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Anonymous Admin 39516[Reply]

Do not make threads about the following topics or you will be temp banned:

- Race/Ethnicity/Nationality (including stereotypes & preferences)
- Religion
- (Why) do guys…
- (Why) do you like guys who [insert preference here]
- (Why) do guys like [insert preference here]
- how to get a bf/gf/platonic friend (who does xyz)
- Fetish bait threads (if you must make a fetish thread, do it in >>>/nsfw/ and don't make it an image dump)
- Discord

If you want to talk about Radfem/TERF/Gendercritical themes, do not make a new thread. Use the existing threads and keep discussion civil. You can read my thoughts on a radfem board here: >>>/meta/2962

>>73800 Pinkpill general/complaints about men as a whole
>>44115 Where/how to meet men
>>67804 Trans general
>>91969 TERF Memes/shittalking


where do I find chubby/husky guys? Anonymous 84656[Reply]

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Anonymous 84893

>Dates a guy. He has bigger tits than you. I couldn't stand this humuliation.

you mean perfection? i want big man tits to suck on dude

Anonymous 84898

I don't know, I only ever met them through friends. There is probably casual ballet you can attend if you live in a city. For professional, the question itself is a little silly - like asking, where do I meet pro athletes.

Anonymous 84913

>Men are like dogs, they need to be exercised once a day in order to be happy and healthy.
Are the same anon who said "men are just service tops" in the other thread? Because you are extremely right about everything if so lol.

Anonymous 85459


Anonymous 92048

Screenshot 2021-03…

ah, a fellow woman of culture


Unpopular Opinions #4 Anonymous 75353[Reply]

The other one seemed sort of dead so I hope it’s ok to make a new thread. I’ll start with mine: I think that kinkshaming should be brought back, some fetishes are gross and deserve to be shamed
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Anonymous 88425


I miss Sanrio's asymmetrical character design. A lot of nu Sanrio design looks boring.

Anonymous 88594

Hello kitty with a mouth?!?!

Anonymous 88596

Where are more pictures of her from this time period? She looked gross as soon as she fucked with her upper lip. It seriously ruined her facial harmony. She was really pretty before, though.

Anonymous 88603

is that unpopular? i think everyone agrees she was pretty before she got with johnny and started filling her lips. she got famous bc she was an animal youtuber that was really pretty. though tbh the animal hoarding and neglect all for youtube clout and cash will always make her unattractive

Anonymous 92047


Sandra Oh is ugly. I always see people calling her beautiful on tumblr and twitter. Her face is so long and puffy looking.

poor tranny.gif

Terfposting #10 Anonymous 91969[Reply]

The thread for all your transphobic meme and shit talk needs. Go!

OP pic by: >>84042
Previous threads:
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Anonymous 92000

I used to love watching speedrunning events a decade ago, now it's just sad how the tranny virus has spread through all these very obviously autistic dudes. I feel incredibly insulted when I see articles about "women" in gaming these days because they're all generally about trannoids, I can't say something like "ok, transwomen in gaming, now how about biological women in gaming?" as we all know how that would be received. That said, I gotta hand it to the moid menace, they really have invented the perfect way to shit all over women and their rights while being able to cover their asses at the same time.
It's all just so tiring my friends.

Anonymous 92008

This oh my god so many normal respectable gaming content makers are trooning out personally I'm still pissed about gamechamps switch to she/they pronouns because I did enjoy his videos before he started acting like a retard

Anonymous 92029


Two weeks ago, my best friend told me that if I don't accept that men in dresses are really and truly woman, then that's the same thing as her saying that butch women aren't really women because they don't wear dresses. I'm beyond mad. One of those groups couldn't vote or own land until 1919, one of those groups might need an abortion one day and be unable to get it because men want to control women's bodies, one of those groups might be forced to carry her rapist's baby, and one of those groups is more likely to die in a car crash due to everything being a man's world. But yeah, sure. Men in dresses are more valid women than butch women.

I won't watch anyone under the LGBTQIA+ tag on twitch because it's either a tranny or some ace spec demigirl claiming she's special and queer while just being a straight girl dating a whole ass man.

Anonymous 92042


Anonymous 92044

Exw_DIwW8AIVw1X (1…

Try sending her this, I'd love to hear her response


Maths Anonymous 92038[Reply]

I have 5 days to learn diffy Qs. How screwed am I? I'm using Lebl's textbook.

Also who here /maths/? What are your favourite textbooks/videos/other resources? Do you do it for fun or for academic purposes?

Anonymous 92043

I'm kind of retarded, so I do it for fun, and have made it one of my majors. I suppose the best thing is to talk to the professor or go to office hours, but talking is scary, so I typically don't do it. I don't have a favorite resource, but in general, there are plenty of math youtube videos that are helpful.

Additionally, I believe that the way you think about math may also help you study. I find that going through the weeds of proofs and seeing where theorems come from helps me better apply these theorems. Becoming comfortable with the material and seeing how the material interconnects with other areas of math helps me remember and apply it.

Also doing a metric shit ton of practice problems helps. I guess that goes without saying.


Any other comfy imageboards Anonymous 88955[Reply]

I just found out that sushigirls exists. I was surprised to find a comfy imageboard like cc that didn't feel as heavy or troublesome as 4chan. Other than 4chan, 8chan, cc, and wizchan are there any other image boards out there that are out there and/or are worth exploring?
>Pic unrelated
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Anonymous 90165

Anonymous 90184

are most of these boards non weeb exclusive

Anonymous 92005

Anonymous 92039

Did anyone here use wizardchan? It was so /comfy/ and they had the best /b/

Anonymous 92040

>m e w c h filtered to wizardchan
why? It's dead now it doesn't matter


Anonymous 92013[Reply]

Do any of you still use lolcow? I used to browse a lot but the non drama boards are slow as fuck and the entire userbase is really petty. The mod team is really nitpicky and I feel like every couple posts gets red texted. I get a need for moderation but theirs feels obnoxious at times
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Anonymous 92023

You have a point, I've gotten banned like 3 or 4 times in the past month, whereas before it was at least a year or two between bans. Maybe it really is the new admin and team. I was reading the complaints thread and "she" says "she" only has 3 people helping "her" with server stuff. I really don't get what they're trying to do. Elevate lolcow by being more strict? It's a e-gossip site, what clientele are you trying to attract? Just do what the userbase want or don't be admin or make your own site. No one is happy in this scenario.

Anonymous 92024


How would you design the best image board with the most freedom yet still that necessary minimal moderation?

I hate Reddit so much too.

I hate that mods on 4chan are biased to make it just what they like. It doesn’t help that I don’t like their personalities.

Anonymous 92027

>more hostile than 4ch
how the fuck can it be more hostile when 4ch is chock full of racism and scrotes

Anonymous 92034


I only used it for drama and continue to do so. /ot/ scares me so I don’t post but I’ve lurked from time to time whenever I get tired of my fav cows.
Eh I see what anon means by this. If you’re desensitized to slurs and gore, 4chan is sort of unremarkable but the general cattiness on lolcow, especially if you’re really looking for support in a /vent/ thread or something, can break you. Emotions are weird like that.

Anonymous 92035


It brought me a fair few luls, I learned things, I connected, I browsed gossip, and it wasn't so politically correct- which was just refreshing, even if I don't agree with the views some hold.

However, it was time consuming and had new content upon every new refresh, which to some is a benefit. The worst thing, however, was that I noticed I judged people more. The bitterness rubbed off on me. I would be more critical of people's clothes, words, of myself too.

Now I'm banned for a dumb reason, I seethe slightly, but I have the gift of retrospect, and can see that it was good to have some distance from that site. And they are obnoxious, the ban happy mods. Mods here are more lenient, but I guess it's smaller. And the users can be unpleasant on lolcow.

TL;DR, lolcow is great in moderated doses


No. Anonymous 91686[Reply]

This won’t be accepted.
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Anonymous 92020

>complains about "hell on earth" and how unimaginably bad the mongols were
>supports an evil regime that kills minorities to harvest and sell their organs and is hell bent on annexing Taiwan
Beautiful. I expected nothing less from a China shill.

Anonymous 92026


I think you should read about how bad it was, mr.Israeli city-sized death-camp warden. Israel is doing the same thing to those Palestinian semites except more and worse.

I hate whats happening to those people in China. Our government is some non-ideological fat-cat mafia fucks that just want to keep power and fuck around. They’re only in power because of the stability they’ve maintained. Which is more stability than we’ve had in 500 years.

I will happily see them shot and I push that to happen. I hope you can say the same about your own government or I don’t see you as much different from the likes of my government. Whose crimes you compassionately addressed.

Anonymous 92028


Also we’re not ever attacking Taiwan. That’s just posturing to keep Chinese citizens suppressed.

Like how North Korea threatens to attack the south when it would be suicide and would leave only a burnt Korea with no Koreans. Support Taiwan but don’t buy into the media monopolies claims of war in the most peaceful time ever. That’s just because Israel is causing harm and they’re trying to not look like the worst entity on earth.

Anonymous 92030

Isreal is bombing civilians and claiming Palestinian territory they have no right to while also playing the victim, and they admitted that in the 90s they took organs from dead Israelis and Palestinians without their families' permission, but they have nowhere near the gigantic mechanized organ harvesting industry China has set up.

Anonymous 92031

>Isreal is bombing civilians and claiming Palestinian territory they have no right to

Every government has the right to whatever territory it can hold. Get over it.


Femboy general Anonymous 90421[Reply]

Everyone is freaking out about femboys everywhere so here’s a general.
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Anonymous 92011

WOW what a waste

Anonymous 92012

He is SO cute too bad he's probably trans now

Anonymous 92015

Are there bots on crystal cafe stringing together nouns and verbs to try to learn about us? I mean like this one on >>90993

Anonymous 92016


Everything has changed.

Anonymous 92025

when will you go back to /lgbt/


Pinkpill 2 Anonymous 73800[Reply]

Old one was full >>>/b/62606

When did 4chan moids start being obsessed with tradwives? When I was younger it used to be that robots would complain about women who wanted to marry and have children because they deemed them boring prudish normies who will expect too much of their man, now every ideal gf thread I see on r9k has incels clamoring for a wife that will bear their children. I know the real reason is them unironically adopting /pol/ stances not just as memes but as their entire life goals, which is depressing but also a forbidden topic on here, so I won't continue, it's just a weird thing to see. They either want a degenerate e-girl who will cuck them or make onlyfans bux for them both, or an aryan virgin.

Not that 4chan was ever a suitable place to find men anyway. Don't come at me, I just get curious sometimes.
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Anonymous 91953


Anonymous 91956

Fertility does not start when menstruation starts. The menstrual cycle begins at an average age of 12.3 to 12.9, whereas a woman’s ovaries don’t start releasing eggs until roughly three years later, on average.

A man who focuses his energies on women in their 20s would produce more pregnancies than a man who focused those energies on women in their 30s (who are less fertile) or in their teens (and are least fertile of all).

source: http://www.sexologytoday.org/2017/06/dear-dr-james-could-certain-amount-of.html

Anonymous 91979

When men use fertility as an excuse they don't actually mean fertility or else they'd be simping over those trad tribal women in Africa with 18+ kids and old white catholic ladies who have a kid a year. Just another reason to body shame women. At least men back in the day didn't use made up biology tales to shit on women

Anonymous 91980

how do we meme them into treating women with respect?

Anonymous 92018

How come when women are nice to men, men just assume they like them, and not because they're scared they will shoot up the school

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