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Anonymous Admin 39516[Reply]

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Anonymous 180962[Reply]

I lied about several things on my CV and I have a job interview an hour from now
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Anonymous 181321

What did u lie about?

Anonymous 181324

Were the skills you lied about something that's going to come up daily, or were they stuff to pad your resume? If daily, fake it until you make it. You'd be surprised at how frequently this works. If it's stuff you just used to pad your resume to make yourself look better, never tell and take that shit to your grave. I had a coworker who lied about having a college degree in her resume but worked at the business for fifteen years and was the head of her department until she got drunk at the work party and made it very clear that she had lied and had never gotten a degree. So even though she'd been running the department for five years, they still fired her two days later.

Anonymous 181329

I do actually have a degree, I just lied about having experience with certain things that I'm going to be working with.

Anonymous 181626

>they still fired her two days later
It has zero logic, she was completely competent for years and suddenly she isn’t?
I can’t comprehend it, I hope people who made this decision burn alive

Anonymous 181656

Doesnt sound real. Unless its a licensing thing i know of no company that would do this


Trends you hate Anonymous 179356[Reply]

What are some trends that you dislike? Can be fashion, social, media (movies/music), etc…
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Anonymous 180242


I know Youtube vloggers have tended to this alot. People like Onision, Trisha Paytas, Shane Dawson, Cry/ChaoticMonki (At least when his crazy ex-girlfriend came into the picture), have practically created documentaries of themselves because of chronic oversharing. Now that I'm older it definitely makes me uncomfortable just how much people online air their dirty laundry. Your fanbase isn't your personal therapist. Their needs to be a clear creator/fan boundary. They don't need to know about all the drama happening in your life.

Anonymous 180258

this make up style is legit uggo lol

Anonymous 181621

well, there are people with really weird noses out there, they look like a nosejob, but they are natural
but face fillers, lip fillers especially, are often visibly unnatural, you always can tell

Anonymous 181623

I seen a lot of middle eastern women cope by getting nose jobs because sure they have bigger noses than average but some of them especially the pick mes that shill for the worst most retarded kinds of Islamic rule have the most fake looking noses and its funny they cannot even choose a realistic nose their sense of aesthetics is all fucked up lol.

Anonymous 181655

Is your picture supposed to be an example of someone who got fillers or plastic surgery done? To me it honestly looks like typical Instagram make-up on natural features. I really can't tell if an influencer has had something done on their faces or not.


Bechdel test thread Anonymous 181558[Reply]

In this thread we will talk to each other about anything EXCEPT for moids.

So, huh, what's your favorite thing in the world? mine is FRIED unhealthy as fuck sushi. I know it's not real japanese sushi but I do not care, it's tasty.
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Anonymous 181628

battle mode

Anonymous 181637


When coconut crabs invade Australian BBQ

Anonymous 181639

crabs cursed.jpg

God I love crustaceans they are so fucking cute

Anonymous 181642


Who the heck released them on the train?

Anonymous 181654


>i wish i had friends

>most people cannot write them well
I sadly belong to that category, even though I love making up fictional worlds and characters. There is one that I had for many years now, a sci-fi world with multiple alien species and extensive lore that exists solely in my head because I suck at writing.

Yurika_CG_(DDLC+) …

Why are women romantically attracted to men? Anonymous 180077[Reply]

So I'm coming to realize that when I'm not knee deep in patriarchal brainwashing it's just obvious that women are better conversationalists than men and, given that the only thing I care about in relationships is the conversation, it seems that women just objectively make better partners. You can really see how much better they are at conversation when you compare CC to chan boards.

Why do women even like men? They don't earn money anymore, physical strength is obsolete and even if it wasn't most moids are too weak to be useful anyway, they're unkind and unempathetic and are statistically more likely to leave you than a woman would be if you got sick, they have poorer hygiene and take worse care of themselves, they're less funny and poorer conversationalists and perform comparatively poorly in school. What is the point of moids?

Can hetero women explain themselves?
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Anonymous 181649


I made this post yesterday but I guess the janny deleted it. pls stop deleting my posts janny

>It does not make sense because that would make men inferior in every single aspect of life.
No it wouldn't. Small men are superior to large men.

>The problem of smaller moids is that you would just turn half of population into undesirable inferior goblins.

This doesn't make sense. Compared to small men, large men are less healthy and contract almost all forms of cancer and disease at a far higher rate, they have a lower life expectancy, are inferior in fights with weapons and guns, require more food and energy, and the only benefit they get is being stronger at lifting weights which doesn't even grow in proportion to their size. Small men are stronger in proportion to their weight and height than large tall men are, and the small super athletic men are more than strong enough to do anything that's actually needed for society and civilization, and cost fewer resources and need less food.

>You need to give theme the edge in at least some aspects of life, and no, the immediate answer of making them hotter is not enough for working society.

They ARE given the edge by being smaller, it makes them healthier cuter live longer and be better in fights. You're thinking under the assumption that being bigger is an edge for men but it isn't, men aren't the females of the species.

Men should be ~4'/120cm and quick and athletic and agile, women should be 6'5"/195cm and thick with big hips and gestate litters of 3 or 4 babies each pregnancy. It's the optimal form and what we're going to genetically engineer humans to become in a few years.

Anonymous 181650

I thought you were trolling, and making this 'shorter men are better' thing up.

Now I can't tell but your gonna have to convince me more.

I think average height is fine geez

Anonymous 181651

I am glad that you have finally learned to use metric measurements, giantessfetish person

Anonymous 181652

>I thought you were trolling, and making this 'shorter men are better' thing up.
I'm not trolling and I'm not making anything up
>Now I can't tell but your gonna have to convince me more.
Ok. What more do you want to be convinced of?

Lol thanks

Anonymous 181653

I prefer my men on the shorter side but 120cm would look a bit… unnatural for an adult. Do 150-160 cm men not have all the advantages that you listed?


now these orbs i can get behind Anonymous 181002[Reply]

>b-but fushigi was a scam

Anonymous 181634

fushigi ball bump

Anonymous 181635

Also who else misses those 90s /2000s commercials. I love watching the compilations on YouTube

Anonymous 181636


I am partial to these ones

Anonymous 181638


Anonymous 181645

So, where is this gif from because I need to watch this drama right now

cristal cafe arche…

Anonymous 81935[Reply]

Help me refine the list
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Anonymous 177876

No anachan?

Anonymous 177888

The meme was made by a girl who used to go by the username "greentea" or something similar, it was originally posted on r/trufemcels. Greentea is not a moid she got bullied off deviantart and reddit by incels.

Anonymous 180054

I feel so bad for Femcel Phoebe. I want to give her a hug! (And tell her to keep chasing her STEM dreams regardless of what anyone says)

Anonymous 180059

So glad I don't fit into any of these and feel sorry for anyone who does.

Anonymous 181643

OP here, I'm glad another remade the list without any reference to 4chan wojack memes. It feels even more authentic, and with less self-hate too.
Good job!


Roblox Anonymous 178001[Reply]

Does anyone here play Roblox?
What are your favorite games?
10 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 179648

shrek the force awakens, horror elevator, ride a giant nyan cat (? very unpopular game I can't remember exactly what it was) and roblox's top models were the ones I used to play, but I haven't played in years.
I remember Roblox's top model used to constantly get hacked by kids and they'd make stupid sex jokes and play queen music and dumb 10-13 year olds would all be accusing eachother of being the REAL hacker!!#1#1!
Good times.

Anonymous 181389

I liked playing cheese escape but it was mostly my friend guiding me or I would die instantly. I'm bad at video games even the ones like roblox…

Anonymous 181574


Anonymous 181616

I hate those mobile simulator games but when I had an Xbox I’d play Roblox and I’d play their like digging simulator where you dig just to get gems to get more items to dig deeper and faster and I would be like a zombie. Imagine the kids these days playing those games

Anonymous 181632



Terfposting #26 - Trannies seethe in vain against reality / existance Anonymous 179625[Reply]

Thread again. Previous was deleted.
Be suspicious unless clarified.

We need to attack DIY HRT.

They are not going to get rid of me.
202 posts and 47 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 181584

No, I wouldn't do any harm to innocent babies.
Just abort the male embryos when they're still just nonsentient clumps of cells and haven't developed into actual fetuses that can feel pain.

Anonymous 181598


Whatever but you need to be brutal in a matriarchy or it stops being a Matriarchy and that means no mercy, male comes in he is property then he gets disposed as property as well, if the Queen doesnt fancy him orders are orders and we shoot, if he is good for the tribe we enslave him force him to build structures and breed, when he gets old and ugly we shoot him. Cycle repeats no mercy.

Anonymous 181612

Yep. Id fucking love if I went to therapy and they'd refer me to things to pay for breast implants, laser hair removal, etc for my body dysmorphia but most women just get some weird fake "love yourself" speech. Imagine if a woman with tubular breasts posted a GoFundMe to pay for her boob job. That would face so much backlash but troons want everyone to fund them larping as a woman when most women aren't even able to do as much as they do

Anonymous 181622

Trannies will face the wall and die. We are going to destroy all their sources, I read China is going to crack down on their shit too so its over this can create a market shortage from the source. Burn them, burn them all. They fucked with us we will hit a thousand times harder. I do this for their mothers who were right and much wiser than they will ever be, fucking retarded sons they are. It's war.

Anonymous 181631



Post like a moid pt 2 Anonymous 137470[Reply]

270 posts and 56 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 181515

Ironically this one is true, normies are rather unempathetic.

Anonymous 181516

What does that mean?

Anonymous 181520

Are you breaking character or is this still part of the moidtalk?

Anonymous 181540

"Hey /b/

My name is Tiffany, and Ive been transitioning to my authentic self for a few years now. I almost pass!"

Anonymous 181629

Bussin fr fr

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