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how to be normie Anonymous 28669[Reply]

anyone else just feel like they're too far gone? i try to hard to be a normal, happy citizen of society but it just feels so alien to me. like a large chunk of my high school years and uni were spent online, friendless and barely socialising. and now trying to get back into the normie world feels so difficult. how do i integrate? where do i even begin? i only have 1 friend, haven't had a job in 2 years and have lost pretty much all empathy at this point. also i'm boring as hell.
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Anonymous 28764

That's because point of normie conversation is just to socialize, not exchange ideas or share information. Normie conversation is person-focused first. It's not that you're more intelligent, it's just that you're prioritizing different things. It's great when you can find other people that want the same things from conversation as you, but you have to change your whole paradigm when talking to normies.

Anonymous 28765

Someone I worked with irl.

Anonymous 28769

Social situations don't usually make me anxious or i don't dread it when i come home but its like i cant like anyone anymore. I had some friends similar to me around but they're gone now and that made me realize this. i tolerate people but inside im irrationally angry.

Anonymous 28777

No you don't. Just, like don't talk about CP in front of people IRL. Does someone else use your mouth for you? I don't get how that happens.

Anonymous 28782

I deliver.png

I'm concerned by what anon means by "nonchalantly."
Does she not see pedophilia or cp as a problem? I'd hardly be surprised, it's things like this that remind me I'm still on an imageboard after all.
Women and men really aren't that different.


Anonymous 12438[Reply]

Man dislike thread

Post your mild issues with men here
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Anonymous 28771

half the time it's caused by the bad choices of the male too though. all it takes is for him to break the condom by accident, or lie and say how his "pull out game" is fool proof.
pregnancy doesnt happen in a vacuum, but the difference is only the woman will be forced to pay for both of their mistakes.

Anonymous 28772

trolled hard

Anonymous 28773

Honestly, if you agree to just pulling out, that's on you. It doesn't take a genius to know that it's not a particularly foolproof method. Even with contraception failing, you always made the choice of having sex in the first place. There is not a single method of contraception that is 100% safe (even tying tubes has a ~0.5% failure rate), so you should be aware that it's a gamble every time.

Anonymous 28775

no one said these girls were geniuses, but it also takes the man to unironically think itll work too. i hear stories of men doing this shit online all the time.
>you made the choice to have sex
so did the men, so why is it the woman must bear all the suffering, and have to, you know, think about the actual ramifications of their actions, while the man can do whatever then fuck off to another state leaving her single and alone, for his mistakes? its his sperm afterall, if he was content with just blowjobs they wouldnt be in that situation to begin with.

imo men should be forced to pay for abortion too, they caused it after all. and theyre messing with a potential human life by just fucking around carelessly

Anonymous 28776

Yes, it takes two to tango, I never denied that, and I actually had an issue with the analogy for that reason as it is the one that removed your agency. Why women suffer the consequences is just how nature works, and that's something you really can't change. That's all the more reason for you to be more careful about it, because men are probably not going to care as much about it. Though even they can sometimes suffer the consequences if they want an abortion and you don't, or vice versa.

Health care where I live is mostly taxpayer funded, so the costs factor is essentially a nonissue here.


Tell some jokes Anonymous 28645[Reply]

A moose walks into a bar. Both the staff and customers were quite alarmed, the bartender proceeded to call animal control whom promptly removed it from the premises.

A Jewish man and a Muslim man walk into a bar. They don't actually know each other they just kind of walked in at the same time. To the disappointment and ire of his parents the Muslim man is pretty westernized as he grew up in the country and he isn't that religious so he drinks socially with his girlfriend.

A transwoman, a socially stunted anime watcher, and a mentally ill freak walk into a bar. It was a slow night so she was the only one in the bar. sorry

A bartender walks into a bar. He uses the bathroom real quick before starting his shift for the evening.

An incel walks into a bar. Well actually it's a dance club and he has an AR-15.

A rhabbi walks into a bar mitzvah

Roseanne Barr
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Anonymous 28743

use the direct link field, friend

Anonymous 28744

An Frenchman, an Irishman, and a Swede walk into a bar. Or at least that's what they refer to themselves as but in reality they're white Americans with a shallow understanding of these identities.

Anonymous 28753

Mickey Mouse is having a nasty divorce with Minnie Mouse. Mickey spoke to the judge about the separation. "I'm sorry Mickey, but I can't legally separate you two on the grounds that Minnie is mentally insane…" Mickey replied, "I didn't say she was mentally insane, I said that she's fucking Goofy!"

Anonymous 28760

Anonymous 28774

I've got a joke for ya: Every single United States Presidency since the 90s except for Obama.

sentinel r1.jpg

Planes and general /comfy/ stuff Anonymous 27280[Reply]

I'm alone and I may have a problem because people tell me that I like planes too much.
I don't care though. Does anybody want to talk about planes or just general /comfy/ stuff? I have nothing better to do so guess that's that
Pic related. It's my favourite plane
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Anonymous 28735

I actually do quite like the F35, but I wasnt posting those before.
I kinda feel a little basic for just liking jet fighters, but they're so damn cool.

Anonymous 28738

>I kinda feel a little basic for just liking jet fighters

Probably because there are so many variants in their designs since they are still innovating in technology. Meanwhile arliners are all the same spare for some few small design variations since they have largely matured as a technology

Anonymous 28740

That's true, there's a lot more weird and wacky variation in fighter craft.

More to the point though, I used to go to all the air shows with my grandfather. He grew up during WW2 and loved planes then, and he totally instilled it in me. So I guess the fighters will always be kinda special to me, just remembering him.

Anonymous 28758


These are my favorite planes. I love their color scheme and that they're sentient <33

Anonymous 28770



Anonymous 28707[Reply]

>be me, browsing big mainstream media website
>saw that an Argentinian actress accused a much older actor of raping her 9 years ago when she was a teen
>go to the comment section
>it is full of women saying that the victim should have said something years ago and that waiting this long is suspicious

This never fails to shock and hurt me. Other women saying that waiting invalidates what happened, your feelings and the abuse. Or saying it's probably a lie because you waited to come forward with the accusation.

Some girls were afraid of the abuser, or thought they wouldn't be taken seriously, especially when they're young. Is it this hard to understand? I know we've heard many cases of false accusations lately, but the point isn't that. Is that waiting to talk about your rape = it never happened/you're lying, when that couldn't be further from the truth. Idk, it just upsets me that many women seem to think otherwise, maybe they want to act like handmaidens or get male approval, but it's just depressing.

What do you think, /b/?
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Anonymous 28721

>People are so uneducated when it comes to rape and abuse unless they work in a field relating to it or had it happened to themselves/loved one…

So true unfortunately

Anonymous 28733

do you know if she's teling the truth or if she's lying?

Anonymous 28761

I don't know, the news came out yesterday as far as I know so there's a lot to come I guess. but that's not the point of my post anyway. My point is that people blame the victims even more if they take time to come forward with the truth and accuse the rapist, when sometimes girls and women don't do it right away because they're afraid, or scared, or think people won't take them seriously and need time to prepare to take action.

Anonymous 28763

and sometimes people falsely accuse others for money
that's why it's important to know if she's lying or not

Anonymous 28766

learn to read. this thread is to focus on the fact that actual victims are mistreated because they waited to open up. of course there are people who lie or accuse others without proof, but there's a shit ton of assholes who mistreat REAL rape victims because they waited to have the courage to speak up.


Feminism General Anonymous 3373[Reply]

Are you a feminist? Because I am!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on feminism, how it has evolved over the years and how it will evolve in the future.
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Anonymous 28695

Then why scapegoat feminism?

Anonymous 28711

At least feminism gives women an opportunity to be something more than mother/wife.

Anonymous 28713

>capitalism slowly wrecks families
>capitalism slowly kills spirituality
>capitalism thrives off 3rd world immigration

>it's the queers and the ess jay doubleyas I tell you

Anonymous 28717

Capitalism is inherently anti-women imho. You strike a good note with 3rd world immigration but the economy doesn't care where the children come from - as long as they come.
Western women win enough rights to not be living inside a breeding mill? Just offload it to the 3rd world! No birth control pills, legal spousal rape, and those who immigrate from there are anti-feminist too by virtue of being steeped in the culture. What else would make the owners of capital happy?

Anonymous 28739

>You strike a good note with 3rd world immigration but the economy doesn't care where the children come from - as long as they come.
Western women win enough rights to not be living inside a breeding mill? Just offload it to the 3rd world!

There's that but also the fact that an immigrant is more likely to accept low pay and poor labor conditions as it's still an upgrade. This gets exploited to keep wages low but also gets used as a patriotic shaming, "She is grateful to work 2 jobs for minimum wage, you should be grateful life in America is so good!" or "They do the jobs you won't do!".

And then racists and reactionaries blame leftists and feminism for "white genocide" because we're sympathetic/tolerant when capitalism itself is to blame for multiculturalism.


Anonymous 27332[Reply]

Does anyone have tips on how to be smarter? More sensible and thoughtful, more "mature", I guess.
I'm 19 rn (turning 20 next year) and I'm such, a dumbass. I know nothing of politics or philosophy or ethics or anything.
Please holp CC.
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Anonymous 28554

Hi I want to learn more about metaphysics and ethics but I don't know where to start. I really liked reading those texts in my highschool books but now I don't know what to read or what even there is to read… so I thought you people here might be able to help me. I haven't read any full books, only snippets from my schoolbooks that I mentioned.

Anonymous 28623

Nichomachean Ethics and Metaphysics by Aristotle are must reads

Anonymous 28628

I feel you, OP. I'm studying an History degree and I still feel like an uneducated kid. I compare myself constantly to my classmates and friends and I feel so… shallow. Idk.

I'm picking some of the suggestions here, thank you!

Anonymous 28708

Late, but do you have any tips for analyzing media?

Anonymous 28727

Seconding this.
I’ve watched enough video essays to get a basic grip on what I should be looking for but I look stupid trying. I don’t know where to start to tie it all together and haven’t had an English class in years.


25+ Thread Anonymous 14473[Reply]

I'm curious as to how many "older" anons are on crystal cafe.
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Anonymous 28453


This but from elementary school. I had so many chances that I missed out on because my head was up my assignment and I was basically living in a fantasy world. But I would happily take a do-over from high school. I was (am) essentially autistic but it's just because I had a self-centered personality and I was really sheltered.

Anonymous 28456

You're all officially my little sisters now, sorry I don't make the rules.

Anonymous 28705

YouTube is trolling me. I hate him.

Anonymous 28720


>praising pimps
Absolutely degenerate

Anonymous 28723

I'm getting more recommendations from his channel the titles are all very sleazy.

My algorithm has turned into a shit show.


Anonymous 14153[Reply]

this imageboard is so slow.
ITT: post anything you like
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Anonymous 28691

3. Definitely a 3.

Anonymous 28694

I'm tempted to say 2 because of his bathory shirt

Anonymous 28703

7 8 4 and 6 are entirely me

Anonymous 28712

he is bladee and i enjoy his music a lot

Anonymous 28722

Please dont punch people. Please punch your pillow instead


ctrl-v thread Anonymous 21529[Reply]

Let's see what's in yall clipboards.

I'll start:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 27690


(was shopping on yesstyle)

Anonymous 28434

I recall six days, knowing youd be gone
Then five days, then four, three, two and then one
Saw straining of ropes, increasingly weighted
The crack in our love, when it first hesitated

So the hours do go, and a child is not
A thing before man, and then once forgot
So elders do die, so dreams even rot
So I am not young, and this is my lot

My lot not ours, though hours it is so
The sun there, for me, rises up from the stars
Still rises the moon, wherever you are
Two things in exchange, same path but still far

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 28443

Anonymous 28700


Anonymous 28701

I've read this word so many times I feel like it's part of my soul now

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