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Being groped at nightclubs Anonymous 30592[Reply]

Why do men do this? I've always wondered what makes them want to grope women, especially at places like parties and nightclubs. For me it almost only happens when I'm at a nightclub.

Are we mere objects to them?
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Anonymous 31532

>nobody likes to be objectified, even at work
Not really. Some basic interaction is part of the job but if someone started chatting about inane shit I'd get annoyed.

Anonymous 31535

If you make a profile on some dating site, somewhere where you know there will be men looking for casual sex, they won't behave anything like that. They'll say that you're great, you're beautiful, that they love talking to you and so on, and they'll mean it. You might hypothetically meet, have sex, never speak again, but at no point is the man likely to be particularly insensitive.

I think you're mixing up rudeness with objectification. A person can be objectified in both a rude and a polite way. If you're at the nail salon, whether or not you're polite to the worker, you're still objectifying them to the same degree.

Maybe the question should then be, do people simply mislabel things as objectification when they're really talking about politeness or something else?

Anonymous 31536

You missed the point of the end of the main paragraph. What MAKES that statement rude? Logically, instructing a worker on how to get the best tip shouldn't be rude on its own.

It's because such a statement reveals you have no intention of treating the person as anything more than a service.

Anonymous 31545

What makes the statement rude isn't that it's objectifying, but simply that it's rude. If you want to go into the psychology of rudeness, it could be defined as something like a challenge on that person's social position. But either way it's a separate thing from objectification. Objectification is simply to use someone for a specific purpose with no regard to the rest of that person. You can be both rude or polite to both people you objectify and people you don't.

Anonymous 31548

Well that's not very nice.


Bump this thread every time you visit for the FIRST TIME today! Anonymous 31485[Reply]

Let's have at it, CC.
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Anonymous 31528

Anonymous 31529


Anonymous 31530


well. it's 1am.

Anonymous 31538

today i had some beans.

Anonymous 31543


henlo citrine.cafeteria


So what's the point of having men (you aren't dating/related to) in your life? Anonymous 30977[Reply]

They make bad friends and are often only interested in getting into your pants. I used to have male friends, but they were incapable of controlling themselves and eventually made advances towards me. I have a lesbian friend and she would never make me uncomfortable like that or ruin our friendship. Not only that, but I have never felt such closeness to a male friend as I have a female friend. Can someone explain this to me?
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Anonymous 31477

It's just the way you worded it. No biggie.

Anonymous 31516


>guy wants a relationship
>men know that most relationships start as two people being nice to each other
>then they turn into friends
>then they turn into fuckbuddies
>then they turn into a couple
if you understand this part, move forward
>you start being nice to a guy
>then you guys become friends
>both of you are young and inexperienced, so both of you give each other unconscious cues that they want to move forward
>suddenly you become conscious and decide you don't want to be with him
you don't have to fuck every man you meet, but make sure THEY understands that
>but he wants a relationship
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Anonymous 31540

>guy wants a relationship
>men know that most relationships start as two people being nice to each other
>then they turn into friends
>then they turn into fuckbuddies
>then they turn into a couple

But that's generally not how relationships start now a days (based on the way you worded that). You cant just be nice to a girl and a good platonic friend and be disappointed when it eventually doesnt turn into anything. There absolutely needs to be attraction from both parties and at least mild flirting at the beginning. you can't just convince someone to like you over time romantically. I pity men who think befriending women who have no intention of dating/fucking them is going to work. Men need to understand this shit.

>You guys knew eachother for THREE years and you couldn't make him understand that he had no chance with you?

>suddenly you become conscious and decide you don't want to be with him
>you don't have to fuck every man you meet, but make sure THEY understands that
Ok these statements from you (most likely a dude) absolutely cement the fact that male friends are shite. How the fuck is it my fault that befriending men is "leading them on"? There is no "deciding not to be with him" we were friends from the beginning and i clearly had no attraction to him. But men think you can make a woman fall for you no matter what. Its ridiculous, and I'm saddened that he went through that.

Also, lmao am i supposed to tell every guy i befriend that "I will not fuck you and i am not interested in dating you"? Friendly male teasing is very similar to mild flirting. Men need to be forward whether they want to be "friends" or date because that's so scummy.

Anonymous 31541

Men are hardcoded to smash women.
That's why we're all alive, so all this manifesting from friendship shouldn't really be that strange.
If a man wants friends, it's pretty much other men all the time due to: interests, banter, way of speaking, no sexual friction, possessions, relatable, etc.
To break this barrier as a woman requires a lot of effort and interest, but it's really possible.

Anonymous 31542

They don't know that it's hopeless until they try the being friends thing. The smart ones will move on when they know there will be no sex.

[HorribleSubs] Wat…

Anonymous 31487[Reply]

Will anyone be my friend? flan#1849 My therapist said making friends could help me get over my trauma of losing a friend. And it would help my low self esteem. I watch anime alot and have been recently resident evil games. So I could watch anime with you and talk about whatever. I can also voice chat. I've been on crystal cafe for around 7 months so I'm relatively new.
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Anonymous 31518

I'm 18

Anonymous 31526


I quit discord but just curious how many requests did you get anon?

Anonymous 31531

2 but one of them turned out to be a guy. Haven't talked to the other person yet

Anonymous 31537

>2 but 1 was a guy
I do often wonder if half of the people on CC are LARPing

I'm a complete newfag so it's natural to be suspicious but still

Anonymous 31539


I added you but I don't really know how to use discord tbh


crystal dream diary. Anonymous 13649[Reply]

whenever you remember a dream, log it here.

picture used is tako otoko from yume 2kki.
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Anonymous 28256

that sounds really nice
I remember seeing Jolyne Kujo in my dream today, I dream of jojos too often

Anonymous 29507

I was house-shopping with some random guy, I went into the bathroom and it was like surrounded by an underwater scene with fish swimming around, I guess it was in a pond or lake or something. Somehow I started swimming in this underwater area, there was a lot of fish and some scary things like eels which was really unpleasant. I went back and showed the guy the shower. It was cool but also kind of scary. There was more to the dream but that was the only part I remember clearly.

Anonymous 29544

Today I dreamed of my high school crush and he was playing some new pokemon game but the battles weren't turn based, they were more real time. And I snuggled up to him and watched him play, it was nice.
Lately I've been dreaming of snuggling with guys (I'm lonely), yesterday it was with some guy I never even talked to lol and my dead friend was there too, I was catching up with her because I hadn't seen her in a long time

Anonymous 31497

Yesterday I dreamed that I was hanging out with Steven Wilson in his huge beautiful mansion and he added me as a friend in a mobile game and I felt so honored that we became friends.
Today I dreamed that all men and women in the world killed each other so there was only me and 2 other girls and 3 men but the men were disgusting neets so we killed them as well. weird

Anonymous 31534

The Steven Wilson dream was cool, but I dunno about the other one.
I recently had a super mundane dream about being at the grocery store and my bf was passionately explaining how whipped cream cheese is superior.


☽ paracosms Anonymous 13291[Reply]

a thread to post about fantasies you have & general 'feels' you wish to experience. . . simply because i'm always interested in reading about people's daydreams! & i'm sure others feel the same way.
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Anonymous 31224

Id like to live in a bamboo forest, where the weather is always a bit chilly so I wear heavy comfy clothes and drink hot tea everyday. I know because Im such a social fuck up it would never happen but, I would like a fren, no matter what age or gender, and we would laze around the house and just be content of having someone to talk to, we would try doing things together like cooking and writing poems, and the days would pass by in a flash. I actually already regret writing this, because it makes it hurt so much

Anonymous 31227

Dreams are never too far out of grasp. Reach far and you can achieve anything.

Anonymous 31338

Er this isn't really unattainable per-se but for the time being it is because I'm sooo busy with… adult shit. But I want to have a sleepover at my friends house (I know it's childish but me and my friend enjoy them). Idk I want to just buy a shit load of junk food and play yaoi games like we used to when I wasn't working all the time. My life is pretty hectic right now but I am counting down the days when it calms down so I can take a weekend off or something and just go to her house and finally fucking relax jesus.

Anonymous 31438


to be able to dance with the boy i love, on so many occasions when my mind is blank i always go back and imagine me and him dancing. when i dance i imagine that im dancing with him, trying to enchant him and lock fingers together, sometimes i'll even wear something nice as im dancing to help myself imagine it better lol. one time maybe 2 years ago (?) he said "shall we dance (:'," as a joke though text and even since then the scenario refuses to leave my mind and forces me to dance!

Anonymous 31525


This feel >>>/feels/21812

Sitting on a hill at night with someone I belong with listening to 80s music and just feeling the same way

Belonging with someone

The feel I had when I first explored this very specific abandoned paper factory, stepping through a heavy rusted steel door onto a burnt roof with just the charred beams remaining and a thick layer of soot and ash on which soft, lush moss grew, making the ground beneath my feet eerily squishy and bouncy, sunrays scattering through the beams

Having one more conversation with the person in my life who died

Completely sharing a moment with a person


Anonymous 31492[Reply]

Hello can I be a new girl*friend?


Anonymous 14153[Reply]

this imageboard is so slow.
ITT: post anything you like
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Anonymous 31495


Anonymous 31500

They're trying to be all rebellious by bashing those who actually are rebels. Also it reminds me of a gayer worse sounding alternate reality version of RATM

Anonymous 31509

Wot. Anon, is this real? Can I have a link? For academic purposes, obviously.

Anonymous 31524


>find song
>gives me feels
>relate a lot
>look up the backstory
>girl who wrote it is like "haha it's such a weird song because it means nothing and idk where the words even came from, I just wrote it down as it came into my head"
>wonder if i'm just really basic as fuck or too desperate for belonging

who am i

Anonymous 31547

You're an art connoisseur, and they're a very bad artist.


Anonymous 12278[Reply]

what are u
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Anonymous 31265


Procrastinating on some assignments. Tomorrow's gonna be hell since I have so much shit to get done before the weekend
Not eating anything but I'm drinking coffee
Rotating between apathetic and stressed

Anonymous 31286

>>31259 wadanohara!!

Anonymous 31471


how did I forget to Wednesday post, gotta get it in while it's still here!


gonna have some potato soup
kinda burnt out, but I dunno how to fix it, I have too many things to do
shitty docs I have to watch for a project

Anonymous 31482


rye crackers and cream cheese
Everything But The Girl
Waiting for my BF to come over after work and spend 3 hours in bed with him!

Anonymous 31483

[I forgot it is Thursday]


David Myatt Anonymous 31469[Reply]

"The uncomfortable truth is that we, we men, are and have been the ones causing, needing, participating in, wars and conflicts. We - not women - are the cause of most of the suffering, death, destruction, hate, violence, brutality, and killing, that has occurred and which is still occurring, thousand year upon thousand year; just as we are the ones who seek to be - or who often need to be - prideful and 'in control'; and the ones who through greed or alleged need or because of some ideation have saught to exploit not only other human beings but the Earth itself. We are also masters of deception; of the lie. Cunning with our excuses, cunning in persuasion, and skilled at inciting hatred and violence. And yet we men have also shown ourselves to be, over thousands of years, valourous; capable of noble, selfless, deeds. Capable of doing what is fair and restraining ourselves from doing what is unethical. Capable of a great and a gentle love. This paradoxy continues to perplex me."

Pretty inspiring words coming from a former extremist.

Anonymous 31473

People are fundamentally selfish and work with others or care for others only as much as it benefits themselves, and isn't particularly limited to just one sex. Pretty silly statement there in op's post.

Anonymous 31474

Image is from a particularly stupid article by a profoundly stupid person.
Quote from a vile human being where he admits to being completely flummoxed by the brutal, obvious fact that people are different thus judging others by race, sex, or creed is stupid.
Pretty sad

Anonymous 31479

Why fuck is every news article turned into some blogpost written by some moran who spends 18 hours a day on twitter. Like this “article” reads like those blogs you find recipes on and they write a whole essay on their dog

Anonymous 31480

Everyone withdraws into their own small gated community, afraid of a larger forum. They stay inside their little ponds, leaking whatever "truth" suits them into the growing cesspool of society at large.

Anonymous 31481

Agreed; people presenting their ill-informed opinions mined from twitter as "journalism: on "news" sites is so common I think mommybloggers are the future of fact-based news

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