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/pol/ Anonymous Admin 39516[Reply]

For the time being, please stop making new threads about racial topics (including preferences and stereotypes). Use the existing threads and keep discussion civil.


Post handsome Slavic men Anonymous 36225[Reply]

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Anonymous 46218

sea everything

Anonymous 46224

imperator anonów.p…

Anonymous 46227

zielony rybnik3.we…

Anonymous 46228

get 12000000.jpg

Anonymous 46229


Screen Shot 2019-1…

Big Five Personality Anonymous 44169[Reply]

Let's take the Big Five personality test.

As you can see, mine indicates I'm completely psycho.
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Anonymous 44335


Anonymous 44372

BARP results fellow disagreeables.

Anonymous 44468

big 5 24 dec 2019.…

Uses insight and creativity to help others. Thinks about how the world could be a better and more beautiful place.

Anonymous 44483

Screen Shot 2019-1…

Analytical thinker, pretty accurate

Anonymous 46226

big 5.png

thats a lot of extrovertness lmao


CORONAVIRUS HYPE Anonymous 46165[Reply]

GO GO GO ! What do you think of Corona-chan ?

Anonymous 46166

I'm scared ;-;.
I'm already immune-compromised in other respects so I was already frightened of the flu and basic colds, so a spontaneous superbug scares the stuffing out of me. No shit, if it hits where I life I will quit my customer service job to avoid touching hands with people and getting sneezed on.

Anonymous 46171


3 cases in my country already, 2 in a nearby city

Come at me

Anonymous 46213

She's so cute, I'd let her infect me.

Anonymous 46216

>let her infect me
haha funny joke.


25+ Thread Anonymous 14473[Reply]

I'm curious as to how many "older" anons are on crystal cafe.
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Anonymous 42796

28 here, virgin and never had a relationship.
My main problem is, that I am incapable of finding someone attractive. It is not that I am picky, It is that I look at people and just think: "Oh, another human…"
It does bother me a little, but otherwise my life is pretty okay. I have an okay job and a place where I can live and friends.
I strive in my life not for happiness, but for absents of unhappiness, because I am a pessimist and I think that humans can't feel happiness for a long period of time, without an equal downfall. So I try to have a solid 5/10 life.
Sounds probably totally idiotic. I am sorry.

Anonymous 42798

People tell me I look much younger though, in fact I feel and act like a younger person. Never had a problem with ageing like other women I know because it's useless, time-consuming and simply not efficient. Dunno how it will be when I turn 42 though lol.

Anonymous 46136

28 but ppl think i'm 17 (◔_◔)

Anonymous 46153

As 33 I now have a slight inkling to judge for superficial reasons, but I know it's a sort of fear that makes me want to be picky, so I ignore it.
When you get older you really have to decide long term, you start understanding that you'll eventually die some day and that picking a partner should be both a help/companion for you in old age but also someone you can see have positive attributes to pass on to kids.
But this doesn't mean that you aim for some asshole with a wallet or good looks, it means you date your best friend if possible. Someone you know and trust, someone that you'd have a good time with even if fiances were to get bad or the world goes to shit. But I understand women, especially if you don't have a good job themselves at a later age, who will try to catch a late bread winner.

Anonymous 46215

Maybe you're just gay.


Anonymous 46168[Reply]

How to tell your partner that you have claustrophilia without sounding like a perv?

Anonymous 46178

You are a perv though.

Anonymous 46181

What the hell is perverted about being scared of confined spaces?

Anonymous 46182

Reread the word in op's post, anon. Took me a moment, too.


parasocial relationships Anonymous 46159[Reply]

>do you have them?
>who are your parasocial relationships with? fictional characters? podcast hosts? celebs?
>if you don't have them, what do you think keeps you from doing so?

i'm interested in this bc it seems like as a society our interactions or exposure to others will become increasingly distant/indirect. i wonder what issues it will lead to.

Anonymous 46160


Yes, I'm notorious for it but at least I'm self aware.

I used to do it a lot with fictional characters (I was a husbandofag), and now I have a few youtubers who help me meet my social needs. Since I know what I'm doing I don't do anything cringe, but I do think it's stopped me from reaching out to people in real life. If I can get socialization with no cost, why would I bother being perceived to get the same benefit? It's the same-for-less. So I believe the real detriment to people like me is that it can ruin our already measly little social lives.

But the most embarrassing ones I get are with people who exist within my town/city and who I could potentially befriend since there's nothing remarkable about them. They aren't entertainers at all. For example, there's a guy I've been "cyber stalking" for two years and he doesn't know I exist. I'm volunteering somewhere he does this spring in hopes of finally getting contact, but at the same time…is this really what I want? I already know his flaws so it's not that, it would just ruin my little pastime to find out he dislikes me. And though I have a clear crush on the boy, I'd never date him. Haha what's that about, right? Then the problem comes up about whether I should reveal that I've been fixated on people when I do interact with them (of course he's not the only one). Will it make them uncomfortable? Will it give me a reputation?

I'm just really pathetic. But am interested to hear if anyone here forms little to no parasocial relationships, that's a foreign concept to me. I think since my case is somewhat severe I'd be like this even if I was born pre-internet. I'd just like regular celebrities and stalk people irl.

Anonymous 46176

Made one of my own. Been around since I was like 12, like an imaginary boyfriend of sorts. I draw him and talk to him lots, but oddly enough always had an easy time dating real guys on the side too.

I feel a bit bonkers at times, but the "relationship" is a muse to my art and it makes for very comfy alone times.

bf material.jpg

post ideal bf Anonymous 43963[Reply]

>pic related
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Anonymous 46125


Unrealistic, I know. I've met guys who have some of the traits but never all at once or they'll have traits I dislike.

Anonymous 46139


This is definitely my type and there’s a boy at my uni who mostly fits this description. The arguably bad thing is that he’s very much the quiet type and he’s extremely unapproachable, but the girls who seem to know him better think he’s sweet.

Anonymous 46155

Please gimme your art skills. Your ideal bf looks adorable.

Anonymous 46162

Shucks, thank you anon!
I'm sure you, too, can draw if you are motivated solely by the need to manifest cute cartoon boys.

Anonymous 46170


Is that Domics?


Anonymous 45858[Reply]

Redflags in men? I'll start-
>has pictures of egirls saved on his computer
>spends most of his time on discord
>used to be a nazi
>is racist for the lulz
>flirts with women online, Again ..for a comedic effect (or so he says)
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Anonymous 46133

He's gay

Anonymous 46138

My bf reads a bit and he really is like 130iq, but I still wouldn't consider it a good thing.

Anonymous 46148

Anonymous 46164

Not op
But why do you think that it shouldn't be considered a red flag?

Anonymous 46167

Proving a negative isn't really possible or efficient. The basic state is "liking philosophy isn't important one way or the other." I can't think of any inherent reasons why it should cause a negative association. I can think that wanting to improve yourself should be considered in general a good trait.

Furthermore, the original post >>46126 is confusing as it isn't clear if the problem is the actual reading of philosophy or just someone who lies and claims to. The follow up post explains why that femanon finds it negative here >>46128 which is clear so I accepted the answer, but this post >>46138 lists what seems to be two positive traits, then doesn't postulate why it's bad. Just says she doesn't feel it's good. I just can't think of particular reasons why it's a red flag.


Anonymous 43906[Reply]

Too fucking bad!
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Anonymous 46156

Can women be wizards?

Anonymous 46157

We just turn into cat-whispering spinsters at the age of 30. Sad. Even though I love cats.

Anonymous 46158

Can I have dogs instead? I'm allergic to cats.

Anonymous 46161


You become a witch after 30

Anonymous 46163

I know that no-one would think this is a fully reasonable graphic, but putting the optimal ages all under 20 is some goofery. There's nothing wrong with being a virgin as long as you're well-adjusted and reasonably educated on sexual topics for when you eventually do have sex.

I kind of want to make it to 30 for the meme though.

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