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Are men right about girls being delusional? Anonymous 17767[Reply]

Anonymous 17768

go away and have this boring argument someplace else plz ty


Veganism Anonymous 3024[Reply]

>spew your opinions
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Anonymous 17751

There's still going to be people who think animal meat is better, either for your health (nutrition/evil lab-made science will kill you!!) or out of elitism. They might also be used for leather, animal food (lab meat will surely be more expensive and thus not viable for e.g. cat food) etc

I don't think animal farming will go completely out of business until hundreds of years from now, but you also have to consider how much space it would take to keep a cow, plus added space so it can stay in a herd, in a world where living space is becoming more and more crowded.

Anonymous 17752

cow genocide incoming

Anonymous 17757

Because husbandry is what we've done before industry.

Anonymous 17761

What makes you think that anybody (other than Americans of course) would be willing to eat lab-meat?

Anonymous 17766

images (21).jpeg

we will keep cows alive because they produce milk


Anonymous 17585[Reply]

Tampons or pads answer now
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Anonymous 17732

Women who make fun of pad users are so immature. I've tried tampons but it just wasn't for me so I switched back to pads.

Anonymous 17743

tampons make me so uncomfortable
i went through half a box trying to get one in there properly but i felt it every time i took a step and it fucking HURT so i just gave up
pads are so much better

Anonymous 17762

Have you ever actually bothered to look it up? Have some studies if not
>Twelve randomized controlled trials met our inclusion criteria. Study findings were similar between 28-day and extended or continuous regimens in regard to contraceptive efficacy (i.e., pregnancy rates) and safety profiles. When compliance was reported, no difference between 28-day and extended or continuous cycles was found.
>Continuous OCPs are a safe and reliable form of birth control. The metabolic, hormonal, and endometrial effects are similar in cyclic and continuous OCP users.

You might get some bleeding that stops after a year or so, and you won't know if you're pregnant, but that's it. And if you understand birth control to begin with, you'll know why - it thins out the uterus lining, so there's nothing to shed in the first place. The period you get while on the pill is fake, and you don't get 'build up' when you skip it. The placebo pills were only included because it marketed better to women who felt not getting one was unnatural.

Anonymous 17763

not her but this is a tricky one. women experience serious side effects of b.c all the time. hormones are serious shit

Anonymous 17765

Maybe, but that has nothing to do with the sugar pills and the withdrawal bleeding they give you instead of a real period.


Unpopular Opinions #3 Anonymous 12450[Reply]

I think Lain worship is cringy as fuck and I'm wary of any guy who likes her.
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Anonymous 17662

You're assuming a bunch of stuff about what I do and do not know. This is the unpopular opinion thread, "pollution is bad" doesn't exactly fit in here.

>Birds will evolve over time in response to these selective pressures
Just like all the other extinctions caused by human interference, right?

>Your "local ecology" is made up of a food-web comprised of predator and prey species, which includes different types of species, including avaians and multiple felinids, not just domestic cats. Avians (that means "birds" but not just the pretty little song birds that you're thinking of) in general are both prey and predator, your precious song birds are targeted more frequently by predatory avavians than they are by cats, no matter how many cats there are in an area. Even Bluejays will target song birds, but so will larger Corvids such as Magpies and Ravens.
Yeah none of this shit applies to where I live (New Zealand) you fucking retard. Native bird species had very little natural predators before human settlement.

Anonymous 17663

Anonymous 17665

images (19).jpeg

Stop hating on Adam Sandler!

Anonymous 17735

> Just like all the other extinctions caused by human interference, right?

If you read on I said
> If their species do not evolve fast enough, whatever.

It's possible they won't adapt fast enough. Why should I care? I don't like birds. They're a vital part of the ecosystem, but nature will take care of itself (eventually).

Anonymous 17764

Why aren't we chemically castrating all pedos? What are we waiting?


Anonymous 17268[Reply]

/r9k/ had a fembot appreciation thread today. it quickly got derailed and of fucking course some of the robots started to hate on women. This is not an appreciation thread, but a "is there anything redeeming to them" thread? Do you think (some) of them can be saved? If the answer is yes what will?
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Anonymous 17740

There's no way to win with them, anon. They want to believe their nonsense even though it is just that.
I weaned myself off of visiting /r9k/ recently because it used to bother me so much. Perhaps it's mentally weak or whatever, but it's not worth it for me.

Anonymous 17741

Why the hell do you still visit 4chan? That place is gas all around, no matter which way you look at it.

Anonymous 17758

What are they saying exactly.

Anonymous 17759

they said that boys rule and girls drool

Anonymous 17760


Those bastards.
Day of the /r9k/ purge when?


Anonymous 16342[Reply]

Theory: Everything will be more fun if we all post whatever bullshit we want without thinking about it.

We just spaz out and rapid post to have fun. The next thing you know, we have 4chan /b/ circa 2007, except this time there are no boys on the Internet.

Everyone go, spaz.
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Anonymous 17668


here's a pic I found on wikipedia a while ago but I think they removed it

Anonymous 17706

Does Soren Sorensen mean "Sun Sonofsun"?

Anonymous 17753


Anonymous 17754


>>17706 sorry, I quoted you by accident. No idea.


Anonymous 17756



Anonymous 16378[Reply]

Who do you think will win? who are you rooting for?
personally I want to see logan win but I think he'll get beat up lol

Anonymous 16379

Also, feel free to discuss any youtube drama

Anonymous 16404

and why do you even care?

Anonymous 16406

I only know the Paul guy because of the corpse drama and idk the other guy. Context pls!

Anonymous 17755

KSI, a famous youtuber from europe calls some other random guy for a boxing fight and wins he then proceeds to call out jake paul and logan for a 2 vs 2 match with his friend/brother?? (I have no idea). Basically they meet up IRL to announce the fight and start trashtalking each other.


Anonymous 17605[Reply]

What made you the kind of girl that would end up in a place like this?

I'll start

>was a teenage weeb

>big internet addiction
>cut my teeth on pokemon forums and livejournal
>interacted with 4chan on and off since 17
>weird interests, never fit in with normies

now I'm here in my 20s trying to suck joy out of the internet and failing
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Anonymous 17730

The relation of them to here. The original greentext talked about them saying to "get a girlfriend at the crystal cafe".

Anonymous 17731

What makes you think you don't fit in, anon?

Anonymous 17737

>late elementary school weeb
>in middle school, get obsessed with gaia online
>heavily get into fandom forums for LOTR, MST3K
>4chan raids on gaia, get interested in who these people are?
>lurk 4chan daily in early high school, eventually get disgusted and swear it off
>fast forward 7-8 years, get into gossip forums
>come to lc via pixielocks thread
>see cc mentioned on lc as girl-centric imageboard

Anonymous 17738

>go on gaiaonline around the ages of 11-12
>find out about 4chan around 13-14
>spend a lot of time on /r9k/ because I hated all of the popular/pretty girls too
>eventually find out about lolcow
>spend time in /ot/ and /g/ but annoyed at how triggered everyone gets when someone mentions that they're skinny and/or short
>see the original crystal.cafe proposal thread on /g/
>come here to see what it's all about

Anonymous 17742

>no friends since a young age
>looked to places like 4bleach.com chatango chats for friendships
>got into 4chan around 14
>been there ever since

Anonymous 17190[Reply]

Have you guys heard about this controversy? At the same time that I feel like this guy could have definitely been a pedophile/grooming Miki this whole time, this story also sounds like a fanfiction that would have been written by a twelve-year-old girl infatuated with her music teacher/a member of a boy band. Is it a gimmick to earn fame quickly, true love, or just a creepy incel fantasy come to life? Tl;dr: Chinese pop star announced plans to marry a girl with a 12-year age Gap between them (he met her when she was 8) six years ago; she turns 18 in the fall of this year and apparently they're getting their marriage license as soon as she does. Also, they both claim there hasn't been any sexual contact in the past six years.
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Anonymous 17650

at last.png

Anonymous 17654

>Have you guys heard about this controversy?


What happened?

Anonymous 17718

there's an entire video about it in OP's post with the deets
or you can just google zhang muyi and akama miki if you'd rather read

Anonymous 17721

that's what i suspected, too.
like if he is a pedophile then this is a prime opportunity for him and since she's been in love with him since she was so young + they're planning on getting married, he could probably convince her to go along with pretty much anything. plus as long as she claims nothing's happened (and being in the entertainment industry, admitting anything did happen would totally ruin both of their careers) neither the authorities or her parents can do anything about it.
not that her parents seem like they're actually concerned… most people would be horrified by the prospect but i guess their daughter becoming a celebrity or the wife of a celebrity seems like a good opportunity.

plus there were supposedly leaked e-mails or whatever from the agency saying that now was a good time to 'invest' in both of them as entertainers since their names have blown up on Chinese search engines as a result of the upcoming marriage, so hopefully it is just a publicity stunt. I can't imagine they have anything in common. a 12-year-old girl is nowhere near being able to understand or intellectually stimulate a 24-year-old man, their relationship probably just consists of her being like 'wow you're so mature and intelligent teehee' and him calling her 'adorable' over and over again.

Anonymous 17734


Miki's father is Japanese, maybe that's why he's ok with it. Young girls/girl groups in the entertainment showbiz are always catering and for older creepy men. It's socially acceptable to be a pedo over there. Lolicon is big in Japan for a reason


Chicken tendies appreciation thread. Anonymous 17672[Reply]

Post em, girls.
25 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 17705

What for? Did they post a roast beef appreciation thread?

Anonymous 17708

Chicken tendies party in the server.

Anonymous 17709

I deep fried some scampi earlier today, that's kind of the same thing.

Anonymous 17723

there's snickers for that
>every meme with that font is a normie meme xD
thanks mod, they already look more delicious than mummy's.

Anonymous 17728


Chicken thigh >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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