimidating is not realistic. Why do they think it can work?
I'm super shy so any type of confrontation with romántic intentions directly translate to a "NO BACK OF" even if they are cute

Anonymous 41804

I've been asked by male strangers about my ethnicity since I'm mixed but each time I never gave them real answers and just left them standing there.

According to Americans, "what are you?" questions towards women fall under being approached but since none of the men who looked to be in their 50s, by the way, followed up with any questions, I think they really were just curious about my foreign-looking appearance.


Are there any ways to make quick cash? Anonymous 36131[Reply]

I'm underweight so I can't donate plasma. I will never donate eggs or my womb, it's creepy. I don't plan to do anything illegal either. But I do need fast cash…

So. If you have any ideas, it would be cool to talk about them. I've really dug myself into a hole.
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Anonymous 40982

Not that anon but "objectively very pretty"? Maybe to fucking incel nerds online and you know it. I'm tired of people pretending like you're supposed to have their basement dweller standards of beauty when I see 1000s of beautiful women in Europe and America everyday.

Anonymous 41006

gj replying to a post from 2 months ago so you can point out that a woman is ugly

Anonymous 41052

Ikr. This is why men think we're all petty bitches

Anonymous 41783

OP here. I never did. I simply fell deeper into the hole. I think that I've ruined my life honestly. Sometimes I think "maybe I could just go on a few dates and talk to old men, it wouldn't have to be sexual", and I hate myself for it.

Eh. Life sucks.

Anonymous 41786

Sell sugar canes!


Bump this thread every time you visit for the FIRST TIME today! Anonymous 31485[Reply]

Let's have at it, CC.
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Anonymous 40604


Anonymous 40616

Good morning ladies. Just started watching Utena and now I want a prince charming gf :c

Anonymous 41076



Anonymous 41096


Good morning!

Anonymous 41785


How are y'all c.c denizens?


irl freinds? Anonymous 41763[Reply]

do any of you have friends in real life? I live in Croatia (Balkan states) and feel alone, like there is absolutely no one who goes through the same things I go through, everyone just seem normal or just plain vain and judgemental
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Anonymous 41771

true friends reveal when things get hard, for me it was the depressive episode, found out that 2 of my friends were going trough the same thing and we got super close because of it, honestly dont worry about it, life is pretty weird that way and connects you with people sooner or later

Anonymous 41773

I just find it odd that people around me are having sex and especially that easily, like no way I could have sex with someone I don't even know honestly I don't understand how can they do it, both girls and guys, it mostly bothered my in high school when everyone starts doing it but I don't feel ready honestly sometimes I get into a some kind of a depressing loop because of it thinking I'll never be ready or that it will get harder

You seem very nice honestly
I'm glad that you managed to get someone truly close to you, that part you said about true friends reveal when things get hard couldn't be more true

How old are you?
What do you do in your life?
Like hobbies or anything

Anonymous 41774

if you want we can chat on discord more, its easier the rules say you can exchange contacts too, not to comfortable telling all that on an open board hahaha, but having a text buddy is never bad

Anonymous 41776

but to paint a clearer picture, im 20 finished high school and started working, was a complete neet before finishing high school, spent most of my time playing games like dota 2 and cs go, nowadays im mostly focused on work and going out with friends

Anonymous 41777

I made one,it's freil#5007


Asexuality Anonymous 41519[Reply]

What do ypu think about Asexuality / Demisexuality / Grey A ?

I'm a Grey A. Any Asexual there?
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Anonymous 41752

i dont really care if its a meme sexuality or not, but finding this label was for me extremely comforting because i finally had words for how i felt like, and lessened the feelings that there was something wrong with me, or that i was the only one in the world who felt this way.
in my country ons's are common/normalized, so i felt like a fish out of water when my friends would talk about sex, how hot x person was, about their fwbs or ons, and all i could do is sit and stare at them in slight disbelief and wonder how is it possible to have fwbs, how can they feel attracted to a person they dont know, wonder if theres something wrong with me, etc.

Anonymous 41753

oh yes, because it would go against the law of physics for men to ever have low libidos. All of them have infinite boners and when they dont want to talk about it, its because they are into children or something else just as horrifying.
go shit your pants

Anonymous 41757

Having a low libido isn't the same as not being attracted to anybody. The latter isn't normal, there is definitely something wrong with him. It could range from a simple hormonal problem to a complex psychological one. No idea why you're getting so defensive.

Anonymous 41760

I have an extremely hard time believing that women who live like that are actually sexually attracted to everyone they have sex with.

Especially when I see things like this:
>We found that ratings of attractiveness were around 1000 times more sensitive to salary for females rating males, compared to males rating females.
There is no way that salary indicators are actually that arousing. Think about the cost in time, in skill, and in dollars that it takes for a woman to be attractive. Men don't even wear makeup and are barely willing to spend money on a splash of cologne. And if anyone were actually directly aroused by wealth then every pervy tumblr would have been filled with Scrooge McDuck diving into his gold coin vault, instead of every single other cartoon except Duck Tales. So instead of measuring sexual attraction, this survey measured the incentive to lie about attraction, which starts with lying to one's self.

Anonymous 41761


He doesn't have any sexual fetishes and he was never a victim of sexual assault. I actually have a tangible proof he doesn't have any fetishes because I found his reddit account where he stated the only fetish he has is cuddling with his gf.

ok so basicaly im …

Anonymous 38479[Reply]

political compass thread
go to that website then post your results
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Anonymous 40703


Anonymous 40706


Anonymous 40735


Its the only place with cute people, have you seen the troons , whales, and soyboys that go to punk shows? Look at the dudes calling themselves male feminists or antifa…not cute

Anonymous 40779

>troons , whales, and soyboys that go to punk shows
>dudes calling themselves male feminists or antifa
so, left libertarians

Anonymous 41759



Anti Pornography Anonymous 35979[Reply]

Are you anti porn? Considering that most of us on cc are feminists, if not all, we should be against it.

It misrepresents women, ruins relationships, contributes to people becoming degenerates, is the main cause of men being the mongrels they are or can be and is overall unnecesarry, seeing that two or three decades ago it was nowhere and our society was just as well off as now.

Of course we can't go back to things being like that and we're stuck with it always being around now, but enforcing stricter rules for what it can contain, who can access it and such would be great. Because entirely removing it just won't work anymore, sadly.

Do you agree that porn is bad, both generally and for humans as a whole? Let's discuss.
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Anonymous 41584

The lgbt board is on 4chan, fren.

Anonymous 41585

>I would never try to control what other people watch
>That's kind of shitty
Except it's not shitty to have standards. I don't think all people who watch porn are bad, but a vast majority are ignorant and possibly also have an addiction to it (which is serious, even if it seems harmless). It's already been discussed on the thread, but aside from obvious themes of violence, the women who do porn are often underpaid, guilted into doing it (often lied to before the initial shoot), and possibly even abused by their "partners" on set. I forgot his name, but there was a male porn star who choked his costar while filming, for a kink type video, to the point she was nearly strangled. The crew tried to get him off of her from how far he took it; he said he no longer felt pleasure from sex with women or kinks like choking, that he lost most of his attraction to women, and started to see his female costars as objects. He'd get really violent, and his costars were scared of him and no longer wanted to work. He left the spotlight for a while, but now he's filming again, a movie about "consensual sex" no less.

Anonymous 41754

>two or three decades ago it was nowhere and our society was just as well off as now.
You know what also has no practical value? Art. We could live without it, so why have it? Also, quoting >>35982, why would you want to eat food that tastes good? Omg thats so degenerate. Why enjoy things?? Why do certain kinds of entertainment exist??? Thats illegal.
Eating only (or lets say looking at) food made by 3 star michelin chefs is degeneracy because then people will have super high standards for food, and all the bad cooks will be excluded from society FOREVER.
People should only do practical things, why would people want any kind of entertainment when they clearly should live a life of purity and chastity close to the Lord and get their entertainment from Jesus??

Anonymous 41755


Anonymous 41756

I think the better comparison would be porn to fast food. And if you overeat fast food…come on, you know what happens.
A fast food addict is fat, unhealthy, and most likely prefers it to healthy food. Due to their increasing appetite they will also begin consuming more (20 pack nugs and a large fries instead of a 6 pack meal).

That isn't to say restaurants in general are bad though, healthier options exist (comparison here is ethical or amateur porn) while still providing you with a meal you don't have to cook yourself.

t. Once both a fatty and a porn addict


heck Anonymous 41691[Reply]

i like my women like i like my men… thats it. im bi.

Anonymous 41692

Bitch, me too.

Anonymous 41705

I wish I was bi, too.

Anonymous 41737

I also wish I was bi but with a heavy tendency towards women. Being a straightie sucks for many reasons.

Anonymous 41746

>be bi
>getting obvious pathetic crushes on not only one, but both genders
>getting lead on by not only one, but both gender
>being rejected by not only one, but both genders

Anonymous 41750

>be me, bi miner
>think some guys are kinda cute
>has a heart attack when close to any and all cute women
>acquire bf
>after some considerable time with him start daydreaming about slowly kissing a girl's softlips (finally) in a crispy autumn morning, the wind causing the orange and red leaves to fall all around usas we walk in the park with her doggo(s), then goingback home only to have the memory of her lips on mine cause yetanother riot from the butterfliesin my stomach

im very happy with my guy but i often get these feelings. im also sad that ill never get to slay pussy, and being a top who dislikes anal is just sad
does any other bi miner gets this??


Anonymous 12278[Reply]

what are u
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Anonymous 41289

Also at work. My supervisor is out for a week and I'm out of tasks to do so I'm on c.c and online shopping.
My back hurts and I'm bored.
See embed.

L'abattoir, eat poutine, go to Stanley Park, walk around downtown.

Anonymous 41738


Working on a handbook for work.
Shitty Hershey's milk chocolate but it was in the break room and therefore free.
pic related
Office ambient noise.

Anonymous 41742


I thought Wednesday thread had hit limit…so happy it hasn't. My luv.
Studying…well, I should be.
Mint tea
Easily distracted and a lil bit horny.
My dehumidifier

Anonymous 41747

sandra bullock met…

lazing about before putting in another few hours of work from home (big project)
just fucked up some duck curry and mango salad from the thai place
exhausted and like i need to stretch
jeopardy in the other room

Anonymous 41748

Idling. Satan's work.
Dusty air through my nose.
Lovely like a summer peach.
Gay Story by In Love With a Ghost.

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