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Anonymous Admin 39516[Reply]

Do not make threads about the following topics:
- Race/Ethnicity/Nationality (including stereotypes & preferences)
- Religion
- (Why) do guys…
- (Why) do you like guys who [insert preference here]
- (Why) do guys like [insert preference here]
- how to get a bf/gf (who does xyz)
- Fetish bait threads (if you must make a fetish thread, do it in >>>/nsfw/ and don't make it an image dump)

If you want to talk about Radfem/TERF/Gendercritical themes, do not make a new thread. Use the existing threads and keep discussion civil. You can read my thoughts on a radfem board here: >>>/meta/2962

>>73800 Pinkpill general/complaints about men as a whole
>>44115 Where/how to meet men
>>67804 Trans general
>>70600 TERF Memes/shittalking


Anonymous 74476[Reply]

im a boy :3 ama


Terfposting #3 Anonymous 70600[Reply]

The thread for all your transphobic meme and shit talk needs. Go!

Old thread (reached post limit): >>66270
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Anonymous 74465


The author of this book is receiving violent death threats from TRAs, yet its terfs that are "violent" https://twitter.com/AbigailShrier/status/1354272038634962949?s=19

Anonymous 74469

She doesn't even say she hates trannies in her book and is living in reality, no doubt a delusional troon wrote that.

Anonymous 74472


Anonymous 74473

apparently they split back in summer, tbh i wouldn't be surprised if Ellen started getting gender feelings from a mistress or something, an adult woman wouldn't decide to troon out without someone influencing her

Anonymous 74475




Does anyone only exclusively date boys with asperger? Anonymous 74426[Reply]

I have a thing, ever since I could remember. Maybe 11 or 12 where I’ve been attracted to boys only with autism. All of my exes and current fiancé all have asperger syndrome. (I’m not talking like retarded, just a little bit awkward ya kno?) I find it attractive because they are very easily to manipulate and you pretty much have to take care of them since their parents never showed them how to do anything. Then you can watch them sprout into men. It’s gotten to the point where I cannot find attraction to a guy unless he has autism. Plus they will do whatever you want because well, they’ve never had a girlfriend before. They’re also a so cute and are very intelligent and will be successful later. I feel like it’s a win win win win AND win Am I crazy?
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Anonymous 74442


you sound a little crazy but all of my exes have also been autistic/mentally ill and have had those benefits. i also really enjoy it when theyre virgins because you get to teach them and its so cute. i have a really specific criteria for men i date. its rly cute when they are socially autistic bc then you get to be their mommy gf

Anonymous 74445

Yes! My current fiancé is the only guy I’ve ever really had sex with. He knew his way around quite well surprisingly, I guess it’s where he watched so much porn before lol the number one thing they don’t really know is that the vagina is lower

Anonymous 74467

Its also fucking tiring

Anonymous 74468

This. Literally. Why do they think our vaginas are akin to belly buttons? Wtf

Anonymous 74471


Just make sure he doesn't have too much assburgers and believes without question retarded internet memes too much.


Anonymous 74324[Reply]

>anon im hungry
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Anonymous 74435


small and cute
also: the taboo

Anonymous 74437

I was raped

I had a bortion

Anonymous 74460


he probably just wants yogurt or something

Anonymous 74464

I'd buy him that.

Anonymous 74470


he's starving


Pinkpill 2 Anonymous 73800[Reply]

Old one was full >>>/b/62606

When did 4chan moids start being obsessed with tradwives? When I was younger it used to be that robots would complain about women who wanted to marry and have children because they deemed them boring prudish normies who will expect too much of their man, now every ideal gf thread I see on r9k has incels clamoring for a wife that will bear their children. I know the real reason is them unironically adopting /pol/ stances not just as memes but as their entire life goals, which is depressing but also a forbidden topic on here, so I won't continue, it's just a weird thing to see. They either want a degenerate e-girl who will cuck them or make onlyfans bux for them both, or an aryan virgin.

Not that 4chan was ever a suitable place to find men anyway. Don't come at me, I just get curious sometimes.
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Anonymous 74286


How about you wake up and actually employ critical thinking?


Anonymous 74287

Angelo John Gage is a professional lifestyle coach (professionally certified as such by Tony Robbins' self-help organization). He makes money running a service teaching what professes to be "self-improvement" and dating advice. His money and income are literally generated by not being an incel and exploiting incels into believing that if they hate jews enough then they too will not be incels; since the primary qualification is "not being an incel," approximately 95% of all men are as qualified as Angelo to make money in that manner, but Angelo manages to be a member of the elite minority of men who transform socially predatory moral depravity from a hobby to a profession.

That means that Gage supporters fall into two categories; morally bankrupt would-be scam artists who see the end result of promoting Nazism as justifying the means of scamming the lower orders of man out of their pitifully small reserves of money and happiness, and unusually stupid incels who fall prey to such scams.

It is honestly shocking to see how many white nationalists will support any scam artist so long as he promotes racism; when con artists are exposed in movements filled with honest men, the honest men will generally exile the shyster to preserve their own integrity. This happens even in large-scale elaborate cons, such as organized religion. But not only is Angelo John Gage not the biggest fraud in white nationalism, he is also not the most important. David Duke himself defrauded his own supporters out of a considerable amount of money–more than some of his uneducated and underemployed fans could afford, which is why they bothered to take their case to the courts. Duke is one of the surprisingly numerous instance of white supremacist leaders who went to prison not for harm done to blacks, but to his own white nationalist followers. The only time I am aware of the alt right actually refusing to support one of their leading con artists was the case of the Nazi leader who led the march on Skokie, Illinois, who went to prison not for any of the neonazi racist activities he was promoting, but for using his connections with his Nazi group to molest underage boys. If it had just been their money that was stolen instead of their young relatives who were sodomized they might never have turned on him.

Anonymous 74289

>298 Jewish feminists
wtf I never knew the jews were so based

Anonymous 74293

Who invited leftypol here?

Anonymous 74466

does anybody remember this "MJmage" tripfag?


Anonymous 54869[Reply]

if a woman likes a trap, then what is she? gay? straight? something else?

does anyone here like traps?
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Anonymous 70241

coomer brain rot

Anonymous 70246


Anonymous 70262

Himitsu no Akuma c…

Welcome to CC.
Enjoy your stay.
Why not both, tho.

Anonymous 74462


Anonymous 74463

She is objectively right.


Moid secrets. Anonymous 68756[Reply]

We all know how primitive they are, but even they have their gender specific secrets.
Maybe you know some myths about men that turned out to be true? Share them here.
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Anonymous 74438

Apparently some men splash pee droplets on their legs and clothes when they pee standing up. My bf says it doesn't happen to him when he uses toilets, but that it definitely happens when using urinals. All those men in your workplaces are probably walking around in pee splashed pants.

Anonymous 74452

Lolcow lurker here, crystal.cafe is a lot more based now than it was when I last looked a year+ ago, this thread is a great laugh, especially the anons and scrotes who disagree getting roasted.

Anonymous 74457

Men definitely share your nudes with their entire social group, men also run groupchats where they share nudes and dox of local women.
Men who use dating apps spam every single female on the app with a swipe right or high vote or whatever applicable feature, and the same message. Dating is considered access to free sex work from their point of view.
Men are like cats and they only respect you if you ignore them. If you fawn over a man, they, knowing how dumb and depraved they are inside, consider you a fool for your admiration.
Men think all women are sexually available and wearing a dress or makeup is a "secret code" which means we want a pounding. They don't undersrand female socialisation where we base our worth on our attractiveness, thus we're always looksmaxxing simply to improve our "worth" and not because we give a shit what random men think. They also don't understand that most of our clothes and shoes are "sexy" designed by men, and we don't have a lot of options except looking the way we do. (Top tip: teenage boy's clothes will fit an average slim woman, if you want more neutral clothing)
I suspect the vast majority of men have viewed cp, bestiality and snuff, not saying they all liked it but their curiosity has no morals.
Men choose long term partners for primarily status and financial reasons; a woman with money who will do a lot of free work for him is the ideal.
Most men emotionally or physically cheat on their partners.
Men think of us, at best, as pets, at worst, as a subspecies. Trying to impress a man is pointless since women will always be seen as "lesser," so just do whatever makes you happy.

Anonymous 74458

A guy told me that guys imagine what it would be like having sex with every woman they meet

Anonymous 74459

Where i live, moids tend to compare women to cars and sometimes even firearms, equating everything outside sex as ''servicing'' or ''maintenance''.

I remember rather vividly hearing a moid at my high school compare foreplay to a block heater, stating how 'he had to keep the engine warm to start up the car in freezing weather'.

My former boyfriend also compared me to one of his pistols after a fight, stating how ''i jammed every time i got fed off-brand cartridges''

It's a relief to not be surrounded by a gargantuan pile of death tools anymore.


Tranny discussion thread Anonymous 67804[Reply]

A thread for tranny discussion and views on trannyisim
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Anonymous 74095

I'll help you figure it out.

Hitler had a Jewish driver he personally spared from the holocaust.

Anonymous 74096

Not to sound like a bitch, but are you so native and historically illiterate that you believe he did increased women's rights for the benefit women? He did those things so he could have more slaves to work alongside the men to build his agricultural utopia he was dreaming of. Maybe he did some things out of the goodness of his heart like woman's right to divorce, but in the end, that is outshadowed by the main purpose of equality which was to have more hands for the government.

Anonymous 74329

this is so gross

Anonymous 74447

I'm so tired of MtFs taking over women's spaces in tech, it seems like the concentration of MtFs is higher in tech than most other fields and we fucking allow them to just take over events and communities designed to uplift women. The issues that hold back women from being more prominent in the field are issues that MtFs just straight up don't encounter, so why the fuck are they given the light of day in these spaces??

I'm so tired of pretending like they face similar issues, they do not. They CHOSE to give up privilege.

I guess this is just a similar issue to how they are trying to take over in female spaces everywhere when they fundamentally do not understand the struggles women go through, but the gender breakdown of the larger field makes it sting a little worse.

Anonymous 74456

mtfs in tech are the nerd incel that couldnt get laid so he "became the gf" he still cannot get laid except with other dweebs that "became the gf". Their existance is absolutely short & just a short passing life that will take itself to oblivion inevitably.


/neetgen/ - NEET General Anonymous 55098[Reply]

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Anonymous 73894

I saw an opening for a hotline providing covid vaccine information, so I uploaded my CV on a whim and they called me the next day. Interviewing was very informal and I didn't have to show up in person or even do a video call. I'm lucky because everything I've done so far was very heavy on empathetic communication and that's what they were looking for the most. It's going to end in 6 months but according to the other employees it's common to switch to a different project within the company, so I might stay there if it stays this nice. My callers are super nice so far, even when they're frustrated, and I had my first antivax conspiracy theorist yesterday, so that was fun and entertaining. Having a pretty good time so far

Anonymous 74371

Finally made it out of NEET-dom, bros. I lost my job because of Corona schedule complications a couple months ago and just started my new one that pays even better than the last. It was so scary, this month was the last month I could pay rent and I've already lost 8lbs(128-120lbs) because I had to cut my food spending. I was so anxious and scared but the only good things that came out of it were me learning Live2D and I started voice chatting with my uni friends again. I don't have any friends in the town I'm in, so they're the only people I talk to around my age and the only time I'm really social anymore. Sorry to blog so much, but I'm so damn happy right now, I'm going to try to reconnect with some of my other female friends I haven't spoken to in ages.
I hope you did well, fren!

Anonymous 74424


i'm curious if any neets actually dream of being a housewife? and no i'm not a moid, just a lesbian with a soulless corporate job and an empty apartment who kind of wants a cute nerdy neet wife who cooks for me

tfw no gf

Anonymous 74443

unnamed (4).gif

i qualified for disability somehow thanks to my friend who works at a health insurance place for students (???), 1.5k every 2 weeks, wtf. all for >le depression. the lady who was helping me sign up for health insurance in december and the disability told me not to get diagnosed with adhd for some reason…idk it was weird. but holy shit. neetbux soon. life is meaningful again now that i can become a comfy NEET again

Anonymous 74451

Wtf. I’m mad that I have a job and you make more than me.. where are you from? Are you American?

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